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1  Forum / General Discussions / Re: ramv's on: February 11, 2011, 07:04:20 pm
 Indeed back up and doing great. We do not say we have quantity, but  we do have quality!! Cool Here is the new addy for those who got lost when the data base crashed.   http://rockandmetalviews.com/MetalSpeak/
2  Forum / Band Interviews / Interview of Wayne Static (Static-X) by bunniegraves & the 2006 Ozzfest members on: October 29, 2010, 12:20:46 am

Interview of Wayne Static (Static-X) by bunniegraves, A_C & the 2006 Ozzfest board members
Genre = Industrial metal

1. I saw you guys a while back in Anaheim and was totally blown away
by your energy, what do you do to get into that headspace before a

2. How do you think this years' performance (as a band) for ozzfest
will differ from the last time you appeared on the fest?

3. Is there a particular album that will dominate this year's setlist?

4. What are your thoughts on this years' lineup vs previous years?

5. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? 

6. What is/are your favorite song/s to play live?

7. What do think fans will find most different on the latest LP than
previous albums?

8. Do you have a particular method you go about when writing/recording
new material?

9. What are your plans after Ozzfest 07?

10. What advice would you give to anyone starting their own band or in
a band looking to be discovered? (a lot of our members are in bands of
their own) 

Member Questions

11. nazcapilot wrote: Compared to your  previous releases, how has
Cannibal broken new ground and where will we find Static-X in the next
couple of years? 

12. chaddy wrote: What do you think of Lamb Of God Co-headlining?

13. Leader1 wrote: Why a roller derby for the video for Destroyer?

14. sickabomination wrote: What is your main reason for wanting to
play Ozzfest 2007 for free?

15. CrimsonApron wrote: What bands are you looking forward to watching
on the tour?

16. Shadowsfallite wrote: It's been a while since you've been on the
tour, are your livers ready for a return?

17. xxx242005 wrote: What do you prefer, your intimate small venue
tours or the large amphitheater tours? 

18. Shadow_of_Fear wrote: What is the deal with the Otsego songs?

19. lupin wrote: What new bands have you been checking out lately?

20. AphroditesChild writes: I would like to thank you for taking part
in out interviews and wish you much success in your musical and
personal futures.

Static-X Website: http://www.static-x.com/

Static-X Myspace: http://myspace.com/staticx

The Band

The Band Members

Wayne Static (Lead Vocals, Guitar,  Programming, & Keyboards)

Koichi Fukuda (Lead Guitar, Programming)

Tony Campos (Bass, Backing Vocals)

Nick Oshiro (Drums)

3  Forum / Band Interviews / Walls of Jericho interview by Bunnigraves, AC, & the 2006 Ozzfest board members on: October 29, 2010, 12:17:04 am

Walls of Jericho interview by Bunnigraves and AC

Completed by: Mike Hasty

1. What were your major influences in the sound for the new record "With Devils Amongst Us All"?
A. Well to be honest I dont feel like we really had special influences for this record as opposed to other records. We have been playing together for long enough now that we have just sort of developed our sound. Our main influence really was just that so many bands lately are putting out really strong records and we felt like it was time to step it up a bit and put in more time and effort than we ever have on "with devils amongst us all"

2. Do you prefer touring as part of a fest (Ozzfest, Family Values) rather than headlining your own tour?
A. Each kind of tour has its benefits. The great thing about Ozzfest was that the kids were just so open to be rocked. Most of the people I'm guessing dont really have that much experience with a band like us but the fact that we are on the tour gives them the confidence to believe that we will properly rock them. haha. On a headlining tour you arent playing in front of new kids that have yet to know of you as often but the people who are there for you are very passionate and energetic. Both sides are great really, I just love being out on tour and having fun playing.
3. You are one of the few bands to feature a female lead singer, what do you think about the opinion that female-fronted bands aren't as "metal" as others?
A. Never heard anyone say that a female fronted band is less metal due to the female. All I can say is non of us are made of metal, we are all flesh and blood so there is no way a guy can be "more" metal than a girl. The style of music is available to anyone who buys the record and the influence and potential to go on and do your own similar thing is just as available.

4. Any strange rituals you go through to prep before a show?
A. Not really. I personally try to make sure im watching the other bands and getting the feel for being at the show. I hate just hangin out backstage not knowing the vibe of the room then coming on stage and expecting to rock someone. I do however go through a short stretching excercise just to make sure I dont get messed up while on stage.
5. To date, what band/s have been the most fun to share a stage with?
A. We have so many great friends in bands after all the touring we have done over the years that honestly to answer a question like that would just feel like name dropping so I dont want to do that. But i can say that I enjoy playing with bands that have a different kind of sound then we do so that the shows are varied a bit. its keeps it fresh and always brings out different kids then what might normally show up.

6. What is the most bizarre thing you have ever eaten?
A. Probably octopus out of a can. It has a rubbery texture and is real slimy. Good stuff but im not sure I can do it anymore, that was back when i was a kid.

7. Youve released a new album and toured with Ozzfest and Family Values nearly back to back, are you ready for a break, or just getting started?
A. Well both honestly. The 2 tours combined have put us on the road for over 3 months straight. It was really hard and the longest we have been out at one time so its nice to get home for a week or 2 and enjoy the time off. On the other end of that the record has just come out so we are at the beginning of our touring for this record. We have along way to go and I dont really see an end to it any time soon.

8. What keeps you energized when on the road?
A. Seeing friends all across the world is the main thing for me. I'm always very tired on tour, even if I sleep I dont really get good sleep so energy is always a problem. But, if i have a chance to see some friends and hang out a bit im always very excited about that.

9. What bands that you havent yet performed with would you like to tour with in the future?
A. Well just as a fan growing up the big metal bands would be my dream. Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax. etc. I wouldnt even care if we went over great as long as i could hang out and see them play every night.

10. In your experiences, which songs on the album have a better energy live than in the studio?
A. Thats an interesting question. Energy is a perception issue for me. If people are movin and singing along to a song I feel like it has more energy. I dont really get it from the song itself but from the crowd. So it varies from night to night. some nights a certain song will just blow me away and other nights no one will care.

Member Q's

11. mishoopork writes:  Did candice(sp?) listen to metal as a kid and want to be a singer?
A. Candace grew up more in the punk rock/ska/hardcore scene then metal. However, from being in those scenes metal is always present and of course it has a big influence on you in ways you sometimes dont even realize.

12. mishoopork writes:  Was playing Ozzfest  worth the intial cost and it did you notice any increase in fans/record sales?
A. This is hard to answer accurately, again its perception. I feel that it helped us quite a bit. Im not sure that record sales or fans have really increased. At this point we havent had the chance to really gauge it from anything, but the most important thing I feel it did for us was give us the opportunity to go out and show some people what we are made of.  We absolutely love playing live and I feel our stage performance reflects that. I've also noticed that kids feed off of that and resond accordingly so hopefully that translates into fans. we sure hope so!

13. mishoopork writes: What's different in their new album compared to the rest?
A. In our eyes only dedication. We spent alot more time writing and recording this record compared to other records. Maybe still not enough for my own tastes but to go in and have a chance to go back over songs and try new things as opposed to just getting in and recording what we wrote and leaving was very refreshing.

14. LiveDD writes:  What inspired the lyrics for "A Trigger of Promises"?
A. Its just about reminding people to not give up on love. It seems like people forget that in this day and age and we all want and need love in our lives.

AC writes the following:

15. What advice would you have for any young people trying to make it in the industry today?
A. Honestly the best thing I feel that I could tell someone is to work your ass off and really put in everything you have into your songs. Make people believe in you and also to realize that it doesnt matter how much you put into it or how much you believe in what you are doing, you are going to be judged right alongside the greatest of all time in everything you do. I dont want to discourage people so im sorry if it comes off like that. Really its just about doing it for you and not for anyone or anything else.

16. Who are some of you idols/favorite musicians either living or deceased. Please each member answer.
A. Unfortunately we are not all available to answer the questions and I apologize for that but I will do my best. For me its James Hetfield. He is my biggest influence on my playing. He is so tight and precise and perfect. Plus the things he has written over the years has really amazed me. Especially when I started trying to write myself and finding how hard it really is to come up with something truely inspiring.

