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16  Forum / General Discussions / Re: Just wondering as to who has heard this----Mayan Culture Predicts the End of the world--2012 on: September 09, 2010, 03:49:57 am
They only predicted the end in 2000 cuz they didnt know how the computers and technology would react to the clock rolling over. If all technology had sudenly shut down i wouldnt say it would of been the end of the world just cuz we were in a technological dark age. But millions of ppl would of used it as an excuse to riot.
But speaking of end of the world predictions I saw a documentry on nostradamus made in the early 80's when I was a kid and they translated a prediction of a natural disaster during a major sporting event. A year or 2 later an earthquake hit during the World Series in San Francisco. He also predicted that sometime in the begining of the new millenium someone in a turban would begin to attack the the 4 corners of a young and powerful country(usa) by attacking a major structure,  which i guess they thought it was gonna be the statue of liberty. In turn this brings on a nuclear war that then begins the end of mankind ridding the world of trees, drinkable water, animals, etc. Turning man into cannibles and eventually going extinct ourselves. He also predicted the end of the world some time in 7000 where the planet just implodes in a supernova.

The Mayan culture never predicted the end of the world.  Like Sampson said: it's about the sun's cycle.  Which in 2012 will be the rise of the 5th or 8th sun (I dont remember).  It also states the beginning of a new age of enlightinment; where humanity will finally release itself from the root of all evil. (Religion)

I mean I've already lived thru 2 predicted ends. 2000 and 6-6-06

Here's what really happend.... Y2K was said to happen when the computers go haywire and malfunction the second they roll-over and then the ones who relied wholely on technology would go insaine and begin to de-evolve into canibalists. however, after it happened many speculated that the timing was off by one year since zero did not count. basicly being 2001, which was predicted by nostradamus as stated above. same goes for the stone builders and the skulls and crossbones society. anyone else read Dan Brown's DiVinci code? then we get this whole 2012 deal from the mayans only 2-years after the crystal skull was realeased? frankly i'd believe nostradamus and galileo over a bunch of animals anyday.
17  Forum / The Cage / Re: Cannibal Corpse's music sounds like a continuous diarrhea fart! on: September 09, 2010, 12:11:48 am
They defineatly did make us suffer with their toilet bowl album. Seriously, he sounds like he's farting...blast beats, more like butt blasts.::surprise
no. that's just uranus or was that my anus? Wink
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