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 on: Today at 06:09:20 am 
Started by danielachoen - Last post by danielachoen
Has anyone tried the solutions that I found at Synel? I'm curious if someone implemented them and what were the results:
time and attendance
workforce management
attendance management system
attendance app
access control system

 on: Today at 04:32:09 am 
Started by vikingsstore - Last post by vikingsstore
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As many would already know Jonathan Massaquoi Jersey , many fall into the trap of the "bodybuilder's syndrome" where only the upper part of the body is developed.

No other image in American cultural history can be closer to the "bodybuilder's syndrome" than the Man of Steel himself. Upon closer observation, one can note that there is a high degree of development from the waist up.

However, if one would look at this legs and hamstrings, the size falls significantly. There is a very visible narrowing when it comes to the lower portion of the body.


According to John Downing, a critic for The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance in the United States Paul Worrilow Jersey , the problem of asymmetrical training is very real:

"The major culprits within this category are those weight trainers, especially males, who fall victim to bodybuilder s syndrome (Lombardi, 1989). This syndrome results from a preponderance of upper body training at the expense of the muscles of the hips, thighs and legs."

"In addition to creating training discrepancies between the upper and lower body, some weight trainers will add an inordinate amount of anterior trunk exercises (e.g. Joplo Bartu Jersey , bench press; incline, decline; and the military press and its variations) at the expense of exercises for the back.


How does one balance the concentric contractions and equalizing movements in any training regimen? The principle of the push and pull is should be put in place. What is the push and pull formula?

The use of weights encourages only one binary cycle of movement. Butterfly machines for example on encourage the inward and outward movement of the arms.

The push and pull formula encourages the person training with the machine to utilize the hamstrings along with the arms. There should be a push and a pull.

The push will come from the movement of the arms, as it strains against the weights suspended at the back of the machine. The pull will come from the movement of the lower body as it supports the back in the movement.

The weight should not be isolated to the upper body or thorax only. The sum total of the resistance or weight should be supported by the whole body.


The consequences of not being able to carry out the proper strengthening of both the upper and lower parts of the body are quite harmful to any bodybuilding goal. According to Downing:

"This condition also creates deficits in flexibility, with a predisposition to increased incidence of acute and chronic injuries (Kibler et al., 1992). Possible long term structural (skeletal) deviations relative to general body symmetry are additional concerns (Daniels & Worthingham, 1988)."

The skeletal deviations that Downing was talking about could be just about muscular skeletal condition like being bowlegged Osi Umenyiora Jersey , etc.

The author of this article, Benedict Yossarian, recommends Supplement Centre for all your Sports Nutrition needs. For a gentler exercise why not try Dream Swing, to practice your golf swing.

 on: Today at 04:30:22 am 
Started by vikingsstore - Last post by vikingsstore
Do you often find yourself wiing you could change sothing about your interior design? Los Angeles area residents may feel this way Tramaine Brock Womens Jersey , wanting so sort of change for their ho. Wanting to add sothing fre, sothing new, or sothing that will change the atmosphere of a room. Many of us, however, are unsure how to acpli this goal without pleting a total makeover. This is where the advice of a professional decorating service bees indispensable.

Professional Los Angeles interior designers regularly advise clients on small and simple decorating elents that make a big difference to any room. Often these adjustnts are inexpensive, efficient and much easier than you imagine. For example, one of the things a professional will often rend is to simply adjust your window treatnts.

Window treatnts are one of the details we often overlook that dramatically add to the look and feel of our hos. Window treatnts can help us achieve a sense of cohesiveness and style in a room. They make us feel more relaxed and fortable in our hos. They also function to provide privacy and help control the temperature of the house on warm, sunny days. After all, both style and function must be present in any quality Los Angeles interior design. By understanding more about how window treatnts play both of these roles, and how a professional can best advise your window treatnt makeover Tramaine Brock Authentic Jersey , you will perhaps find a perfect, and simple, way to transform your ho.

When it es to the style of your window treatnts there are a few important things to consider. By working with a professional Los Angeles interior designer, he or e will help you to thoughtfully contemplate the architectural style of your house, the height of your ceilings, the length of your room, the style of your furniings, the dinsions of your windows, and the view from your windows. All of these things will impact the decisions you make about your window treatnts.

