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1  Forum / General Discussions / Tinley park on: August 08, 2007, 06:59:40 am
tinleys ok but alpine is better, but i'm gonna go to tinley this year anyway
2  Forum / General Discussions / who else is watching volkerball tonight on: July 29, 2007, 03:06:08 am
i got the special edition with the tour book and everything for christmas,  that bitch is expensive! but im a huge rammstein fan and highly recommend the dvd/cd package, its some awesome footage
3  Forum / General Discussions / Worst live acts EVER on: June 16, 2007, 03:20:52 pm
Leader1 said:
worst ive ever seen was godsmack...just stood there and played

that's what I think about slayer.

FINALLY. Someone who agrees I mean i dont hate slayers music but i dont understand whats the big hype about them. They arent that great live.
4  Forum / General Discussions / What are some really good/essential heavy metal songs? on: June 16, 2007, 03:14:52 pm
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills & Hallowed be Thy Name
5  Forum / General Discussions / WHATS YOUR FAVORITE METALLICA SONG on: June 16, 2007, 07:22:06 am
for whom the bell tolls
6  Forum / General Discussions / Worst live acts EVER on: June 16, 2007, 07:17:59 am
godhead was horrible on the american head charge tour recently
7  Forum / General Discussions / Has anyone seen Powerman 5000 live, how was it? on: June 16, 2007, 07:01:41 am
i saw them live a few years ago, they were fucking badass, im going to this tour that they're going on now.
8  Forum / General Discussions / free ticket hookup on: June 13, 2007, 02:13:04 pm
I'm looking for 1 lawn ticket to tinley park, IL. if anyone can help me please PM me
9  Forum / General Discussions / chicago ozzfest on: June 13, 2007, 02:02:06 pm
if anyone has at least 1 free ticket for lawn would you hook me up? i got tickets on friday but one of my friends is trying to get a lawn ticket, so thatd be nice.
10  Forum / General Discussions / Ozzfest Codes What a Fn Joke on: June 13, 2007, 02:00:31 pm
this really blows. I was lucky enough to get tickets on friday night but my friends wont be able to go with me. they tried getting tickets last night but they had to wait through that line bullshit again. this whole thing has been a crock of shit and a lot of shows are sold out due to scalpers.
11  Forum / General Discussions / Best Female Metal Singer on: June 10, 2007, 03:35:54 pm
Gen from Genitorturers
12  Forum / General Discussions / WTF is up with all these new users in here? on: June 09, 2007, 06:48:20 pm
13  Forum / The Cage / famous qoutes on: June 09, 2007, 06:37:17 pm
I've had it with these motherfucking snakes!
I want these motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking plane! - Samuel L Jackson
14  Forum / General Discussions / Did DEE SNIDER's 'Strangeland' Movie Inspire Kansas City Killer? on: June 09, 2007, 06:22:54 pm
in reading the a to z book about serial killers, most of them are born that way geneticly and a few of them are inspired by their parents actions, movies, video games, and television are not to blame
15  Forum / General Discussions / help, tickets are confusing on: June 09, 2007, 12:42:39 am
they will email a confirmation to you
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