17. How did all of the members of your group come together? Basically how did you form?
A. Mike and Wes (original drummer) were in a band called Earthmover and Aaron was in a band called Universal Stomp. Both bands fizzled out around the same time and we were all friends and had similar ideas of what direction we wanted to go so we started a doing this band. Candace was singing in a band called Apathemy and was kinda new at it but really getting into her own and also became available near the same time. It was a natural fit and that was the core of the band. We had a couple of guitar players for the first year, great friends of ours but people that knew they couldnt really put in the time we were wanting to dedicate to our cause. So finally we talked chris into joining and thats pretty much the lineup. We have had a couple drummer changes due to difference of vision and execution but we have remained mostly unchanged.

18. For each member, What were your favorite and/or most influential genres of music while growing up.
A. Again im on my own here, sorrry. For me, metal for the sound and hardcore for the attitude and personality.

19. Do any of you have training in the musical arts or are you self taught?
A. Candace would be the most trained i guess having spent some time in choir during school but none of us have formal training in our art. We are definately a bunch of hacks. hahaa.

20.What are some of your plans for 2007?
A. One plan, tour as much as possible and try to get as many people as we can involved in what we do.

21. Were you able to met Ozzy (chat with him) and if so, what was it like to meet such an icon of music?
A. None of us met Ozzy. He in not really in a position where he is ever approachable. I did see him a few times but nothing where everyone is just hanging out.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview and keep up the good work.

Band Members
Vocals: Candace Kucsulain
Guitar: Chris Rawson
Guitar: Mike Hasty
Drums: Dustin Schoenhofer
Bass: Aaron Ruby

Walls of Jericho Myspace:  http://www.myspace.com/wallsofjericho

Walls of Jericho Website:  http://www.wallsofjericho.tv/

Photos : Courtesy of www.returntothepit.com

4  Forum / Band Interviews / The Red Chord Interview by bunniegraves, A_C, & the 2006 Ozzfest board members on: October 29, 2010, 12:14:47 am
1. So, tell us a little about your experience on this year's Ozzfest tour?
A: It was the most fun we've ever had on tour.

2. I read you guys are writing material for a new album, can you give us any idea what to expect?
A: Well, we only have a song and a half so far, so it's hard to say. I suppose you can expect it to be more aggressive and unrelenting.

3. What are your favorite songs to play live?
A: My favorite song to play live is probably either Black Santa or Fixation On Plastics.

4. How do you prepare for a show?
A: I'll usually stretch and warm up by playing through some of the harder parts of the set. Sometimes I'll listen to music that gets me psyched up like Enslaved or some other Viking metal.

5. Name the most bizarre things you have ever eaten.
A: Maybe crayons during my week of endurance.

6. Who would you credit as your main inspiration/s for your musical style?
A: Probably Suffocation, Death, Immolation and Cynic.

7. If you could tour with any band of your choice who would it be? Why?
A: If you mean any band that we haven't toured with, then my pick is either Cibo Matto (if they got back together) or The Cardigans. I want to tour with these bands because they are both incredible, but it would never work because our styles are too different.

8. How much interaction would you say you have with your fans during a show?
A: Quite a bit. We'll talk to people in the middle of our set sometimes about absurd things.

9. Any plans to return for next years Ozzfest?
A: We'd love to, but you can't play Ozzfest two years in a row(with exceptions of course).

10.How much liquor would it take to get you guys to have your tits painted at the Titty Painting booth? Ha! (assuming they have a booth next year)
A: We were actually going to get painted for a set one day, but it didn't end up happening. We're really obnoxious, it doesn't take any liquor for us to act like assholes!

Board member Q's

11. AsceticGhostPriest writes:
When I saw The Red Chord on tour w/Throwdown, A Dozen Furies, and Still Remains they made some nasty comments about Still Remains by calling them "Still Complains"....I guess I would ask if there was any bad blood between the bands or if they were just playing to their fans?
A: There is definitely NO bad blood. We love those guys!! Check out a video of Greg rapping with the Still Remains guys on the re-release of our record, Clients.

12. JuuKun writes:
Who was your favorite band on this year's Ozzfest?
A: My personal favorite was probably Strapping Young Lad because they are so devastating. But there were so many crushing bands this year.

13. FirstOzzyFan writes:
would they allow full access for the Ozzboard photographer to get behind the scenes Pix? The ideal location would be somewhere on the east coast, greater NYC area. (or Philly)
A: I love double tart. Maybe, that's a question more suited for an Ozzfest organizer.

14. It Died Yesterday writes:
when are they coming to Syracuse again?
A: We don't know what the final dates on the Gwar tour are yet, but there may be a Syracuse show. Otherwise, we'll most likely be back early next year.

15. AphroditesChild writes: Having lived in Boston myself many long years ago I'd have to ask, what part of Beantown do you come from?
A: With all the lineup changes we've had, we're actually pretty scattered at this point. Guy and I are from the north shore, Greg's from the south shore, Jon's from New Hampshire and Brad is living in central MA.

16. AphroditesChild writes: What older bands did you listen to while growing up?
A: The first metal bands I got into when I was young were Metallica, Testament, Slayer, Kreator, and a lot of other thrash bands. However, my first record ever was Skid Row.

Thanks so much for the interview, gentlemen. Keep up the good work

The Red Chord Myspace http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=4228693

The Red Chord Website: http://www.theredchord.com/

The Red Chord Photos
5  Forum / Band Interviews / Epica Interview by: AphroditesChild & the 2006 Ozzfest board members on: October 29, 2010, 12:10:16 am
Epica Interview by: AphroditesChild & the 2006 Ozzfest board members

1). RMS writes: How is it playing with such greats as Mercenary, Evergrey, Freak Kitchen and Jorn?
Mark: Very nice, because sooner or later you want to see all these bands live and if you play together you can see them for free  Smiley

Ad: I really liked the performance of Jorn: great band, great singer. The perfect headliner for the festival in my opinion!

2).  AC writes:  You are a band that lives up to its name Epica. Your sound is classic yet powerful, progressive, and commanding. Do any/all of you have classical training?

Mark: none of us, Coen is studying at the conservatory but the pop direction. Simone took some classical singing lessons. All the rest are self taught.

3). Jimbob writes: Who were Simones influences as a frontwoman?

Simone: The reason I started with singing was because I liked Nightwish, so I would have to say Tarja Turunen.

4). Mark you did a fucking excellent job covering Death's Crystal Mountain! What are your main vocal influences.

Mark: It’s not a surprise that I mention Chuck now ;-) but also Jan Chris de Koeijer (Gorefest) and Max Cavalera have influenced me.

5). Jimbob writes: I thought I heard some black metal screams in between some growls, can you elaborate?

Mark: That’s right I like to combine both worlds, death and black metal influences. During my days with After Forever I only did the screams but within Epica nobody else wanted to do the grunts so I had to do it myself  ;-)

6). Stratogammaween writes: After 2005 Release of "The Score - An Epic Journey".... and it having been gratefully received by fans, are any plans for another "score" album?

Mark: Perhaps but first we want to release a normal band album Cool

theshredder85  Asks the following:

7).  "How do the American crowds differ from those overseas?"

Mark: They differ in weight ;-) I don’t think the crowds differ that much. It depends also of the region in Europe. In Spain the crowd is different from the crowd in Germany. I don’t think it’s possible to name any differences. For sure both crowds are enthusiastic  Smiley

8.  What songs do you enjoy playing live?

Mark: Consign to Oblivion, Seif al Din, Façade of Reality, Mother of Light, the Phantom Agony, Cry for the Moon. The heavy songs.

Ad: Amen!

9). Which do you like to play more, Festivals or Tours?

Mark: After some tours I’m dying for the festival season and after the festival season I can’t wait for the club shows.

Ad: They both have their good and bad things, it’s is so overwhelming to play in front of a big crowd, but on the other hand it’s also nice to be a bit closer to the audience. Like I said, they both have their good and bad things.

10). How did you come up with the idea of doing the song "Memory" from the musical "Cats"?

Mark: I heard Simone singing that song for her singing lessons. I loved it right away. Her voice fits perfectly to that song. Even better than most of our own ballads.

11). Any chance we can see a U.S. headlining tour in the future?

Mark: We hope so, the plan is to release a new CD in the beginning of next year and afterwards we want to do a world tour, so also USA and Canada.

12). Are their any bands you would like to tour with?

Mark: I would still like to tour with Nightwish, I think it’s a great package.

Ad: Also Withing Temptation or After Forever would be cool I think.

