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 on: July 15, 2014, 08:10:18 pm 
Started by hgjhgj - Last post by hgjhgj
Baseball has a problem: Clayton Kershaw, Aroldis Chapman, Felix Hernandez and all the other kings of the hill that were on display at Tuesday’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game are just too good.

Ruling with an assortment of big-bending curveballs, sharp sliders and 100 mph heat, a new generation of pitchers has thrown major league hitters into a huge slump.

The spike in strikeouts, the dip in home runs and worries that the game is becoming boring for Chelsea authentic jersey 2015 fans reminds some people of 1968, when Bob Gibson, Denny McLain and their fellow aces dominated.

Back then, the sport came up with a radical solution: The pitcher’s mound was lowered from 15 inches to 10 and the strike zone was reduced.

Combined with the addition of four expansion teams, the result was an 11-point increase in the big league batting average in 1969 and a 19 percent rise in runs.

Should baseball drop the mound again?

“I don’t know, man, maybe if they keep going like this,” Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton said Monday at the All-Star festivities.

“Move the mound back 5 feet,” he added with a chuckle.

There’s some thought that reducing the mound would combat the outbreak of blown-out elbows, which has seen stars such as Stephen Strasburg, Matt Harvey and Jose Fernandez needing reconstructive surgery, and could also claim Masahiro Tanaka.

With low-run games again in vogue and defensive shifts taking away hits, there’s been more emphasis on small ball. That’s prompted questions about whether this is a cyclical change, or if this style is here to stay.

From his vantage point in the Mets broadcast booth, former NL MVP Keith Hernandez has an unusual analysis and an equally drastic solution.

“They should get rid of four teams,” he said. “Too many players. There’s too much dilution of talent. The pitching’s not better. It’s the same.

“I think that the residuals of steroids and aluminum bats has affected how they taught kids how to hit, and now we’re seeing normal bodies and balls that used to get out of the ballpark are caught now,” he said.

It wasn’t too long ago that batters had the edge. The boom years peaked in 2000 with an average of 1.17 home runs per team per game. The runs average of 5.14 was MLB’s highest since 1936.

But offense has steadily shrunk — as have the players — as baseball implemented testing for performance-enhancing drugs and then repeatedly strengthened those rules.

And with complete games virtually a relic, hard-throwing relievers dominate the late innings. Radar guns routinely register mph readings around triple digits.

“Everybody’s throwing 109, so you don’t get to see the starters for your fourth turn,” said Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez, exaggerating only slightly. “There’s a lot of guys in the bullpen that are special guys.”

All that gas has contributed to more than two dozen pitchers needing Tommy John surgery this year.

Dr. David Altchek, the Mets’ top physician, said a lower mound “should decrease the force as the body gets less far ahead of the arm.”

“As the body falls down the mound, the arm momentarily lags and forces at the elbow cumulate,” he said.

But Glenn Fleisig of the American Sports Medicine Institute counters that recent studies disagree whether lowering or eliminating the mound would slightly cut or slightly increase the stress on an adolescent pitcher’s arm.

“Reducing the amount of competitive pitching is the most strongly proven action for reducing the risk of pitching injuries,” he said.

This much is certain: The major league batting average is down to .252 this year, according to STATS. It hasn’t been that low since 1972, the year Bayern Munich jersey 2015 before the American League adopted the designated hitter.

 on: July 15, 2014, 08:09:53 pm 
Started by hgjhgj - Last post by hgjhgj
David Price would prefer to remain with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The all-star left-hander knows that is unlikely to occur.

With the Rays tied for last place at the All-Star Game break, the team’s most marketable player said Monday in Minneapolis that expects to be wearing a new uniform at some point in the near future.

“Coming up in our organization, I’ve seen it happen before with guys like (James) Shields and (Matt) Garza and Delmon (Young) and (Jason) Bartlett,” Price said. “We’ve had quite a few guys at this point in the season go through the trade rumors.

“Since 2012, (the organization and I) both understood that for Tampa to continue the kind of success we’ve had over the past five or six years, this is the way they operate.“

Price was the first overall pick in the 2007 draft, and he is set to make his fourth All-Star Game appearance Tuesday at Target Argentina Authentic jersey Field. This year, he is 9-7 with a 3.23 ERA in 20 starts. Price won the 2012 American League Cy Young Award when he finished 20-5 with a 2.56 ERA.

The 28-year-old Vanderbilt product is under team control through the 2015 season before Germany Autentic jersey he would be eligible for free agency for the first time. He avoided arbitration this year by agreeing to a one-year, $14 million deal.

“I’d love to stay (with Tampa Bay) and continue to be competitive, but I don’t know if that’s even a possibility,“ he said. “They signed (third baseman Evan) Longoria, so it’s not unheard of, but I don’t know if they can do two people that way.“

Looking ahead to potential destinations, Price said, “I could be anywhere, actually. The Rays said they don’t have a problem trading me in the division. That opens Arsenal jersey 2015 the doors for a couple of other teams. I don’t think I’d have a problem fitting in anywhere. I know a lot of guys in the big leagues now. I at least know somebody from every team. That always helps.