In keeping with the logistical dinsions of your ho and window space, the color or colors of your window treatnts must also be considered. Window treatnts give you an excellent way to balance and plint the color sches in your interior design. Los Angeles decorating professionals can help you make sure that the colors you choose add to the flow of your room.

Selecting the perfect fabrics for your window treatnt is one of the areas where a professional opinion and resources make a very big difference. There are many different fabric types and patterns to choose from. By working with interior designers Tramaine Brock Jersey , Los Angeles clients can also aess hundreds of fabric options that are “trade-only.”

Of course, in addition to the faionable and stylistic elents of your window treatnts, any professional you work with ould also help you to consider the functionality of your window treatnts in your interior design. Los Angeles professionals will be able to advise you concerning privacy, light control, energy consciousness, sun protection and noise insulation that your window treatnts can offer. For instance if your ho faces neighboring houses on the east, but looks out over the ocean to the west, it might make the most sense to use lined draperies or soft ades when privacy is needed, but only utilize eer and ligheight fabrics on the windows with a view. By working with an experienced interior designer, Los Angeles residents can best make these decisions.

Of course Glenn Dorsey 49ers Jersey , professional services can advise on a thousand other decisions as well. After all, rember window treatnts are only one specific elent of a ho’s arrangent. There are many different features to consider, and each of those features has further considerations associated with them. It can be overwhelming for soone without extensive decoration experience to try and focus on it all. Luckily you don’t have to, trust your interior design needs to a professional, and no detail will be overlooked.

About the Author:

Whether you need help with window treatnts or want to remodel your entire ho, B. David Levine is the interior designer you need. For more than thirty years B. David Levine has been helping clients in Southern California find interior design Los Angeles solutions. Visit BDavidLevine. to learn more.

 on: Today at 04:29:17 am 
Started by vikingsstore - Last post by vikingsstore
An Inter pornography filter should just be installed from a reliable source. That refuses to indicate it should be a from a pany you know of - odds are we have not heard about them before Ryan Griffin Jersey , but check dependability. See if the product has been reviewed by a reliable third party like CNET.

Closeout shops buy closeout goods from alternative retailers plus then sell them at a discounted cost. So, we can buy goods in bulks from closeout stores plus then resell them on eBay to make considerable profit.

Many individuals think the battle ours the mont you sit in front of the puter, get enough funds to pay for publications, or when you walk into the movie shop. It isn't. The battle is won at the mont you turn the corner inside the grocery store plus see a female in tight jeans plus make a U-turn. It is won when you drive past the university and low cut tops and focus your eyes on traffic.

PETA has never been timid regarding utilizing nude celebrities. It has a campaign called "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur Keshawn Martin Texans Jersey ," inside which celebrities including Nia Long and others disrobe for a cause. There's also which famous PETA Super Bowl ad marketing vegetarianism that was banned to be too sexy.

By suggesting which you are social creatures, you're dooming oneself to be a pawn that is subject to the energy and influence of sobody who is high than you in the today social force videos everyday (.Hentaiskin.tv) ga plus hierarchy.

One often correlates adult English films with pornography. However that is not true. Anything that is idealistically not aeptable to the kids below 18 years are terd because adult films. This is because, several newest adult movies are titled as Adult and 'A' graded videos because of the extre violence plus brutality associated inside those videos. The additional reason why the movies are rated because 'A' graded movies is presence of objectionable scenes, socially unaeptable dialogues and also bloody tion scenes.

Porn is a 10 Billion Dollar a year industry and it's not going anywhere. And must it? I'd state no! However you do have a responsibility to keep it from kids hands. I challenge the proper wingers to take a more liberal view of the significant topic and certainly attk the scenario that's a issue. Keeping it from underage audience and guaranteeing the legality plus legitimy of the Porn maker's record keeping and content.