13). The orchestra parts in your songs are really good. Who composes them?

Mark: Thanks J Mainly Yves, Coen and I. In the studio we finalize the details with Miro.

14). How do you decide on what Simone sings and what Mark sings?

Mark: The brutal parts are for me and the melodic parts for Simone. If we can’t decide (like Quietus) we make two versions ;-)

15). Do you try to meet fans at all your shows?
Mark: Yes, it’s very important for us to stay in touch with our fans and meet them after the show.

Ad: Of course, it’s always nice to meet fans and hear their feedback about the shows.

AphroditesChild Asked the following:

16). Do you have any wild stories of things that have happened while on tour?

Mark: haha every tour some “wild” or “funny” things happen. I will tell about a funny thing: when we played in Brasil a girl was hanging at the window of our car and didn’t want to let go. She was throwing presents inside of the car and screaming to us to let her in. It happened while the car was driving. In Brasil the fans are really crazy, but we love them.

Ad: I once had to ran through the streets with only my boxers because the rest of the band was chasing me to rip them off haha. I almost made it (only had to do the last 50 metres without;-)

17). What are some of your hobbies and other interests?
Mark: My hobbies besides music are cycling, tennis, fitness and swimming. I also love to walk in nature.

Ad: I like to go running once in a while.

18. Is there a band or person that you admire or emulate and who is that band or person?

Ad: People that I admire: Hans Zimmer, Martin Gore, Jason Becker, Virgil Donati,  wow to many to list up here.

19).What made you decide to make music a career?

Ad: My mom and neighbor played the guitar already and also a lot of my friends started playing guitar so I kind of rolled into it

20). What is behind to name of your band?

Ad: When we entered the studio to record TPA we still didn’t have a band name. We saw Kamelot’s latest album lying around which was entitled Epica. We all thought it was a cool name and when we found out that the meaning of it fitted some of our lyrics very well we went for it. In the beginning Kamelot wasn’t to happy about  this, probably because they were afraid it would be bad publicity for their album haha. Be so far we did 2 tours with them and they see it also has a positive side;-)

21. What was the most embarrassing moment that happened onstage?

Ad: We once played on a festival in Poland when my wireless system for my guitar went down so I had to play with a cable. But the stage was so big, I didn’t even make it halfway up the drum riser. I felt so bad, but luckily I can laugh about it now:-)

22. There are some bands that do some autograph signings and acoustic
sets in music stores have  you ever considered doing that?

Ad: We already did that a couple of times which was very fun to do and I’m sure we are going to do it again.

Thanks for the interview everyone and keep up the the awesome work!!

Hear Epica at their Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/epicaband

Visit thier website at:  http://www.epica.nl/

Simone Simons ( Vocals )

Jeroen Simons (Drums)

Yves Huts (Bass guitar)

Coen Janssen (Synths and piano)

Mark Jansen (Guitars, grunts & screams)

Ad  Sluijter (Guitar)
6  Forum / Band Interviews / The Haunted interview by Sampson & A_C on: October 29, 2010, 12:08:45 am
The Haunted interview  by Sampson

 1. How is the band feeling now that you have another album under your belt?

Good. Thrilled. Fat. Ugly? Slightly buzzed definitely. No really even though it's a clichè we feel it's the album we feel most proud of so far, and yes – I hear myself sounding like a thousand rockers in a thousand interviews. But I'm kinda happy it's not like... “Oh shit, we really messed up this time! Oh no I'm going to kill myselff, boooohoooo....“

2. A majority of the members in The Haunted have roots in the influential Death Metal band At The Gates. What aspects of At The Gates did you want to incorporate into The Haunted, and what aspects did you want to leave behind?

Um... wow, tough question. We felt somehow after One Kill Wonder and rEVOLOVLEr that we missed some of the melodic stuff we'd been elaborating on in ATG, MaryBeatsJane and even early The Haunted stuff and I think that was a major concern for us in writing The Dead Eye. Except for that, well in all previous bands we've worked in I think one of the things that have always tipped things over and turned things sour has been an inability to communicate and find respect for eachother. So I think in The Haunted it's some we hold for important and really try keep as a constant reminder since this band has come to mean so much for us.

3. The Haunted are reminiscent of Metal bands of yore. What is your take on Metal music as it is today?

Ouch! Fuck, here's one of those questions were I come off sounding like an arrogant prick if I don't tread carefully... Really – to us, metal is music. Not a patch or a haircut, music that expresses and somehow captures the way we feel about so many aspects of life. I can't say much about metal music today because it's not mine to say – I really have no clue as to what motivates who. For us it's somehow a mixture of what has become our calling or job somehow and a deep sense of belonging. We have fans in every country of the world, we get mail from kids in fucking Iraq, Chile, New Haven, Guadalajara, Ipswich and Hamburg. Everywhere we see people who are not much different from ourselves with many of the similiar thoughts and questions, passions and dreams so to make music, to tour and to record has become something so important to us it's hard to have any kind of level headed relation to really. We live it and that's that.

4. The Haunted are largely regarded as the innovators of a new sound in Metal, one that incorporated melodic aspects with thrash aspects, and some of the heaviest riffs to ever grace the metal world. Although they seem quite different, The Haunted merged them perfectly. What is your writing process like in order to do this so well?

Hahaha, well Anders put this beautifully a couple of months ago when we were in rehearsals. He said „ Fuck it, this is what popmusic is supposed to sound like!“ And I think somehow that's how we look at ourselves, as a popband. Hehehe, I know a lot of people might not agree or find that kind of statement disrespectful I'm sure, but think about it... We want to make heavy music, music WE like, music we can play for an audience and enjoy over and over again. Music for a large group of people about OUR LIFE. I know it sound fucking cheesy, but there you have it.

5. Most bands with melodic aspects incorporate a keyboard into their music. How does The Haunted keep a melodic tone without the use of a keyboard?
Through the use of guitars drums and vocals;) Hey, Sabbath could do it, The Beatles could do it, Morbid Angel could do it, Maiden, Judas, Metallica, Pantera, etc. etc. We love the rock the rock loves us. How hard can it be?

6. After a lengthy separation with vocalist Peter Dolving, he is back and The Haunted is heavier than ever! What aspects of The Haunted has Peter brought back to the band?

A wider vocal range and a sense of sex and mystery?... Hey, you're asking me...?
I have no real idea. I'm a loose cannon creatively and I don't think within any type framework I guess... To me music is music is music... And I looooooooooooove to sing with the mutherfucking Haunted. I'm one of the dudes in the pit, half geek half freak, half of my mind is way down in the gutter, the other half is trying actually keep out of it. Mainly, I'm just a fan with the privilige and opportunity to express myself. And I get kisses from the girls...

7. Has the band made a distinct effort to create a heavier sound in their music or has that just been an effect of artistic development?

I think this has come naturally. Having played so much and having had the privilige to experiment within our own little world of expression without too much interference has really given us the possibilty to constantly evolve and go further in trying out different ways to do this. So really it's just something that's come as we've kept doing what we do.

8. Your new album, The Dead Eye, is finished and ready for release in October. What can fans of The Haunted expect from the new album?

A classic The Haunted album. Intense. Dark. A bit more dynamic and varied than the previous 4 records but I think if you know the previous records you'll hear the natural line of evolution of things. All in all a stack of great fucking songs.

To quote Devin Townsend „ A very heavy thing“...

9. What statement(s) are you trying to make with the release of The Dead Eye, if any?

Um – Strawberries anyone? Wanna make out? No really, we are not trying to make a statements we're trying to make music. Our music has always dealt with the darker sides of the human condition and I think this one does as well, though lyrically it's more about consequence and cause on a deeper note. Hey, it's our Dark Side Of The Moon Wink

10. Can we expect a tour in support of this new album?

Not in support of, no. But as an effect we will indeed tour like crazy, starting november 2006 and we are guessing for the next two years we won't be home more than two weeks at the time, tops... Weird feeling.

11. Your live show is, by far, one of the most energetic in the business. How the hell do you rock so hard, especially times like 9am on Ozzfest in Detroit? You definitely had me on my feet jumping around, right in the front row.

How? Hahahaha, that's kinda like asking a lion why it eats other animals or a fish why it swims...