“The Rays have traded quite a few guys away or let a few guys go who are in the big leagues now. I guess I’d just have to learn how to handle everything.”

 on: July 15, 2014, 06:57:43 am 
Started by WakeOfAshes - Last post by Mantooth
Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere, angel.  Smiley

 on: July 15, 2014, 05:22:23 am 
Started by WakeOfAshes - Last post by Gnomez
Try metaluprising


 on: July 15, 2014, 01:17:53 am 
Started by fifacoins123 - Last post by fifacoins123
In 2010 Prandelli took over the Italian national team after the World Cup in South Africa, in 2012 had led the team reached the European Cup final, in 2013 Confederations Cup third place. But in the World Cup FIFA 14 Coins  in Brazil, the Italian team group stage wins and 2 losses ahead of the game, Prandelli resigned from the head coaching duties immediately, ten days after becoming head coach of the Turkish team Galatasaray. According to Italian media reports, Prandelli told his friends that he would not return to Italy led the Olympic Stadium in Rome friendlies.

The third pen Inter officially announced the upcoming summer signings Euro 1.8 million annual salary to sign four-year There are indications that the Serie A giants Inter Milan this summer signings third pen is about to get  Cheap FIFA 14 Coins the official announcement. According to "football-italia" Italian media reports, with Rubin agrees to release, the introduction of French international striker Milan midfielder M'Vila work is nearing completion, he will sign with Inter Milan for a term of four years, the annual salary 180 million euro contract. In this way, it will become the Ica Mwila Jordi, a lot after the introduction of Inter Milan in the summer of third foreign aid. Internet has advanced out of hand Mwila Inter jersey photos.

In the summer transfer period, various tyrannical force signings. In midfield reinforcement, the Inter Milan midfielder M'Vila targeting the French striker. Earlier, Inter Milan has signed Argentine and Brazilian players Ica fullback Jordi lot. According to Italian media reports related to, the effectiveness Mwila Rubin has agreed to release, Inter Milan introduction M'Vila work is nearing Buy FIFA 14 Coins  completion. About M'Vila will join Inter Milan news has been going on for several weeks, the two sides closer to an agreement. "Football-italia" citing "Gazzetta dello Sport," the source said, Rubin has accepted an offer to Inter Milan Buy M'Vila, allowing the now 24-year-old French international to Italy. After Rubin release, M'Vila will sign a four-year with Inter Milan, the annual salary of 1.8 million euros contract. M'Vila to join Inter Milan just waiting for the official announcement can be, he will become the Ica Jordi, a lot later, Inter Milan in the summer introduction of a third foreign aid.  FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

 on: July 14, 2014, 05:32:28 pm 
Started by WakeOfAshes - Last post by WakeOfAshes
And just went to another message board. Currently at metalsetlist sometimes, and other non-music related boards. Anyone else have any better sites they use?

 on: July 14, 2014, 05:27:34 pm 
Started by Live????DD - Last post by WakeOfAshes
I find the harassment to be completely introllerable.

Ill white knight for you... who's harassing?

 on: July 14, 2014, 05:25:46 pm 
Started by WakeOfAshes - Last post by WakeOfAshes
im on heroin. no trollz

are you liking it? or do you want to quit?

 on: July 14, 2014, 01:21:39 am 
Started by fifacoins123 - Last post by fifacoins123

Another goal is the 24-year-old Frenchman Shinaidelin, "Daily Mail" said the Arsenal have been watching his performance, is chasing one of his few big giants. Shinaidelin is a major discovery Southampton last season, in, Luke - Under Shaw, Lambert chose to leave the situation, Shinaidelin doubt the future also. French teenager was named France's World Cup squad this year, after his position by more than Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  the German, from a technical point of view is more suitable candidates for succession Arteta. "The Guardian" as early as May, says that Bayern   midfielder Harvey - Martinez at Arsenal Wanted list, while Spain Sergio radio that Arsenal have spent 30 million euros (equivalent to 24 million pounds) Quote Real Madrid  midfielder, Ozil's team-mate Sami Khedira!

Goalkeeper position, Arsenal has not stopped the pace Buying Cardiff keeper Marshall, Norwich goalkeeper Rudy, French Nice Colombian goalkeeper Ospina are potential transfer targets, but in some in front of the star players,  Buy FIFA 14 Coins signings this position but was ignored people. "Daily Mail" directly cited Arsenal lineup is expected to list next season, the Gunners to last season's 4231 lineup: goalkeeper Wally Disney last season, has proved himself a great progress, should continue to be firmly installed in the main; defense basically a continuation of last season's team, the main right-back Sagna switch to Manchester City  , the Arsenal with the French national team and right bench to replace the French national team, increasing rather than reducing the strength;  FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

 on: July 12, 2014, 03:54:47 pm 
Started by Mantooth - Last post by rajabab3
i am ready to gooooooo

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