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586  Forum / General Discussions / Why do grown men go to Ozzfest? on: September 21, 2007, 12:44:12 am
Why do grown men go to Ozzfest?

Cause  that's where the drunk chicks go !! lol
587  Forum / Fun & Games / Countdown from 1,000,000 on: September 21, 2007, 12:42:17 am
::animatedlaugh********999,873********BOY DO WE HAVE A LONG WAY 2 GO !! lololol::animatedlaugh
588  Forum / General Discussions / The more I listen to Lordi... on: September 20, 2007, 10:43:43 pm

sabbath583 said: The better they get. How anyone could like Gwar over this band is beyond me.

MsCeeAngel said: I dunno. Maybe they've never seen Lordi in concert. Beats me ??
They rocked at my Ozzfest!!


zfw said: they were fucking horrible and their pyro was cheezy as all hell.

MsCeeAngel said: They must not have really put out the puros at your concert. But at the
Charlotte, NC Concert ...they kicked butt !! Pyros like nobody's business. The ground was shaking,
hell  we were all shaking from the pyros. It was AWESOME !! I'm definately going back next year !!!
Tried to go to the Lordi concert in NC, but they were too far for me !!


ministrymember99 said: I love Lordi but i cant beleive people are still being so hectic about the bands few similarities to, fuckin gwar, its old people get over it
but i love both bands i just like Lordi more::finger

MsCeeAngel said: I agree Gwar is old. However, so are alot of bands & they are making comebacks !!
But Lordi is definately better than Gwar. That's just my opinion. However, Lordi does says they're Idols are KISS!!
And that's what they want to be referred to...not Gwar !!
589  Forum / General Discussions / OZZY OSBOURNE, ROB ZOMBIE Tour Dates Announced on: September 13, 2007, 12:22:18 am

rainlyn69 said: I can't believe they're playing in fucking Sioux City Iowa and no where near SC.  What crap!  I love Zombie and Ozzy!  Maybe we'll get lucky and they will add a tour date closer to the South if enuf people bitch about it!  ::finger

Yeah, I know. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they did that !
However, at least I have my Ozzfest concert in Charlotte, NC that I went to.  
Saw Ozzy & Zakk Wylde at there at least.
590  Forum / General Discussions / Harry Potter rumored to be at DTE. on: July 21, 2007, 07:22:52 pm
HERE'S A LITTLE INFO......According to Ozzfest You can still get tickets for "Free".
All you have to do is see here on Ozzfest if your area..ie...state...ie...wherever
the concerts at...are offering the tickets.
**HOWEVER, On A Sour Note.....You Have 2 Go There Direct & Get Them !!**

It's nice that HARLEYTECH1967 is offering to those who can't get them.
Will Know Your Offering It To Them !!  I didn't know the codes still worked !!
WiErD !!  

MsCeeAngel   xoxoxo::surprise::surprise::surprise
591  Forum / Ozzy / so how many years has Ozzy been a part of your life? on: July 13, 2007, 11:04:27 pm

JOEBAD1969 said: I've been listening too ozzy since he was in blacksabbath pre-80's::finger

ME TOO !! Born 1970...but been listening since I was a kid !! I think I was 8 or 9 !!
I loved "BLACK SABBATH"......the 70's & 80's were when HEAVY METAL & HEAD BAGGIN' were
the early years for these here youngsters nowadays !!
GOD !!! WE MUST BE OLD !!! lolol
OLD IN AGE BUT YOUNG 2 ROCK !!!!  I will be 37, 2 days prior 2 da concert!!
592  Forum / Ozzy / Fav Ozzy Song Of All Time!!! on: July 13, 2007, 10:56:50 pm

Stif said: ahhh....its too fucking hard to pick one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but if I absolutley had to answer the question, it would be a Zakk Wylde song.  Something from No More Tears or No Rest For The Wicked.

As for Zakk Wylde.......He's one "WiCkEd"  Guitarist !!!!
I saw him just a couple of weeks ago playing with Ozzy on "Jimmy Kimmel Live".
IT WAS "AWESOME" !!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO !!! August 28, 2007....Charlotte, N.C.
593  Forum / Ozzy / movie on: July 13, 2007, 10:51:18 pm

custom38 said: Hes only in it for like  5 minutes, but his part is funny. Lame ass movie though. Gene Simmons is in it too.

I agree. But Hey...It's The OZZZMAN DUDE !!! Who cares what he's in!! He could sell used underwear & people
would buy them !! lol  Just kidding!! lol  But seriously, it was Ozzy. I remember seeing it wenit came out.
Since then I've seen it a couple of times. But yeah it was lame as hell !!! Gene simmons was actually pretty
594  Forum / Ozzy / Can i still get tickets?? on: July 13, 2007, 10:44:25 pm

deathOVemos said: i didnt know i had to download the tickets and use the code and all that... is it too late to get them now???

Far as I Know...YEAH !! SORRY !!! :<

It took me & my friends a loooonnnnngggg time to get 'em !!
The coding process was hard. On the final day...and yes there were days of it.
But in the final day...we had 2 wait & wait...after 3 hrs of waiting, I got kicked off!!
Luckily, I was able 2 go back on & got em!!

Your name that you register is on the tickets.

Good Luck for those who lied!!   lolol
Ya' never know if they ask 4 ID's !!

Again.....SORRY.....TAKE CARE...........................MsCeeAngel  ::c_stare
595  Forum / Ozzy / who thinks ozzy should get a medal for doing freefest on: June 30, 2007, 03:57:16 am

ms_tinkertrain said: OZZY & Sharon you deserve 10 medals for doing this for us Thank you you do much ::sinister::sinister::sinister

I go you one better...like I've said before. Ozzfest Freefest should be in the Guiness Records. Not just for the
"FREE" Concert...for Ozzy & Sharon doing this for the fans !! Medals are nice & all. But something Really Big
Should Happen!! I mean something 4 the Record Books!!


596  Forum / Ozzy / who thinks ozzy still sings great live and puts on a good show? on: June 30, 2007, 03:51:43 am

jennyb4u9 said:

_FIRSTOZZYFAN_ said: Ozzy is Ozzy,...he`s great,..only gets better to me...::finger I love whenever he does a gig....NONE of you could do what he does...::animatedlaugh
thats absolutly right ozzy is a damn legend he can sing just about anything like i was shocked to hear ozzy sing stayin alive on the prince of darkness box set he sang it better than the bee-gees

I go you better...He could have an album singing nothing but kids songs & they'll be bought!!
(picture it....Ozzy singing...Old McDonald Had a Farm, Little Miss Muffet, etc...I'd buy it !!)

MsCeeAngel::finger ROCK ON OZZMAN !!
597  Forum / Ozzy / Free tickets hard to get. on: June 30, 2007, 03:46:30 am

apachedog said: had a hard time getting tickets...didn't....after hours of trying...e-mailed live nation and they just sent me an e-mail saying I have a chance to get free tickets....if I enter my code by Sunday July 1, 2007::finger

It was a VERY LOOONNNNNG & Straining process!! I know how U feel !! However, not only did I manage tickets...but my friends & family did too !! It was very nerve racking!! We were on phones constantly, making sure
everyone was up to par in knowing stuff !!  Checking 2 see who got there's & who didn't. Some can't go, cause they messed it up !! It was all in the timing !! And you had 2 B very patient . Sorry, if ya didn't go through !!
I know it's crappy not 2 go!! Been there done it myself a few times !! lol  Better next time !!

 MsCeeAngel  xoxoxo::confused  ROCK ON ANYWAY !!!!::sinister
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