12. What advice do you have for any aspiring musicians who are fans of The Haunted?

Play music, listen to music, be honest, be disciplined, be true to yourself and learn to listen and to express yourself to the people you work with. More than anything - try to be humble.
Accept that that you can only do what comes naturally and if you stick to it you'll be fine, whether you sell 15 or 15 million records.

Board Member Questions:

13. How does Peter get his voice to sound so intense? (Driftwood666)

It's just the way it sounds. I do a lot of warm-up before shows and recording. I run, stretch, do some yoga/tai chi exercises and then vocal warm ups. It's all very gay;) But it keeps me from losing my voice. The discipline is something I`ve learned through Judo and Jutsu.

14. How do you guys get such a tight guitar sound on songs such as "All Against All"? (Driftwood666)

Sound is based in skill, if you dedicate yourself to your instrument and your craft you will constantly improve. It's a fact. Even if you're a moron like me.

15. What contributed to the evolution of the band on the album from rEVOLVEr? (Jimbob232)

250 shows further down the line. Meeting thousands of fans, other bands, having waaaaaay to much time on our hands, listening to music we love and music we don't love. Going through the death of my mom and one of my best friends, understanding to the full extent that I am addict and all the things that has come with it in recovery. Losing friends, gaining friends, I guess being us. Being the five dudes who make up what is The Haunted...

Peace! / Pete

Thanks Pete from all your fans on the Ozzfest message board!!

Hear them at  Myspace : http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=37246637&MyToken=9550bbac-1f29-4ee9-a1d5-3148263c487a

Web link :  http://www.the-haunted.com

7  Forum / Band Interviews / Scar Symmetry Interview By Crozzy and A_C on: October 29, 2010, 12:07:09 am
Scar Symmetry Interview  By Crozzy and A_C

1).  How did you meet each other for the first time and decide to start this band

It all started in early 2004 when Jonas got the urge to form a melodic death metal band. I was recording in his studio with a band called Altered Aeon at the time and Jonas asked me one day during the recordings if I was interested in joining this new band he was forming. I accepted and told Jonas that using Altered Aeon`s rhythm/solo guitarist Per as a second guitarist would be a good idea, and he was all for it. Then Jonas recruited a friend of his, Kenneth, on bass.  The last guy to join the line-up was Christian who had recorded in Jonas? studio before with other bands, Jonas called him and asked him if he wanted the vocal spot. When everyone agreed to participate in this band we met each other for the first time and took some photos, so the band existed for a couple months before all of us actually met in real life!

2.) Which bands would you say have influenced you the most?

That`s hard to answer because we all have different influences. I would say we`re influenced by the metal scene as a whole and we`re also trying to bring in other elements in our music, like progressive stuff and some mainstream ideas that makes our musical concept pretty unlimited.

3.) How do you guys come up with such strong and meaningful song lyrics?

I am honoured that you think my lyrics are strong and meaningful, thanks! I write about things that interest me and I try to be as original and awe-inspiring as possible when writing my lyrics, so that others can feed off my passion for the subjects I write about. I`ve been writing lyrics for every band I`ve played with since 1990 and it`s a skill I`ve tried to perfect to the best of my abilities through the years. How do I come up with these lyrics? I read books about subjects that interest me and add that information with the Akasha-library in my head, through that synergy my lyrics are born.

4.) What is your take on the current death metal scene?

It`s pretty healthy, I think. Death metal has become such a wide form of music now and you can see a large following on every front. Both the ultra-brutal side and the more melodic side of death metal is doing very well, in my opinion. The underground demo-movement from the early 90`s is still going strong, it`s just that everything has moved to the Internet and that`s just a logical step in the evolution of the scene.

5.) How does Christian Älvestam transcend from the beautiful vocals to the thundering death growls ?

He pulls that mental switch in his head, going from the emotional, meditative side of his personality to his more animalistic, destructive persona. Not an easy thing to do, but his vocal chords were built to go through that metamorphosis and he can vocalize that transformation in a very convincing way.

6.) What is the main difference with your new album Pitch Black Progress compared to your 1st album?

This album has all the key ingredients from the first album but we took it all one step further. Some experimental elements can be heard on “Pitch Black Progress”, stuff that we didn`t do to the same extent on the first album. We fooled around with song structures on some songs and we also experimented a lot with the clean vocals. I think we managed to get a good variety from song to song, everything from really mellow stuff to all-out death metal mayhem. The first album had a more linear musical concept, in my opinion.

7.) When are you coming to the U.S.?

It will happen sooner or later and I think it`s likely to happen during the first half of 2007.

8.) Who would you guys love to tour with?

I think everyone in the band has different answers to that question, I would probably say KISS. That was the first band I really liked and they inspired me to play music, touring with them would be unreal. In a positive way.

9.)Do you guys work anywhere besides the band?

Yeah, we all have “day-jobs”, because we`re not making any money out of Scar Symmetry at this point. I work at a steel factory, producing steel-wire. Kenneth is both a gardener and a music-teacher. Per takes care of elderly people and he is teaching guitar from time to time too. Jonas has his studio and he is also a music teacher! Christian is working as a nurse.

10.) Is there any side projects any of the band members have been working on?

Yeah, we have lots of other bands! I`m in a band called Altered Aeon as I mentioned earlier, and I play with Per in yet another band called Paradigm Shift. Per is also active with a Zappa-cover band called The Homozappians. Christian has a bunch of bands, Incapacity, Torchbearer, Quest of Aidance, Miseration and Unmoored among other projects. Kenneth plays in a band called  Soul Royal. Jonas has his doom-band World Below and a new band called Savagebeast. He also plays in Quest Of Aidance now. And these are just the bands we`re active with right now, we have played in so many bands through the years that we can barely remember them all anymore…

11.) If you knew you have influenced a young persons life, what would you think/say?

It depends in what way I would have influenced him/her. If it was in a positive way I would consider it to be a positive thing, thinking/speaking positively about it. If it was in a negative way I would consider it negative, thus thinking/speaking about it in negative terms.

12.) Since you are going to play both ProgPower Europe and ProgPower UK in the next few months, do they want to play ProgPowerUSA

I don`t know, we were approached by both of those Progpower fests separately so I guess each fest work individually when they arrange their events.

13.) Is there anything else you would like to add to the interview?

Thanks to all the American fans, we have been overwhelmed by the number of Americans that are into Scar Symmetry! Keep checking our website for the latest news and take care out there!

Playing at Ozzfest would be very cool indeed!

This interview was taken care of by Henrik Ohlsson (drums).

Here their music at:  http://www.myspace.com/scarsymmetry

Web-page :  http://www.scarsymmetry.com/

The Band
8  Forum / Band Interviews / Kreator Interview: By A_C and Ozzfest 2006 forum members on: October 29, 2010, 12:04:27 am

Kreator Interview: By A_C and Ozzfest 2006 forum members
1). How did you guys start as a band?

A). Back in the mid eighties! We where still in high school. Kreator was a hobby band, no goals whatsoever....

2). What are your major influences as far as your sound?

A). Ourselves, really!

3). What kind of drums, guitar, and bass do you use?

A). Jackson, Peavy , Sonor, Basline, Schechter etc....

4). have you ever thought about doing a North American touring summer fest, like SOTU, Ozzfest, GiganTour?
A). Yes! Still waiting for an invitation!

5). If there was one message you hoped to convey through your music, what would it be?

A). That?s a little too much to answer in this kind of format. Best thing would be to read the lyrics and you?ll get an idea!

6). What is the most bizarre thing you have ever eaten?

A). Comquats! A mix between an orange and cranberry. They?re great !

7). What's the story behind the band's name?

A). Kreator is a demon from the German mythology. Taken from a book called" Die Edda" Kreator was a demon that lived in the forests. It has a double meaning, since it means to create/ be creative also....

Cool. Are most of the crowds you play to pretty much the same or do different cities have very different crowds? If different what city is the craziest and which the most subdued?

A). There?s many crazy people all around the globe ! We have the most loyal fans in all parts of the world! Marroco was definatelly an highlight, since you wouldn?t expect such a wild audience in a musslim country! The fans there are great, but we love to play our music anywhere in the world, no preferences!

9). .What made you re-incorporate thrash metal into your sound over the last couple albums?

A). It has alway been part of our sound, even on more experimental albums like Endorama. Thrash is still our major influence !

10). Any new work in progress? 

A). New DVD, will be out in Oktober!
11). Where are you orginally from, growing up as children?

A). I?m from Essen, Germany. I still live there!