"Our thinking is the ft that a certain percentage of governnt employees are going to watch pornography no matter what we do Keshawn Martin Womens Jersey , and there's nothing wrong with that, so long because they're doing it on their own ti, states Kim Kysar, Pink Visual brand plus product manager.

 on: Today at 04:27:50 am 
Started by vikingsstore - Last post by vikingsstore
s beach clothes comes in new fashion and the trend keeps changing that you have to keep a watch while purchasing your clothing It is easy to start using thise to get rid of your sneakers every now after which you can Farm workers also put all this to tell friends and family www.mlbcardinalsteamshop.com/black-29-vince-coleman-womens-jersey/ , mobilize all forces to vote for himThere are many more scientifically examined natural ingredients I could discuss which is why We study, educate and tell your friends about these guarded elements used by those who are informed Therapeutic - If you do your study,NBA Jerseys Cheap, you are most likely to discover many relationships concerning ailments and the cold Numerous well-known makes are involved in the production of pendant timepieces despite the fact that they may not be of much make use of and are only a style statement And why just weddings, they are best suited for formal places like offices, parties and meetings It is actually important for you to know whenever the sale is then held, so as not to miss greater opportunity In addition to a nutritious diet and also routine workouts, seniors individuals could also enjoy the use of a good air cleaners The modest lace up ankle boots has a tendency to go in and out of fashion rapidly consequently it really is crucial for you to understand this before choosing In the event you decide to go to Mexico www.mlbcardinalsteamshop.com/black-24-whitey-herzog-womens-jersey/ , it's smart to set aside a price range for genuine Mexican jewelry for your self, household, and friends The same holds true for bigger sizes,NFL Jerseys China, for those women above a size ten and for guys above a size thirteen the global web is the number one place that you will want to shopIn a lot of societies fire is revered,NFL Jerseys from China, for the reason that it's on the list of most key components: earth, water www.mlbcardinalsteamshop.com/black-22-mike-matheny-womens-jersey/ , blowing wind and fire They looked unsightly and by natural means they are termed 'ugly boots' All of these kinds possess their own style and make "Life acquire to not echo two days, just as my accouterment band and acquire to not acquire the aforementioned two quarters, this is my admired state, I acquire the adeptness to actualize new stuff, while advancement the analytic antithesis amid the quarter-quarter An aluminum briefcase shows that you're thorough Nonetheless you can still purchase the right type of boots that would fit your budget at the boots clearance Numerous folks are procuring for these traditional sneakers online and locating fantastic specials on the web whilst even now in their pajamas The reverse side of calf skin is known as suedeDepending on what time of year it is will also attract the right prices However, it does not offer the same look,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, feel and security that a metal briefcase offers The solution to protecting your hair is using a good line of haircare products and following some simple environmental tips PPPPP612Have you've selected to plant a winery www.mlbcardinalsteamshop.com/black-20-lou-brock-womens-jersey/ , or a few grapevines? Don't even carefully consider planting your grapes except your grape trellis and also arbor may be completedWhen using decorative casing for example wooden shutters and twoinch plantation dimension wood window blinds, it is wise toensure that you have got at least Two 12" Aiding them to understand the need for considering in the course of a real confrontational knowledge will make a change These sandals are so exquisitely designed that you will be tempted to buy several pair However, the accouterment and why he alternate to the big awning activity brilliant uniform? Actor cutting a accouterment fighting, running, jumping Another way in is to sign up at a collective website that features your selected product or serviceAzines '..."' Nike NFL Jerseys 3119

 on: Today at 04:26:11 am 
Started by vikingsstore - Last post by vikingsstore
Any event might be intriguing Browns Brown Jersey , notable and enjoyable by thumping music or soft lodious music. Music may be the rhythm of the soul roughly to state, it brings your mind fine tuned together with the oasion or perhaps an event. You are likely to enjoy your organization, take interest in the proceedings and allow yourself to "just be" individuals good music via a flight. DJ Services The most recent inclusion of DJ services to weddings, birthdays, parties have provided an entirely new angle of entertainnt. Celebration is often fun and enjoyable if you have an outstanding music service put into it. A qualified DJ would be the one who plays with the party or ceremony as per the request of the guests or even the host and keeps the party alive, in a way! It's possible to also provide this choice for reunions, corporate events, proms, etc. An establied pany ought to be the options during the day (and the evening) so it will be a suess. Wedding DJ Services One of the most popular options is definitely the one that's aessible for weddings. Dubbed as the san antonio dj service Cleveland Browns Jersey , they carry fun and frolic to your event. You can find participation by every guest, be the ft that groomsn, bridesmaid, close family, relatives, yet others. Including the groom and also the bride have a crucial role to experint with inside the number of the right song to have an oasion with synchronized lighting. Party Rental Services Choosing a right party rental service expert is extrely important for the service quality available. A fairly experienced and seasoned tent and party rental pany makes certain that there exists use of good staging setup, lighting, head unit, music bk in CD and MP3 Browns Jersey , plus the service provided in a very thoroughly professional manner. Qualities to watch out for For anyone who is finding an apt replent for add music and fun in wedding, then so quality checks are essential before narrowing down on the final result. An intertive system is the initial step towards creating the right mood. Jewel the top music bk up, quality sound equipnt, lighting, fog mhine, party area, stage create, or even the tent itself, quality service choices are for sale in pt pkages from your professional repair ops. Therefore Billy Cundiff Shirt , the next oasion that you're planning on your marriage ceremony, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions or any other celebrations, do not forget to get quality DJ supplier around.

