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Author Topic: Dreaming About Ozzy  (Read 1465 times)
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« on: November 11, 2009, 10:51:40 pm »

okay, I have some pretty weird dreams, especially when I haven't had anything to smoke in a while, which has been the case lately.

years ago, I had a dream where Ozzy came up to me all frantic, grabbed my shoulders and started yelling, "pay attention!  this is very important.  you have to listen to every word I say . . ."  and I started waking up because he was shaking me.  but in the dream he was getting all pissed off at me because it was like I was falling asleep in my dream and he's trying to wake me up.  but then I REALLY woke up, all pissed off because I wanted to go back to sleep to find out what he was trying to tell me and it didn't work.

then last month I had another dream that Ozzy was proving to a bunch of people at a party why he shouldn't do drugs.  then he takes something (I don't know what) and he starts talking in Ozzy-speak, NON-STOP.  some of it you could understand but most of it was just rattling on and stuttering while he wandered around the party, talking a mile a minute.  I looked around at other people in the dream and they were rolling or crossing  their eyes, like 'shut the fuck up already, ozzy! jeeez!'

then, this past sunday night, I dreamed that ozzy was playing a show at our local zoo (Brookfield Zoo, for you chicagoans).  I didn't get to actually see the concert in my dream.

it's been almost two years since we've seen an ozzy concert and I think my brain is beginning to short circuit.

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« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2010, 02:00:06 pm »

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