Member Q's
12).  Pantallica666 writes: When will they tour North America

A). Beginning of 2007!

13). Jimbob232 writes:  Who came up with the idea for their latest video? It's pretty extreme.

A). Thank you! Jörn Heidmann, the director came up with the idea !

14. KillerPaul writes:   Mille, what type of guitar/amp/effects setup do you use? and who are your influences? 

A). Influences. Anything extreme! From Punk to Thrash to Metal and Hardcore. But all kinds of genres, really! Guitars: mostly Jackson through Peavy 5150 amps!

15. AC writes: Tell us, if you could of some krazy shit that has happened to you on the road.

A). Oh man.... All kinds of crazy shit happens on the road! Would be too much for this format! If I?d talk to you in person, I could tell you about mayhem , terror and bizzare  animal sex! Just kiddin!

16). AC writes:  What are some of your hobbies or other interests?

A). Mostly literature, movies and other people?s music! Music in general!

17). AC writes:  If their were only one piece of advice you could give an aspiring musician, what would it be?

A). Stay home while others drink and do drugs and practice your instrument !

18). AC writes:  Is there a band or person that  you admire above all others and if so who would that be?

A). No gods! No masters !
Thank you so very much for your time and please for the sake of all your fans, never give up the music.
Kreator Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/officialkreator

Kreator Website: http://www.kreator-terrorzone.de/site/index.php?lang=en

9  Forum / Band Interviews / Re: Ankla Interview by A_C & Wizard on: September 19, 2010, 06:47:42 pm
Are those pics from the San Antonio date?
That would be am affirmative!! I'm from northwest of Austin.
10  Forum / Band Interviews / Ankla Interview by A_C & Wizard on: September 12, 2010, 12:44:47 am

Welcome ANKLA to the Freefest 2007 .......

Ankla Interview by  A_C & Wizard & Various members of the 2006 Ozzfest Message Boards!!!!!

Wizard asks the following;
1. Ramon Ortiz, welcome back to the ozzfest circuit. I really enjoyed PUYA back in 99,..how long has ANKLA been together? Coming back to the ozzfest do you feel a little more comfortable knowing what its all like?

*thank you very much,Ozzfest 99 was an amazing experience that marked a turning point for Puya and now I'm getting ready to do it again with Ankla.It's really exciting and yes being the second time around for me makes me feel a lot more confident cause I know what to expect.Ankla has been together for 5 years.

2.Where did you guys cut your teeth? Where was your most frequented scene and where is home?

*for the past 5 years we have been based in Los Angeles ,playin the scene, the clubs on the Sunset Strip like the Wiskey Ago go,the Trobadour,the Keyclub.We stretched a little bit on the west coast but our first national tour happened last year after we signed with Bieler Brothers Records.We have also played twice in my hometown Puerto Rico.We are gonna go there for the third time next month.  

3.ANKLA,..great symbol. something very heavy that holds the ship steady and yet can be pulled up to sail on away. Who thought of that? Who does all the artwork? Thats pretty impressive as well.

*I officially formed the band at the end of 2001 when I joined forces with my vocalist Ikaro Santana but I had thought of that name way before then.The further we move forward as a band the more I feel that Ankla is the perfect name for it.The image and sound is really simple in a barbaric kinda way ,brutally heavy,metallic and staighforward with one  direction and one purpose...to sink in deep and crush!!The artwork was courtesy of a young artist friend of mine called Angel Resto.The album title is Steep Trails and I think visually he captured all the pain and glory behind the concept.

4.Your finely polished works done under the wing of Bob Marlette of Black Sabbath fame has been out for a while now. How has it been recieved by fans and critics? How are sales and bookings? You seem pretty busy....

*yeah we have been getting gradually busier and busier,the record has had great acceptance in the U.S. and the U.K. and we've gotten a lot of airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio "Hard Attack"(who voted us #13 on the top metal albums of 2006) and XM "Liquid Metal".In terms of record sales I'm not sure were we at right now but I have a feeling with Ozzfest coming up this party's just getting started.                                                      

5.Where did you all meet up? How did the actual formation of ANKLA take place?

*we all met up in Los Angeles,CA.Like I said I first found my vocalist Ikaro Santana who had just moved in from Brasil with his band back then.I was still doing the Puya thing at that point but I showed him some music that I had written that was way too heavy to be on the Puya album.He loved it so we started working on lyrics and so Ankla was born.My love for aggressive guitar driven metal combined with his hardcore vocal style and approach  and a bit of latin flair gave birth to the Ankla sound.We did auditions to find the other members .We've had some lineup changes but the one we have now  is by far the most solid:Jose Clarke on drums, Oscar Santiago on percussion and Tony Castaneda on bass.                                      

6. Did you have any musical inflences on your foundation that you`d care to share with us?

*I have many diverse influences ,coming from an island in the Caribbean were so many different musical and cultural expressions coexist and fuse.From classical,to latin jazz,to folk "jibaro" music,rumba,bomba and plena,rock,flamenco and so forth.As a kid my father who was mainly a folk guitar player started showing me the basics of the guitar.When I was 13 a friend of my family brought me the first Van Halen album and that was it for me.I been in love with the art of playing the  guitar ever since.Then I heard Ozzy with Randy Rhoads and after that I immersed myself completely into discovering the secrets of metal,became totally obsessed ,practicing and learning on the guitar as much as I could.I've been connected to the genre since the 80's.Some of the bands , guitar players and composers that have been heavy influences on me during the last 3 decades are Ozzy,Randy Rhoads,Van Halen,Slayer,Metallica,Accept,Sabbath,Pantera,Sepultura,Cardinal Sin,George Lynch,Warren DeMartini,Doug Aldrich,Steve Vai,Zakk Wylde,Machine Head,Paul Gilbert(Racer X),Nuno Bettencourt,Brad Gillis,Iron Maiden,Meshugah,Scott Ian,Testament,Yngwie Malmsteen,Stryper,Paco de Lucia,Irakere,Dimmu Borgir,Rush,Immortal,Lamb of God,Kansas,Slipknot,Basil Poledouris,Symphony X,Loudness ,Dio,Crowbar,Celtic Frost,Hatebreed,Krisiun,Kreator, Megadeth,ect  

7.Now that you`ve been together for quite a few years,how have you grown and fused together as a team?

*we know each other better now and we have learned to work as a unit where  everybody has a specific role based on their strenghts.

8.You are exploding on a major tour here,..I see you`re all over the place and now ozzfest (freefest) is on the horizon. How does it feel to be on the road getting seen and having all this exposure? Also how do you percieve the concept of the FREEFEST seeing as you played ozzfest before and have a reference point to go by? What are you thoughts on this unique concept?

*I think the whole idea of making this event free for the true fans of this music is phenomenal,it has been the fans who have made the great  bands rise throughout history,they have turned these bands into legends so more power to them.We are really pumped up to be part of this,we are currently preparing physically and mentally to deliver the goods in true Ankla fashion.

9.You describe yourselves as latin metalcore. Did that seem a natural progression for you all as it pertained to your creative sides or did one member alone come up with the concept? How do your separate backgrounds work off each other?

Those who know my history as a musician know that I've been fusing the energy and power of rock and metal riffs with the rythmic swing of latin and caribbean music since the early nineties.When I started Ankla I wanted to make sure that it was gonna be way more brutal than Puya.I wrote all these songs with a very thrash metal feel to them but still with that latin groove sitting in the backseat.So I guess the term latin metalcore was a natural evolution of where I was going musically.I write all the music,Ikaro and me work the lyrics and the other guys bring their own individual feel to the arrangement.

10.What are your favorite tracks off the new album? There must be those tracks that are just a real thrill to play live,...which is that one you feel hits the fans so well you can see it and feel it?

*I have a blast playing all the songs.Flush and Deceit  get really good crowd reactions

11. To each member,..describe your set-up and why you like it that way. Particular settings and equipment,..string tunings and such.

Jose Clarke-5 piece Ddrum kit(for a high impact sound)
Oscar Santiago-2 LP congas,1 surdo drum,1 timbale(for organic,tribal brutality)
Ikaro Santana-Guiro,Chekere(for atmosphere & pulse)
Tony Castaneda-Peavey 4 and 5 string basses,Peavey amplification (for rumbling low end)                                                                         Ramon Ortiz-Ibanez 7 and 6 string guitars with EMG pickups and mahogany bodies for the heaviest tone(we tune to low A),Peavey amplication(xxl head with 6505 cabs)  

12. Are you excited for this huge opportunity? (freefest)

YESSS!We have been waiting for this for a long time!