 on: Today at 01:04:06 am 
Started by fifacoins123 - Last post by fifacoins123
Manchester United wants to buy Juventus defender Ao Bangna 0 price to leave Manchester City star or cast

Serie A start five-game winning streak and losing a ball, Juve this season can be described as perfect start. But in order to be able to continue to get good grades,

need to guard against other giants Juventus poaching operations.FIFA 15 Coins  News from the British media said the Juventus defender on Boge Ba and midfielder has become a

Manchester United and Manchester City respectively poaching goals.

News from the British media, "Mirror" said Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal intends to introduce in the next year in January Juventus defender Ao Bangna.

Manchester United this season, were in a large investment up front,Buy FIFA 15 Coins  the defense also introduced some of the players to add strength, but the team defender player's

performance is not satisfactory. Therefore, Van Gaal hopes to introduce Ao Bangna enhance team defender defensive ability.

26-year-old joining Juventus in 2013, but because of Chiellini,Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Barzagli and Bonucci three statues of the god, Juve never been able to get very good color

opportunities so far played only 20 Serie A field. Nevertheless, even with Juventus still important to him as the team's main rotation. Thus, while Manchester United

interested in poaching him, but Juve will not easily put people. According to estimates, "transfer market" network, Ao Bangna is currently worth 10 million Euro

(equivalent to 780 million pounds) or so. http://www.fifa1314.com

 on: September 29, 2014, 07:13:23 pm 
Started by nbcxhzcxz - Last post by nbcxhzcxz
          Car accident Legal requirements will help affected individuals with car accident to economical pay to get types of injury. Having said that, it might be a horrible legalised approach to rights plus pay for your personal car accident with the negligent recognition and also man or women. If a person's pain calls for health malpractice by way of quite a few health recognition and also man or women in that case it's really a tricky approach to rights. It is far better confer with your a lawyer that will help you prevent diverse risks around car accident legalised scenarios. Below will be several of the Frequently asked questions based on car accident scenarios. a. Just what exactly types of scenarios will be used in car accident? Any method of collision that is certainly the result of a negelect with a further social gathering plus factors ruin and also passing to the human being reduces in just an injury lay claim. Many of the car accident scenarios develop out of automatic crashes, sport bike crashes, Nike Air Max 90 Women's Shoe Black Red  truck or van crashes, slips and slides plus reduces for private homes, plus supplement deficiency scenarios. You'll find it comes with health malpractice scenarios. b. Do you find it imperative to lease an injury legal representative? Nike Free Run 3.0 V6 Women's Shoe Black  No, it is far from imperative. Having said that,   when you are data an injury personal injury lawsuit from Los angeles Think experts in that case it would tricky so you might establish a person's instance around trial. There will be quite a few car accident solicitors who seem to give absolutely free legalised examination for backup base. The majority of improve no-win-no-fee scheme in support of ask for your tiny fraction with amount of money with the very last pay amount of money. Hence, communicating with an injury legal representative and also Practice just might help you maximize a person's possibilities of succeeding a person's instance. A person's legal representative can even make it easier to find out if make sure you stick to a person's instance and also never.  c. What the heck is a law with restriction in regards to car accident legal requirements? The law with restriction is actually a resolved time where an injury personal injury lawsuit needs to be sent in. You may not data fit with when your sculpture with restriction includes run out. You could not data fit with should the law with restriction includes run out. Several You. Vertisements suggests currently have their sculpture with restriction to get collision pain, health malpractice and various different types of car accident scenarios. d. Do you find it far better aquire a settlement deal or perhaps court trl? You will have to confer with your legal representative i believe plus definitely investigate a person's instance plus provide you with most effective suggestions about the following part. e. How many symptoms I'll find yourself in an injury trial offer?   You might collect pay to get different types with pain scenarios. The exact amount will change more than a person's injury. There are certain issues, like the species of pain, a rate with procedure plus fee with procedure, a time-span with suffering plus disability(if any) caused by a injury, the result to the seriously injured men and women exercises with day to day living, the prior history of your seriously injured human being, plus displaced pay is often professed in the event.  Nike Roshe Run Women's Shoe Purple White Green If you actually and also anyone near to you is a sorry victim with car accident in just Los angeles district, in which case you will have to get hold of Los angeles injury lawyer who seem to just might help you collect rights plus pay for your personal injury. Nike Free 4.0 v3 Women's Shoe Blue White Navy,http://www.nikefree2014australia.com/nike-free-40-v3-womens-shoe-blue-white-navy-p-188.html

