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1  Forum / Random Crap / Im gonna vent on: April 28, 2009, 01:04:23 pm

Ambros said: Ok before I leave I wanna fuckin say that I went over to mimis house today(Gma) an she was bein a really hateful bitch. I jus wanted to fuckin slap her an get the fuck outta her house. She was tellin me how not proud an ashamed of me she is an she said "no wonder why your dad is mean to you all the time, an has nothin to do with you" wtf kinda shit is that. I was really fuckin upset an she was jus goin an goin an goin "look where youre takin yourself in life, how can you be like this, how can you expect......blah, blah, blah." I was furious. tellin me all a this shit, for wut? shes got me fuckin twiztid. Oh yeah an ok I dont have a job an Im 18 rite, well I told her that I havent been home for like 3 weeks an she was fuckin like "how can you use people like that?" cause I was stayin with friends an shit. "havin people take care of you, puttin your problems on people" man bitch wutever. "your only cryin because you feel guilty. Man I was pist, an I still am. That fucked me up a little bit. Dude shes fuckin skitzo, she gave me a joint after I stopped cryin.::looking

Shit, that all sucks.
My daughter is 21 and we go to mosh(similar to mass, but you won't fall asleep during) together and party like rock stars! She has her own floor in our three story house.  She just got a job, but no one is sweatin' her. She does as she pleases  and over bearing, over-protective parents are NEVER aloud!

We live for music and music lives for us.
2  Forum / Band Biographies / If You Must Do It, Dress For The Occasion on: April 28, 2009, 12:04:52 pm
Band Review submitted: USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Columbus Dispatch, Newark Advocate, HearSay College Music Mag,....

NEW ALBUM, Well Dressed Killing Machine! Release date: April 1st, 2009

Metal / Gothic / Progressive
LOS ANGELES, California
Plays: 4,527,729
Views: 7,652,743
Fans: 71,775

Sean Lacefield / Guitar
Jay Liermann / Drums and Percussion
Shannon Quamme / Vox
Scott Ramsay / Guitar
 Jim Dineen / Bass

 PROFILE:  Similar Artists-A.D.D./Evanescence/Saigon Kick  Exposure Level-very high.  Originality Level-high.

June 15,2009 8:00P THE KEY CLUB WEST HOLLYWOOD, California

 A cross, between Saigon Kick and Evanescence, with a dash of undescribable, makes Ellsbeth a unique force to be reckoned with. Lead vocalist Shannon Quamme, has a vocal range that's clear and flawless. The entire band fits together, to give your ears a treat, even live and unmastered. Their Debut CD was officially released to Snocap, April 1, 2009 and it's quickly looking like this album will be a collectors gem.

  After many chat sessions with Ellsbeth and their very dedicated, street team and fans, It's easy to say, without a doubt, everyone is passionately dedicated to the musical cause. The fans back their favorite band with unwavering loyalty and Ellsbeth brings a live performance that brings them back for more. Nearly a dozen radio stations began airing Ellsbeths songs Eden and Defy, weeks before the CD's official release date. FM station managers are so impressed, they were releasing un-mastered tracks, direct for airplay!

  Some of the most notiable tracks include, My Release-a dark and driven metal tune of epic preportions, Breathe-a somber operatic build-up, to an anthemic vocal harmony and of course, Defy-without a doubt, this could be a huge hit. Defy-is a perfect combination of metal symphony, with a mantra like chorus, that holds your attention. It has a slight 'Saigon Kick' feel, for those who remember that bands unique brand of music.

 The Album-Well Dressed Killing Machine, can be streamed through Ellbeths My Space player, for those who want to sample the music. http://www.myspace.com/ellsbeth

Band Bio:

Ellsbeth: bleeding music since 2005
For a band who?HuhHuh?s personal goal is world domination, Ellsbeth is set to light the world of music on fire with their Neo Goth Rock Pop Soul Metal music.
Since initially forming in 2005, many members of the band have come and gone, but the self-described "honest" sound the band produces remains the same.
Following the April 1 release of their debut album "Well Dressed Killing Machine," guitarist Sean Lacefield, drummer Jay Liermann, singer Shannon Quamme, guitarist Scott Ramsay and bassist Jim Dineen are poised for the domination they seek.
"Well Dressed Killing Machine" HuhHuh?? with 11 original tracks HuhHuh?? was recorded with producer Chris Spilfogel in Hollywood?HuhHuh?s own Westlake Studio. Currently, the band is actively touring and supporting their freshman album all around the City of Angels and along the west coast.
The recently released album is quickly gaining momentum and a cult following from critics and fans alike.

"?Huh???Eden?HuhHuh? and HuhHuh?Say Goodbye?HuhHuh? have great metallic groove mixed with a striking melody?HuhHuh(it?HuhHuh?s) a little haunting," said The Ripple Effect. Ellsbeth has also been described as "Avenged Sevenfold without all the screaming and with female vocals."

Lyrics written by Quamme are not the standard run-of-the-mill, "woe is me" type filling the airwaves.
Her inspiration comes from the "ironic tragedy that is the inner, day-to-day workings of a very human life and the relationships that bind them together."
Needless to say?Huh???this isn?HuhHuh?t your mother?HuhHuh?s type of music.
In addition to enjoying the music they make and their animalistic lust to reach their audience, the sincere passion and desire to create genuine music is audible in every track and visible in every show they play.
Honestly, Ellsbeth could bleed music if you asked them.
Lacefield said his commitment to music and Ellsbeth is beyond what other bands commit as a whole to their craft. "I breathe, sleep, eat, shit and sweat music," he said.
Members of Ellsbeth HuhHuh?? who said they have nothing to fall back on HuhHuh?? said their "do or die" mentality is not fueled by the need to make ends meet. Music is simply all they know. "We don?HuhHuh?t have any desire to do anything else," they said. "It?HuhHuh?s all or nothing, do or die. This is all we want out of our lives."
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