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1  Forum / General Discussions / Re: OZZFEST 2012 band ideas on: January 25, 2012, 05:28:04 pm

Big festivals, such as Ozzfest, should strike a balance between young and old metalheads. Putting all 80's heavy metal bands won't strike a match with modern metal audience (who respects "metal originators" but doesn't necessarily likes to listen to them). On the other hand, festival composed of just modern metal bands won't satisfy old-school metalheads.

So, in order to have a huge crowd, they gotta invite a combination of old school/new school metal.

Anyways, my personal 2012 wish list doesn't include just my favorite bands; instead I wanna try to satisfy as many metalheads as possible (though, of course, with a lot of my personal taste Wink). It doesn't include bands that will be on this year's Mayhem for obvious reasons:

Ozzy/Black Sabbath (gotta have the master that started this fest)
Lamb of God (I bet they're gonna have their own headlining tour though)
Megadeth (not a fan really, but again, gotta respect bands that our modern metal bands grew up listening to)
Moonspell (awesome gothic metal band)
Behemoth (I know they're doing tour in April, but there is a tiny chance; plus they're my favorite band lately)
Apocalyptica (little experimental, but might work)

Rage Against the Machine (for hard rockers; they can really pump up the crowd)
Fear Factory (for everyone, really)
Amon Amarth (for viking metalheads)
Coal Chamber (I heard they're re-uniting; this would satisfy nu-metalheads)
Arkona (new-ish pagan metal band; getting more attention lately)
Bishop of Hexen (since, in my opinion, Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth put out really shitty music lately, other extreme metal bands should take their place like this one)

Combichrist (good aggrotech band; since Rammstein is doing their own thing)
Bleeding Through (band that should satisfy metalcore kids that is actually not bad)
Septic Flesh (gotta have some great death metal band on the list)
Tidfall (my personal wish; I know that they're not active but they still make some amazing symphonic/electronic black metal)
Kamelot (cool power metal, though I miss the old singer)
local band (gotta give chance to our local shredders)

I guess that's it. I don't wanna include too many hardcore/screamo bands. I believe Warped tour is a more proper place for them. Because of that, I know some will complain, but I really want Ozzfest to be more metal, as it was meant to be.

2  Forum / General Discussions / WHO NOT TO EXPECT THIS YEAR on: April 12, 2010, 02:22:10 pm
Since Mayhem went mostly shitty (I'll go just to see Lamb Of God, maybe Rob Zombie & Hatebreed), I hope Ozzfest will gather some extreme metal bands. Behemoth would be great but I doubt that they will do another U.S. tour after coming here at the beginning of this year. Nile would be nice though and more likely. My wishlist would look something like that:


Sear Bliss (melodic black metal from Hungary)
Tidfall (inactive as of now but would be great if they came back - symphonic/electronic black metal)
Cannibal Corpse
Rotting Christ
Cradle of Filth (they suck since Nymphetamine but I still wanna see them live)
Fear Factory (to appease less-extreme metalheads)


Rage Against the Machine (totally random, but would pump up some energy)
Apocalyptica (chill people before heavier bands)
Moonspell (gothic black metal to set the darkening mood)
GRAVEWORM (great black metal band although recent albums aren't as great)
DIMMU BORGIR (some new members hopefully won't disappoint)
RAMMSTEIN (everyone would love them and a nice ending with amazing pyro effects & craziness)

Well, this would probably scare 80's metalheads and emos (which is of course good) but at least there won't be so many bullshit bands like on Mayhem. Hail EXTREME metal!!! ::sinister
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