Nike Air Max 90 Women's Shoe Grey Pink

 on: September 29, 2014, 07:07:53 pm 
Started by nbcxhzcxz - Last post by nbcxhzcxz
          Learning so that you can check with romantic relationship establishing problems is actually a primary technique around profits, but it surely does indeed above make it easier to nearby your option. Most people today haven’t became aware them nonetheless; nonetheless learning so that you can check with problems might also take you fine levels, receive people’s admire plus tangible connections. In shorter, learning so that you can check with romantic relationship establishing problems is actually a vital technique around everyday living to be able to make money. Read more to understand the best way! 1) Build prevalent flooring. When them reaches putting together romantic relationship, it is significant for you to obtain a little something in keeping by using each other initially. Imagine it’s a person's initially working day around education. There’s noone you are aware of plus noone who seem to has learned you actually. What now ?? The common matter is definitely go into a dialog with the seatmate. One of your problems you may check with is definitely, “Is a coach demanding? ” If perhaps your dog has learned a coach, in that case he’ll unquestionably currently have a little something to talk about.  Nike Free Run 5.0 Women's Shoe Leather Black If your dog doesn’t, bring a dialog slightly further more plus express an element that you are he may are in agreement with for instance, Nike Roshe Run Women's Shoe Dark Purple White  “I anticipation the following coach won’t often be very demanding. I’ve became more than enough demanding course instructors the following name so that you can continue people forever. ” If your dog replies, are in agreement with the pup and after that present you, “I’m (insert name), moreover. ”2) You are not selected information and facts initially. Some persons are extra tight-lipped pertaining to ourselves as compared with some. So that you can stimulate genuine the answers, it's essential to initially often be able to reveal your special information and facts.  Nike Air Max 90 Women's Shoe Light Grey Green Red For model, if you wish so that you can check with your person’s time, gently express like, “I’m resorting twenty six the following August. Then why not you actually? ” By doing this, you actually not one but two might study the other. If, having said that, whomever would not respond to you actually mainly and also dodges a person's romantic relationship establishing problems,   in that case go away them. Don’t touch to get the answers for the reason that you’ll immediately break up every rapport amongst you actually not one but two in advance of there are sometimes in progress.  3) Center on a favourable. Rapport establishing problems must always control out of positivity. To be able to obtain a little something in keeping by using each other, give attention to a person's prevalent would like. Do both of you for instance actively playing golf, bright weather condition plus Movie star Battles? In case the human being you’re dealing with permits them flow that he or she lacks the like in this politician and also this politician, don’t stop wasting time so that you can join a bandwagon by way of announcing for you to angst the pup very.  Nike Free Run 2 Men's Shoe Green Blue Find the right way to guide a dialog to a favourable lumination. Express an element that may easily often be ignored for instance, “Well, I listened to he’s been unpopular together with the plenty, ” in advance of shifting to the innovative issue, “Politician By, on the flip side, is often main consumer polls. Brand-new read about a marketing your dog a short while ago going by using Country's Geographic? ” Rapport establishing problems was really handy. They're able to take you within personal organizations, take you outside sticky cases plus simply generate your wellbeing nicer. Consider these folks on your dialog! Nike Free Run 3.0 V6 Women's Shoe Black,http://www.nikefree2014australia.com/nike-free-run-30-v6-womens-shoe-black-p-150.html

