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1  Forum / Random Crap / Re: absent lung's addy... you want it? on: July 06, 2010, 12:52:00 pm
it was decided long ago we would not do that mr absent lung.
2  Forum / General Discussions / got an angry inch on: July 06, 2010, 12:50:17 pm
Long story short
When I woke up from the operation
I was bleeding down there
I was bleeding from the gash between my legs
My first day as a woman
and already it's that time of the month
But two days later
the hole closed up
The wound healed
and I was left with a one inch mound of flesh
where my penis used to be
where my vagina never was
A one inch mound of flesh with a scar running down it
like a sideways grimace
on an eyeless face
Just a little bulge
It was an angry inch
3  Forum / Random Crap / the cig ad spammer on: July 06, 2010, 12:43:37 pm
stop spamming! I don't smoke...except for nigger pole
4  Forum / Random Crap / that livedd is such a limp dick on: July 06, 2010, 12:40:59 pm
he needs some distance to wake that pecker up!
5  Forum / Random Crap / Re: absent lung's addy... you want it? on: July 06, 2010, 12:39:48 pm
absent lung=minor. posting a minors personal info such as address and phone number would mean jail time. Im not that stupid kiddo
6  Forum / The Cage / Re: Hello my name is brittany amabile on: July 06, 2010, 01:30:48 am
Tits or gtfo
MmMmMMm HmMmmMm
7  Forum / Random Crap / Re: absent lung's addy... you want it? on: July 06, 2010, 01:29:35 am
no shit you're absent lung.  that was obvious when you first started gayboy. you forgot to clone live dd  you idiot. he was the JOEYBENNET type in all caps clone. the one who fucked with you the most was the person you didnt clone. unless that dumb loweddx7xxx shit was you.  and addy is address you knucklehead. do you think either of us care some butthurt fag cloned us? your clone wasn't even offensive, it was just gay in an after school special kind of way. "i like gay bands you should accept me for who I am. you get cloned and a dumb speech if you mess wif meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" psshh, wipe your pussy and be a man. I would have cloned you back but yours was just pathetic, so why even play ball with the special ed kid? its not even a challenge. my advice to you is, stay off line, practice your guitar skills more and your shit talking skills less and then come back when you're not a know nothing noob. you got shit on here because you are a dumbass. plain and simple. we would rather hear someone old guy acting like a cat than your  a7x fanboy faggotry. now run along and threaten to shoot up another school on facebook, something you're apparently good at.
8  Forum / Random Crap / Re: If I had naked pics of Absent Lung, would you be interested? on: July 06, 2010, 01:14:20 am
This is Absent Lung.

My penis is actually quite large
yeah sure it is mr baby carrot  cock
9  Forum / Random Crap / Re: Do you/can you show your metal side at work? on: July 05, 2010, 09:13:05 pm
a job? never had one in my entire life!
10  Forum / Random Crap / absent lung's addy... you want it? on: July 05, 2010, 09:12:11 pm
message me. I'll glady give it to ya. I bet his mommy will ground him for a week! no din din for you queer.. little bitch ran away scared. couldn't handle REAL men. like me, brittany amabile. ask jagbag,his anus is still sore from my member
11  Forum / Random Crap / Re: If I had naked pics of Absent Lung, would you be interested? on: July 05, 2010, 09:07:14 pm
nope I dont like small dicks, I prefer huge nigger cock actually.  didn't absent lung get killed in a real mosh pit or something?
12  Forum / The Cage / Hello my name is brittany amabile on: July 05, 2010, 08:57:16 pm
hello my name is brittany amabile and I am from steubenville, Ohio, which is 10 minutes from the family orgy known as west virginia. our town is so lame our walmart is connected to the mall. come visit sometime Wink I am into ubber brutal bands like Hater Eternal and Napalm Death. That Nate kid needs to grow a pair before he gets to eat this pussy Wink Father Oblivion? He aint my daddy! This cowgirl wants it all baby!
13  Forum / Random Crap / me and live dd are lovers on: June 06, 2010, 03:32:43 am
we rubs our dick together in harmony yo
14  Forum / Random Crap / Re: If any trolls on this site wanna fuck with me, here's my address and phone numbe on: June 06, 2010, 03:30:42 am
who wants mines?
15  Forum / General Discussions / Re: live dd needs to come back on: June 06, 2010, 03:23:39 am
he needs to come back so I can suck at trolling him some more.
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