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16  Forum / General Discussions / Re: Live DD / Gates_of_Tomorrow/ still lives with his dad at 30+ years old!CREEPY! on: August 30, 2010, 12:18:23 am
Stay away from this guy!

This guy is creepy as hell!No job ever,no life,bald mug and plays vids/computer like a teen all life long day.

Stalks kids on the net while getting high all day long..My God!
His drunk dad makes him play games that will make you sick!Poor bastards!Hell this poor motherfucker just got his first car the other day/Yugo with green over white?.Who bought that i wonder?Huh
Want more on this guy,just read from way back when and see.I could go on and on if you wish!

Thats right,just stay away from this creep.
We all know who he is..Overthemountain/Live DD/Gates_of_Tomorrow.......I bet he will change his screen name again and again.

Good lord, i go on a long vacation only to come back with this guy around here again?! Sad,very sad.

Just look up his Addy will tell all....Want it?He gives it out to all so just ask MMk...

Only if you use grade A protection, unlike last night cutie pie!  Kiss

17  Forum / Versus / Re: live dd vs middle_finger on: August 29, 2010, 11:55:48 pm
Think again, and this time use your brain instead of your ass!
18  Forum / Ozzy / Re: What Is Everyones Problem? on: August 29, 2010, 11:50:48 pm
Everytime I see ANYTHING OzzY related on Blabbermouth. There are ALWAYS people bashing him. Are they still pissed about the Maiden thing? First off that was Sharon NOT HIM, Second you cant expect to talk shit about the boss and not expect any reprecussion, third it was 5 Years ago...Get over It. His new album didnt sell as much as Black Rain? Maybe its because thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people who bought an OZZFEST ticket got a free digital copy of the album.

Personally I have not yet purches the CD because back in 2007. I got Black Rain. Then when I went to OZZFEST. The FYE tent had Pre-Signed OZZY CDs. So im waiting to see if they will do the same thing (Yes I purchesed it). Zakk Wylde? I have heard 2 different reasons for firing the guy but the 1 that I do believe is that...Ozzy is trying to stay Sober and Zakk drinks ALOT. And when trying to stay Sober you cant be around such things. And the new album sounds great. It has alot of Prog Elements. This is something new for the guy. And OZZY being part the Progressive Metal Movement? To be in the same catagory as Rush, Porcupine Tree, and DREAM THEATER!!! FUCK YEAH!!!

But in the end I realize you will never make these loads of Cyberwastes Happy. People were bitching about the Price of tickets. Sharon Makes OZZFEST 2007 for free. People were bitching about the Line Up (Reguardless you got to give every band that was on that tour props. Because NO ONE was making money from ticket sales. It was either merch or sponcers THATS IT. Lets see your precious Iron Maiden do that!). So to all those peices of Cyberwaste. Get over it, Go Fuck yourselfs, or Die. Your choice.

what a stupid faggot i am. i like to make comments on blabbermouth you know you like it, you big dumb queers. but they're not gonna stop just because i peed myself while typing on ozzfest.com like most transvestite school girls.

You know what, you're right! You do need need changing... I can certainly smell your B.S. from here!
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