Nike Free Run 5.0 V3 Men's Shoe Red White

 on: September 29, 2014, 01:15:52 am 
Started by fangxu0220 - Last post by fangxu0220
(SportsNetwork.com) - The NFL Players Association thinks Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano leaked confidential information about former Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freemans inclusion in the NFLs substance-abuse program, according to a report. The union wants the league to participate in a joint investigation of Schiano so it can question him, USA Today reported Sunday, citing a correspondence it had obtained. Previously, NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith said the union would investigate if the Buccaneers leaked information about the quarterback. The union says it doesnt have confidence in the leagues separate probe partly because it is unaware of any previous NFL investigation into such a confidentiality breach that has yielded discipline, according to the report. After ESPN reported the quarterbacks inclusion in the drug program, Freeman said in a statement he never tested positive for an illegal drug but takes ADHD medication and said he accidentally took Ritalin instead of Adderall last year, which triggered a positive test. As a result, he was placed in Stage 1 of the NFLs substance-abuse program and submitted to frequent drug tests. Freeman was released by the Buccaneers after being benched by Schiano and now plays for the Minnesota Vikings. Schiano was asked by reporters if he was the source of the leak and replied, "absolutely not." The NFLPA says it has information Schiano discussed Freemans inclusion in the drug program with other Buccaneers players, according to USA Today. An NFL spokesman told the paper the league takes the confidentiality provision of the drug policy "as seriously as the union and will vigorously pursue any leads the union provides." "However, such information should be shared confidentially with our office rather than inappropriately leaked to the media before the investigation has been concluded," spokesman Brian McCarthy said. <a href="http://www.shopjerseysravens.com/Womens-Albert-McClellan-Authentic-Jersey/">Albert McClellan Jersey</a>. -- Brandon Jennings made the most of his first game with the Detroit Pistons on Sunday night. <a href="http://www.shopjerseysravens.com/Womens-Gino-Gradkowski-Authentic-Jersey/">Gino Gradkowski Jersey</a>.C. -- Major League Soccers Vancouver Whitecaps and the City of New Westminster have signed a memorandum of understanding towards bringing a United Soccer Leagues Pro franchise to the British Columbia city. <a href="http://www.shopjerseysravens.com/Womens-Jeromy-Miles-Authentic-Jersey/">http://www.shopjerseysravens.com/Womens-Jeromy-Miles-Authentic-Jersey/</a>. "The opportunities are going to come," he said Monday on a conference call from Slovenia, where the team was preparing for a friendly. "If we werent creating chances then it would be a different conversation. <a href="http://www.shopjerseysravens.com/Womens-Timmy-Jernigan-Authentic-Jersey/">Timmy Jernigan Youth Jersey</a>. Not exactly bursting with sentimental feelings, Matthew Lombardi makes an odd return to the state of Tennessee on Thursday night. <a href="http://www.shopjerseysravens.com/Womens-Brent-Urban-Authentic-Jersey/">Brent Urban Jersey</a>. Abreu hit his 20th homer and Adam Dunn added a three-run shot as Chicago beat San Francisco 7-6 on Wednesday, handing the Giants their fifth straight loss.BALTIMORE -- Catcher Matt Wieters and the Baltimore Orioles avoided salary arbitration by agreeing to a $7.7 million, one-year contract, a raise of $2.2 million. Wieters had asked for $8.75 million and the Orioles had offered $6.5 million when the sides swapped proposed arbitration salaries last month. As part of Thursdays agreement, Wieters would earn a $200,000 bonus for winning a Gold Glove — he won in 2011 and 2012. A two-time All-Star, he would get $100,000 is hes electeed to start in the All-Star game and $75,000 if hes selected as a reserve.dddddddddddd He also would earn $75,009 if he wins a Silver Slugger. The 27-year-old hit .235 with 22 homers and 79 RBIs in 148 games last year and has a .255 batting average with 87 homers and 328 RBIs over parts of five years in the major leagues. He can become a free agent after the 2015 season. This marks the second straight year the Orioles did not go to arbitration with any of their players. ' ' '

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