Members questions;

13. Mitchel Evans asks; have you ever played with ill Nino ?,Sepultura? Soulfly?

We have played with Ill Nino and Sepultura but we haven't played with Soulfly yet.We have a lot of respect for Max Cavalera ,his legacy will live on forever.It would be awesome if we could play with Soulfly someday.  

14.Metalist asks;Who are you looking forward to playing with the most at this years freefest?

OZZY,Lamb of God and Hatebreed

15. PaulKishi asks; to each member...what motivated each of you to start playing and also the type of music you play today?

Ramon-the music I play is the sonic manifestation of my life.the fredoom involved in being able to express myself the way I want and touch people's spirits through a musical instrument is what motivates me.
Ikaro-Hey,I started listening to metal with the first Ozzy record "Blizzard of Ozz", but I decided to be a vocalist or play in a band when I listened to Slayer "reign in blood". The song criminally insane,.....that song blew my mind and right there I made my decision to start singing. Thanks Tom Araya! (from Slayer) Hahaha....
Oscar-I was inspired to play this kind of music by old Metallica ,Iron Maiden and the old school thrash movement.When I started mixing that with the Puerto Rican and afrocaribbean percussion rythyms I knew I had found my own musical path.
Pepe-I was motivated to play metal when I saw Metallica"Wherever I May Roam" and Megadeth "Symphony of Destruction"
Tony-I was motivated to play metal by Geezer Butler.

I would like to thank you all for your time and we look forward to seeing you kick ass at this years freefest.

*Thank you!SEE YA IN THE PIT!!!!



Wizard thanks ANKLA, especially Ramon Ortiz,(crush it brothers!!) Cool

...and of course our own A_C for his assistance in obtaining this interview. Cool  not to menyion putting it all together and taking the photos at the show!!

11  Forum / Band Interviews / Interview of Paradise Lost by A_C & Wizard on: September 12, 2010, 12:40:36 am

Interview of  Paradise Lost by A_C & Wizard & Various members of the 2006 Ozzfest message boards!!
1. Do any of you ever post in or read the pages of "weeping words"your official website?
A).  Yes we all read and post on our message board regularly!  we see every post, and no stone is left unturned..

2.Have you decided on a name as of yet for the upcoming album to be released the spring of 2007?
A).  No names yet, as usual we cannot agree on a title, but we are working on it.

3.How has the self titled album Paradise Lost done in worldwide sales and where are they the strongest?
A).  If the general show attendance is anything to go by, Its done well, but how many of those folk have downloaded it is anyone's guess...

4. As your global fanbase grows,where do you see yourselves headed as far as new markets.
 A). There's a great big chunk of the planet which rarely gets explored by bands, If they have an airport and electricity,   -then we are there..

5.Do the spouses come with...on tours?
A). No, what's the point?  I don't sit next to my wife, and drink all her beer when she's working!...

6.After being together for 17 years,do you feel more married to your spouses, or each other?
A). No, we all live pretty far apart now due to spouses, and never meet up unless we are playing. Even then, its more like an extended guys night out.

7.After playing with Ozzy in the past,do you have plans to do so again,perhaps at an ozzfest?
A). If an offer came through,of course, who wouldn't want to be on the biggest heavy metal event on the planet?

8.How do you feel about re-releasing some of your C.D.`s and does it pay off better the second time around?
A). If it exposes us to newer  fans who missed us the first time round, then why not! From our perspective its about getting our name out there.

9.Signing with Century Media records must have been a big step for you all,how do you feel about it?
A). Great! CM is a great force in metal music, particularly the states, We are under no illusions about how tough it is to achieve ANY success in the states, but to have a label behind us
is a good starting point, something we have always been unlucky with in the past

10.What is Rhys Fulber bringing to the table in the way of helping the new project come to a fruitful completion?
A). Rhys wants to do an ultimate PL album, Its something you always aim for personally - , but Rhys looks at it from a fan perspective, which I think helps us to really breathe fresh air into the whole recording scenario

11.Why the choice to record in three different locations for this album?

A). Everything is worked around productivity and budget, Its just happened this way worked out the best for both,

12.Self-identify your genre as you see it, for any of those not clear on it.

A). Our genre I "guess" is  "Gothic metal"  but we have very little in common with 90% of the other bands seemingly labelled that!.. we aren't about image, for us its all about music!
of course, I've got a wedding dress to wear on stage for the next tour.. (Disclaimer:  this is a joke.)

13.What is the best part of touring for each member?
A). Playing places of interest, we would be unlikely to visit otherwise -  is always great!

14.Have any of you ever tried to kill one another just for fun,or because you`ve simply had enough?(on a light notnote)

A). A few times, nothing too serious, If you take yourself too seriously, ,  life in a band would be pretty short I think...  Ironically ,our sense of humour has kept us together this long, I have no doubts about that.


15.What can you tell the members of the Ozzfest messageboard that will forever change their lives?
A). In 15 years or less they will probably be under 100 metres of sea water... I dare say that will have a reasonable impact on one or two folk...

16. A band from Halifax that are friends of mine are talking  about going on  tour. What advice can you give them on how to make the jump out of Halifax?

A). Hire a van , get a big mattress , lay the gear under the mattress and all sleep on top ! .save all the gig fees, and buy nice Stereo gear when u get home...


17.Will the new album have any covers on it?
A). At this point I don't think so, but who knows, we may cover a song..too early to tell

18.Whats the most important thing to know about the music biz.?
A). Easy to be cynical! but its exactly like any other business! - things may seem sugar coated, but the bottom line is money!

19.Any U.S.A. dates scheduled or pondered for the summer/fall of 2007?
A). I certainly hope so, fingers crossed! the tour we did with Opeth was way back, but still very current in our minds,  It will be fun to "get back to the states "soon.

20.How do you continually change for the better ,as you`ve been around for so long?
A). Thanks for that! could have gone the other way! We still genuinely care about the music we make, and don't presume our fans will just "accept" anything we do, basically if we think something is bullshit , how can we expect anyone else to swallow it?

Thanks for the time you`ve spent with us....it`s very much appreciated.
Paridise Lost:  Thank you! Look out for our new album and a US tour in 2007 ...

Lastest CD:
Hear them at  Myspace :  http://www.myspace.com/paradiselostuk

Website:  : http://www.paradiselost.co.uk/

The Band:

The Members
Nicholas Holmes( Vocals)
Gregory Mackintosh (LeadGuitar)
Aaron  Aedy (RythmGuitars)
Stephen Edmondson (Bass Guitar)
Jeff Singer ((Drums) Professional Session)
12  Forum / Band Interviews / Nile Interview: by SweetDark on: September 10, 2010, 06:52:08 pm

Nile Interview: by SweetDark 
1.What is the current line up of Nile and what respective instruments do they play?

Karl Sanders- Guitar Vocals , Dallas Toler Wade -Guitar Vocals , George Kollias -Drums and on Bass Vocals -Chris Lollis

2.How did the idea of creating a band solely inspired by ancient Egyptian history begin and did you have a clear understanding of what you were going to do once you got together?

At first we weren’t at all clear of what we wanted to do ; that sort of evolved over the first couple years . What was clear , though, right from the start was we were gonna be a Metal band, and fuck anyone who didn’t like it. The name Nile really came from a friend of mine, who suggested, “You guys like playing that Middle-Eastern stuff, why don’t call you call yourselves “Nile” and it just seemed to fit. Figuring out what to do with the concept took awhile . J

3.What kind of musical influences does Nile have?

Lots of early metal , Zeppelin ,Sabbath , Priest , Early Rush , some guitaristic stuff like Dimeola , , Mahavishnu Orchestra, Robin Trower , Uli Roth, some other stuff like Ravi Shankar, Nusrat Ali Khan , Peter Gabriel Early Death Metal like Immolation, the first two Morbid Angel records ,Gorefest and so on. George listens to lots of jazz drumming and works hard to bring some of that into Nile.

4.Who do you like being on tour with Ozzfest and what band are we most likely to catch you watching?

Well Ozzy Is like the Godfather of Metal , isn’t he ? I like Zakke’s guitar playing so I’ll probably watch a bit of that. And Behemoth are old touring friends of ours . They have opened for us so many times I have lost count.

