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1  Forum / General Discussions / Put your 2008 band wishlist on: September 18, 2007, 12:34:39 am
dude im down for anything with hatebreed in it
2  Forum / General Discussions / so...are you guys big on the whole corpse paint scene? on: August 07, 2007, 02:26:07 pm
sweet_dark said: I really don't care as long as they're playing good music!
yeah i agree
3  Forum / General Discussions / Should The SEXECUTIONER wear flip flops to Ozzfest? on: August 07, 2007, 02:25:17 pm
4  Forum / General Discussions / Cannibal corpse Behemoth fued? on: August 07, 2007, 02:24:32 pm
WingedOctopus said: Maybe he just didn't like you ::animatedlaugh

5  Forum / General Discussions / What do you all Think of the lack of rebuilding in NeW Orleans This Long after Katrina?! on: August 05, 2007, 10:00:35 pm
sabbath583 said: Maybe next time they shouldn't build a city below sea level...
amen to that!!!
6  Forum / General Discussions / Who would you want to play at Ozzfest on: August 05, 2007, 09:56:31 pm
cannibal corpse or paradise lost
7  Forum / General Discussions / what show would u pay 200 dallors for?? on: August 05, 2007, 09:55:27 pm
Fafoo13 said: Metallica headlining
Amon Amarth
Iced Earth
Blind Guardian
Graveyard BBQ
8  Forum / General Discussions / Has anyone simpsonized yourself? on: July 27, 2007, 06:01:16 pm
yeah i did it was cool but it took FOREVER!!!
9  Forum / General Discussions / Am i the only one on here that actually approves of Static X? on: July 27, 2007, 05:59:38 pm
i like static-x a lot i saw em in june but when i saw them at ozzfest they wernt as great as they were in june::c_stare
10  Forum / General Discussions / Wall of death on: July 20, 2007, 09:07:22 pm
Moya_666_ said: they kinda did it at sleeptrain marysville..

at least half of the ppl moshing split up some were stupid and didnt kno bout it and they continued to cirlce pit

yeah it sucked because i was expecting a HUGE one!!!
11  Forum / General Discussions / create your dream ozzfest lineup on: July 07, 2007, 11:49:16 pm
Polarized said:
LordSimen said:
12  Forum / General Discussions / Favorite and Least Favorite Bands on: July 04, 2007, 10:57:50 pm

Paradise Lost,
Lamb Of God,
Dream Theater,
Cannibal Corpse

ehh my least i dont enough care about to list
13  Forum / General Discussions / ummmm yeah ok what the fuck ever. on: July 03, 2007, 07:30:56 pm
bunniegraves said: i saw the name HIM and i threw up a little.
14  Forum / General Discussions / tickets and codes given away on: July 02, 2007, 12:49:55 pm
dang i gave away 11 tickets and 4 codes
15  Forum / General Discussions / Any S.O.D Fans Here? on: July 02, 2007, 12:46:57 pm

Sorzante said: Speak English or Die was one of my first CD's ever. Still listen to it every now and then.

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