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Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: Passmethevial on July 24, 2007, 04:48:38 pm
I just got home, and i cannot feel three toes, i have a partial black eye, and i cannot hear very good lol....but it was still pretty fun, heres my review. Some of the bands arent in the correct order since they sucked too bad to even remember their place.

2 Cents - I had never actually heard of them but they really got the crowd going and i'll definately look them up because they had an interesting sound, and the singers little speech about music was really awesome, oh and their slayer cover was cool too.

Goatwhore- one of my favorite bands there, they were awesome live even though they had a short set. There were way too many scene fags in the crowd at this point and they didnt get the reaction they deserved. They did announce their fall tour with cannibal corpse though so i hope that'll be all ages.

The Acacia Strain- I really dislike this band, and they just enforced my dislike of them by seeing them live, their singer had an obnoxious vocie which mimiced a small boy being molested and their guitar player looked like a white trash retard who spit water on the crwod like 20 times through his stupid ass grills.

Heavy Heavy Low Low- Another shitty band with even shittier fans, The high light of their preformance was me and the surrounding people flicking them off, this made the singer all upset and he started ranting about how we should respect their christianity. This of course made us flick them off with all the more passon. The lead singer then spit at my friend and she spit back, and it stuck to his shirt.

The Devil Wears Prada- Probably the worst of the worst on the bill. So Every time the singer got close enough to my area I flicked him off, and he got all pissy and told me to suck his dick, with hand gestures and everything. That was pretty damn funny.

The Number Twelve Looks like you- I was just too drained from all the terrible bands at this point to care and i pretty much just tried to ignore their ass raping vocals and shitty riffs.

Amon Amarth- Finally the band i had been wait ing for came out and saved the show. Me and most of the people around me shoved our way up as the scene fags edged towards the back. They were incredible live and they really got the metalheads in the crowd going. To top it all off i caught one of their signature drumsticks after their set. yay!

Darkest hour - Pretty much sucked, i dont even really rember anything good or bad about them because they were that uninteresting and shitty. I guess the twenty five adds for their new CD during headbangers ball every week still couldnt buy them any talent.

Job For a Cowboy- I already had a pretty general liking of them, mostly because their new album made up for their shittier first one and they were pretty decent live so no complaints from me.

Necro- Self explainatory, their manager must have died and been replaced with a brain dead retard because they didnt belong on this tour. It was basically a fight between necro and the crowd the whole time. Necro claimed to have fucked a lot of peoples mothers (somehow i didnt believe them) and they purposely threw full waterbottles at peoples heads. many people including one of my friends got kicked out for throwimg empty water bottles an other assorted items, boy was I pissed. Necro successfully screwed about twenty metalheads out of the overpriced tickets they bought.

Everytime I Die- Already hated them and they truely sucked ass. Two little scene girls decided to have a dyke dance party behind me during their set for my added pleasure. Their lead guitarist had a few visible fuck ups during the set and their singer had terrible faggot vocals.

Chimaira- Unfortunately their bass player was out due to a death in his family but they had a few guest basits including beefcake from gwar in human form and some retard from everytime i die. They played mostly new material and they ended the set with Pure hatred which really got the crowd going. They're definately a good live band.

Shadows Fall- Alother good live band, they played mostly new material as well but they still had a pretty decent setlist. The crowd was really into them and i enjoyed finally seeing them live.

GWAR- What can i say, they had the craziest stage show i have ever experienced, I got sprayed directly in the face like 10 times with red and blue liquid and we were so hot and tired from standing all day that we were only happy for a face full of cold space jizz. I can't wait to see them again.

Although it was an awesome show and i had a great time, I really hope metal stops going in the direction its headed for. Sounds used to be regarded as a metal tour but there were too many bands and people that didnt belong there. Lets just say i bet it took a lot of the people there way too long to get their hair to stick over one eye that day.

Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: behnwilson on July 24, 2007, 05:32:45 pm
I was there and you summed it up perfectly.  I got there late (on purpose) and I only saw the bands you listed from Amon Amarth afterwards.  Unfortunately I missed personal favorite Goatwhore but i made the choice it wasnt worth sitting thru a half dozen shitty bands to see them do a mini set and I had already seen them recently with God Forbid at The Pearl Room.

Amon Amarth ruled.  They stole the show in my opinion, I cant wait to see them on a headline tour with a full set.  What a great live band!!!  What the hell was a rap band (Necro) doing on this gig, the promoters should be shot.  And flip flop them and Goatwhore, put Necro at the beginning of the bill annd put Goatwhore on a higher slot later in the day.

I thought the other best performances in order were Chimaira, I really liked the rotating guest bassists deal.  Then Shadows Fall.  Gwars live performance is entertaining to put it mildly but Im not a big fan of theirs musically, its pretty generic sounding to me.  Noone else blew me away besides these bands, i wasnt very impressed with Job For A Cowboy or ETID.  Darkest hour wasnt bad, Im not going to go out and buy any records though.

Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: behnwilson on July 24, 2007, 05:35:56 pm
One more comment on the show.  Bonus points to the Chimaira singer for calling out the emo fag mosh pit.  There were two pits going and he said hesaw something wrong and the regular mosh pit should should the young kids how its done.

Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: Wartooth on July 24, 2007, 05:54:06 pm
sounds like fun.  amon amarth is amazing live.

Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: sweet_dark on July 24, 2007, 06:05:07 pm
I can't wait to see Amon Amarth!

Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: Passmethevial on July 24, 2007, 09:14:41 pm

Wartooth said: sounds like fun.  amon amarth is amazing live.

sweet_dark said: I can't wait to see Amon Amarth!

They definately stole the show. I really wish i could have seen them with bodom when they prolly had a longer set.

Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: on July 24, 2007, 09:26:25 pm
I went to SOTU in the Boston area, and pretty much agree with you

Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: causeofdeath on July 27, 2007, 11:46:39 am
i went in new jersey and two special guest bands were playing ( all that remains, and testament)  i got there right as the band before was just coming offstage i beleive it was job for a cowboy?  all that remains was alright, shadows fall played a shorter set because there drummer was sick but that was ok, then etid played and they sucked, then came Chimaira who really stole the show, i didnt even listen to them before that, then testament played, their sound was god awful! all you could hear was bass and Alex Skolnik's guitar, you couldnt hear the vocals for shit!  then on came the mighty GWAR! who fucking kicked ass!,

Title: My Chicago SOTU Review
Post by: zfw on July 27, 2007, 07:48:16 pm
nice review!