5.You guys have done several tours, which one out of these tours have been the best one for you and why?

Well we have been touring steady since 98; done more tours than I can actually remember - but probably the most meaningful were the 3 times we toured with Morbid Angel .They were very inspiring and encouraging, and we learned a lot from watching them day-in-day-out.. Not just on delivering a professional Death Metal performance ,
But on sheer road survival and how to scratch out a living from Death Metal Touring.
Which I suppose is a major feat right there, Death Metal doesn’t make much money , if any.

6.I’ve heard you are coming out with another work of art for this year. What can we expect with this new project and do you have a title for the new album?

Its Called “Ithyphallic” , it comes out in July - It is 10 tracks of unrelenting Brutal Death Metal with exotic middle eastern influences .

7.Nile is one of the few bands that have the ability to produce greater records with each release. How do you think the material that you have for this new album differs from your last material?

I think the new songs are more focused. We have managed to keep the lineup solid ,
Which is a real positive thing.
George and Dallas and I have had a couple years of touring together since the last record , “Annihilation of the Wicked” to grow as a band and improve. We are of very similar minds in that each of us is constantly striving to push farther ahead with our instruments and songwriting ,and working together as a team. I think that gives the material a real solid and aggressive foundation - and it really has allowed us to write our best album ever. There is stuff on this new disc “Ithyphallic” , that is harder and faster than anything we have ever attempted, but also a lot of new approaches to things that make it feel fresh to us. “Ithyphallic” is also the cleanest , tightest record we have ever done.. That cleanness and care of recording really helps to translate the ferocity of what we are actually playing , so that people can hear it.
There is nothing more frustrating than slaving for weeks/months on end , playing something amazing, and then the production not living up ; and the result is that people don’t hear it the way its intended , and then they don‘t “get it”. But this record, I can fucking hear every single goddamn note we are playing . To me It is the difference between ~just having a record that sounds heavy~ and having a heavy record where the content translates musically to the listener ; so that the listener grasps what the fuck we are actually doing.

8.Do you have any other project or collaborations in the works that you might like to tell us about?

I have a quiet exotic/ambient project called “Saurian Mediation “; George’s band in Athens Greece “Sickening Horror” just released their record, and Dallas and Chris did a record with Lecherous Nocturne.

9.You have been signed to a new label company, will there be any change in the band or would you evolve differently now that you are with Nuclear Blast?

Well, Nuclear Blast are behind us 110% . We wouldn’t be on Ozzfest in the first place if they hadn’t been willing to put up the money , as well as tour support so that we can offset some of the costs of actually touring without getting paid. .Nuclear Blast also gave us enough of a budget to record the new album properly - to do things right - and that right there speaks volumes about the truth of their commitment to and belief in the band.
They have also been real supportive of our ideas, and have allowed us free artistic reign in areas where we were censored in the past.

10.What kind of environment are you in when writing music and lyrics?

Usually at home, late at night, when its quiet and I can think clearly.
I have lots of Egyptian artifacts and stuff around my apartment , so its easy to catch the vibe and put myself in the mindset of writing Nile songs.

11.What music do you listen to on your free time? Give us your recent play list.

Peter Gabriel - “Passion” Last Temptation of Christ soundtrack
Immolation - Harnessing Ruin
Black Sabbath - Paranoid album
Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer
Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs
Uli Roth - Metamorphasis

12.What reading material would you recommend to those interested in ancient Egyptian history?

The Book of the Dead is a good place to start. Or anything by E.Wallis Budge.

13.Which do you think would be the impact you’ll leave to metalheads in this years Ozzfest?

Who knows ? We realize we are a heavier band than what many mainstream Metal listeners are used to. Quite assuredly many of them will neither understand or appreciate what we have to offer. But there will also be quite a few Metalheads - who hear us and come to realize there is a whole world of Metal that goes way beyond anything they ever heard before. The fist time I heard Slayer’s Hell Awaits , it was the heaviest music I had ever been exposed to. It opened up a whole other world of Metal I never knew existed.

Board Member Questions:

14.Are there any contemporary bands like Lykathea Aflame you would feel are doing a good job in progressing the standard style of Death Metal? (schweger)

Well, Lykathea Alame are quite an obscure reference , I met them once on tour in Europe and they gave me their CD -
So I have heard them ; and appreciate what they are trying to do. Another fine example would be Necrophagist . They make incredible records containing exquisite crème-de-la-crème Metal guitar playing.

15.What advice would you give to a band in a small town who is trying to get noticed? (vampiremcmuffin)

I would say, play as many shows as you can, and get your CD into the hands of as many people as you possibly can. It matters. And please don’t suck.

16.If you could tour with any band who would it be? (Something_Wicked)
Uh….. If it is a wish list we are talking about here , Heaven and Hell !!!

17.Have you actually played any shows in Egypt? (Mustakrakissh)
Nope. Never had a single offer to play in Egypt.

18.We all know that Karl and Dalas write songs about Egypt. Dear Karl and Dalas, have you ever got an idea to write lyrics about other ancient civilizations… Maybe Atlantis, Maya, Sumerian civilization. All this civilizations have some resemblance (both in music and culture). Why you pay attention only to Egypt, isn’t it the time to try something else? Also oriental and mystical. Or you’ll continue “exploring” Egypt? (Gorlindar)

I don’t know if it is possible for any one band to be all things to all people.
Just taking on the Ancient Egypt topic is / was a monumental undertaking -
At least to try at least to do it justice.
Taking on multiple ancient civilizations might be biting off more than one band could chew.

19.Will there be any guest musicians featured in the new album? (wimm83)

Chris Lollis, our touring bassist , contributed some additional vocals , and producer Neil Kernon did a few keyboard bits. Other than that , No.

Firstozzyfan asks;

20. This year the Freefest as it is being billed, has an entirely new concept in marketing the bands to the masses. How do you feel about this new concept and what are your expectations of such an innovating style of touring?

I expect to lose massive amounts of money. Hahahahahaha
I guess, really, we will all just have to wait and see how it works out.
In the past I saw people griping about ticket prices and so forth - and now that its free, there are still people finding stuff to gripe about.
Afterwards, There are some who will say that “all festivals should be free”
And some that will then make the argument that “Ozzfest is devaluating Live music”
But I say , who knows ?
We were gonna have to tour this summer anyway , to support the new record ,
So I suppose touring as part of Ozzfest is as fine a way to promote the new Nile record as any.

21.Do you see the cultures melding together musically via your art as a healing thing in the tense world we live in as it pertains to cultural relations?

Well hopefully. I have always said that Metal is a unifying force, something that all people can find a common bond thru ( or any music for that matter )
But I think Metal has an especially powerful , galvanizing force .
Everyone understands a power chord , or a kickass drumbeat or screaming vocal.
And I believe the Goat Horns have become a Sign of International Metal Solidarity.
No matter where you go to a Metal show, no matter what country or language they speak , Metal Fans understand head banging , moshing , and the Horns.

22.Where do you see NILE going after the Ozzfest tour has completed its rounds?

Home for a few weeks rest, and then off for a headlining European tour.

23.Who will Nile be seen working with in the future as far as producers and opening touring acts?

Its too early in the tour cycle of this album to tell yet.
We are very happy with Neil Kernon, he did an amazing job on Ithyphallic. As far as opening acts, well it all depends on who is available, really.

24.Tell us about something that has never before been discussed in a NILE interview,...don't be shy.(we are not easily shocked)

Hmmmmm ….. Never before discussed ? That would be tough, I have done 1000’s of interviews over the years , and been asked all sorts of inappropriate things…….

25.To each member,..please discuss in detail the type of electronic set-up you use to play live,..and what tunings do you all use on your instruments?

Here is a link to he Nile forum FAQ for anyone interested in my gear http://www.nilechat.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7707

26. From AC. I had never heard of you until you were announced for Ozzfest and at that point I decided much to my pleasure to listen to your music. Would this be one of your major reasons for doing a freefest? not necessarily just to get me  :icon_biggrin: , but to draw people like me?

Of course. It is the complete Raison d’etre of a band like us doing Ozzfest.. That and slaughtering Hordes of uninitiated unwashed masses.

27. Again AC. Please describe (in 10 or less brutals or variations thereof) how you are different from other bands at the fest this year and why I should do anything to see your set?

Perhaps you shouldn’t. .But then you would miss finding out first hand what Nile is all about. There are plenty of other bands on the bill as well , all with their own fine qualities - go see them all .

Nile,.Thanks for taking this time with us to answer all these scathing questions...See you at the FREEFEST!!!

Keepin it Metal,

Nile myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=16993157

Nile website: http://www.nile-catacombs.net/

NILE The Band

Photos courtesy of: S_Kinkade

Karl Sanders- Guitar__ Vocals

Dallas Toler Wade -Guitar__Vocals

George Kollias -Drums

Photo not available:
Chris Lollis-Bass__ Vocals

Some Badass Cover art from their CD's:

Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren__1998 Relapse Records
1. Smashing The Antiu
2. Barra Edinazzu
3. Kudurru Maqlu
4. Serpent Headed Mask
5. Ramses Bringer Of War
6. Stones Of Sorrow
7. Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche
8. The Howling Of the Jinn
9. Pestilence And Iniquity
10. Opening Of The Mouth
11. Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand

In the Beginning__2000---Previously released as Festivals Of Atonement 1995 & Ramses Bringer Of War-1997
Festivals Of Atonement-1995/Anubis Records
1. Divine Intent
2. The Black Hand of Set
3. Wrought
4. Immortality Through Art/Godless
5. Extinct

Ramses Bringer Of War-1997/Visceral Productions
1. The Howling Of The Jinn
2. Ramses Bringer Of War
3. Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche

Black Seeds of Vengeance__2000Relapse Records
1. Invocation Of The Gate Of
2. Black Seeds Of Vengeance
3. Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar
4. The Black Flame
5. Libation Unto The Shades Who Lurk
    In The Shadows Of The Temple Of
6. Masturbating The War God
7. Multitude Of Foes
8. Chapter For Transforming
    Into A Snake
9. Nas Akhu Khan She En Asbiu
10. To Dream Of Ur
11. The Nameless City Of The Accursed
12. Khetti Satha Shemsu

In Their Darkened Shrines__2002Relapse Records
1. Blessed Dead
2. Execration Text
3. Sarcophagus
4. Kheftiu Asar Butchiu
5. Unas Slayer of the Gods
6. Churning the Maelstrom
7. I Whisper in the Ear of the Dead
8. Wind of Horus

9.   In Their Darkened Shrines:
      I. Hall of Saurian Entombment
10. In Their Darkened Shrines:
      II. Invocation to Seditious Heresy
11. In Their Darkened Shrines:
      III. Destruction of the Temple of
      the Enemies of Ra
12. In Their Darkened Shrines:
      IV. Ruins

Annihilation of the Wicked__2005Relapse Records
1. Dusk Falls Upon the Temple Of
    The Serpent On The Mount of Sunrise
2. Cast Down The Heretic
3. Sacrifice Unto Sebek
4. User-Maat-Re
5. The Burning Pits Of The Duat
6. Chapter Of Obeisance Before Giving
    Breath To The Inert One In The
    Presence Of The Crescent
    Shaped Horns
7. Lashed To The Slave Stick
8. Spawn Of Uamenti
9. Annihilation Of The Wicked
10. Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten

13  Forum / Versus / Re: Users Online vs. Guests on: September 10, 2010, 10:30:22 am
      and then there's the Hidden User

22 Guests, 4 Users (1 Hidden)

Guest  07:11:09 PM Nothing, or nothing you can see...

Spam - bots and tracker - bots. They really are most if not all of the guest action on most boards. I use measures to keep then off of the one I run, but most webmasters let them run wild and sign up because it makes their boards look more active and they can get higher ratings for negotiating advertiser payouts. Again, I don't care about the payout value so I have measures in place to stop them.
14  Forum / Band Interviews / Blasko Interview by A_C on: September 09, 2010, 11:00:43 pm

Blasko Interview by A_C

1. How did you end up with the Ozzy gig? I mean, was it offered or did you put your name in the hat?
 - It was offered, when Newstead left the band.

2. Are you excited about his first CD release and world tour with the Prince of Darkness?
 - I think the obvious answer to this would be an enthusiastic YES!

3. What took so long for us to get the new album? (Not that I'm complaining, just asking.)
 - Not really sure. I mean when we actually started to work on the record it actually came together pretty quick.

Member questions:

4. CsHeIvMeArIeRdA writes: You were formerly with rob zombie, what made you leave and how did you get the hook up with Ozzy?
 - I had a great run with RZ. He is a rad guy, and I learned a lot about this business from him. I was involved in great some records and tours. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave, but it was the right one for me.

5. jimbob232 writes: Do you have any input on the live set lists?† What Ozzy songs that you haven't been able to play live would you like to?
 - Oh man, there are so many. Probably Over The Mountain.

6. LoweDown Dirty 1 writes: What's your favorite song to play live?
 - Into The Void.

7. satyriking writes: Do you feel like you are truly part of Ozzy's band?
 - Yes.

8. xxjeffxx writes: What is is like to play with the god of rock, Ozzy?
 - The best gig ever. I am very honored to have this great opportunity.

9. Leader1 writes: Ozzy and Rob play very intense shows, but 2 different shows (Rob with a very theatrical type show and Ozzy with a non stop hard driving kind of show). What do you like best about each show?
 - RZ has scaled back the theatrics quite a bit over the last few years. They are really two different animals, but each is equally as challenging.

10. zakkfingwylde writes: What the hell is Riggs (For those who don’t know, Zombie's guitarist when Blasko was† with Zombie) been up to lately?
 - Don’t know. I think he has his own band, and they are putting a new record out soon.

11. Bobcatha writes: I have long admired Sharon for her drive, leadership, and business savvy and have wanted to meet her for just as long. Can you please tell me what it is like working with the First Lady of Heavy Metal?
 - It is great. There is not really much I can elaborate on here. I am very fortunate to work with some really great people.

Following questions by AphroditesChild:

12. In an interview I did with Mr. Lordi, his answer†† to my question about if he would like to hang out with Ozzy and band, he stated and I quote:† “Oh yeah, I really really do hope to meet the Ozzman. And Blasko, I’ve been a fan of him since he was with Rob Zombie”. How does it make you feel to be admired by other great musicians?
 - Is Mr. Lordi the singer of Lordi? If so you can tell him that I will see him in catering on Ozzfest this summer.

13. Do you ever see yourself doing another tour with Rob Zombie? And if Rob Zombie were to do another Ozzfest† would you consider playing for both bands on the tour, similar to what Zakk did when BLS did the fest?
 - Playing 2 sets for Ozzy and RZ would really be quite demanding. I think I would rather just do 1 set with Ozzy.

14. I understand that besides Bass, you are also gifted with the ability to play several other instruments and sing. Do you have any plans on doing a side project, doing your non touring season. And if so could we expect to hear you sing?
 - It is a myth that I can sing. I have a side project with some friends called The Death Riders that I play bass in. It is just a studio project, we do not play live.

15. Some artists prefer doing studio works (writing and recording new material)† as opposed to doing tours. Do you prefer one over the other?
 - I enjoy the whole process.

16. I noticed on the Thursday Night† Smackdown (wrestling) performance that both you and Zakk had Crosses on your jackets and that underneath the cross on yours was the word WorldWide. Please explain. BTW† Awesome performance.
 - Above the cross it says Ozzy Osbourne. Worldwide meaning we tour all over the world.

17. Many people think that because artist do shows like Rob Zombies and Ozzys that there is no way that they can be Christian or any other religion that doesn’t involve the devil. What are your thoughts on this?
 - I have no thoughts on this.

18. Given that you are knowledgeable in several instruments, what made you decide to make the Bass Guitar your instrument of choice and tell us of it’s important in heavy metal and hard rock music.
 - I was most drawn to bass because all of my heroes play bass.

19. Are there any unusual experiences you could share with us while touring either with Rob or Ozzy?
 - Not really, no. Nothing that can be divulged here.

20. Anything you would like to share with us that has not been asked?
 - Feel free to hit me up at www.myspace.com/blasko666

 A_C Wtites:    This is a Blasko side project. Pretty damned good. Check them out.
The Death Riders Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/thedeathriders

Blasko Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/blasko666

The Man Himself               

photos  by Ash Newell Photography

Ozzfest 2006

15  Forum / Band Interviews / Re: ITM Interview by FOF and A_C on: September 08, 2010, 01:16:55 am

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