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Author Topic: Good Times Evil Fun, What's your story?  (Read 827 times)
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« on: February 11, 2010, 05:58:34 am »

I decided to post a few good true to life just mean shit, because I find it funny. So my co-worker tells me about a gang of kids like 17-18 years old jock douchebags, drunk in the city lost, and one chick happens to ask him for directions. He starts to tell her, and the kids start smarting off being dumbshits. The girl eventually apologizes to my co-worker saying "if this is your jacket, I'm sorry I stole it on the bus", it wasn't his but, my co-worker Gets in her face and takes off his jacket and says in a loud stern voice "IF YOU EVER STEAL MY JACKET I'D SLIT YOUR FUCKING THROAT", her voice start quivering as she suggested they get a cab, completely on her all the way back to the burbs. LOL
Number 2 I was on my way to work when some kids were handing out some church pamphlets, I walked over to this chick, high school aged, and slapped my hands on my knees, "HAVE YOU GOT SOMETHING FOR ME MISSY?" I said overenthusiastically. she said "oh sure we're spreading the message.." she handed me a pamphlet and I said "OH THANK YOU!!!" and ripped it up right in front of laughing like the fucking joker. and walked off, the look of horror was so damn priceless. Anyone else want to share a cruel story?::finger

Because in America your misfortune is HILARIOUS!!!! XD
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« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2010, 11:04:46 am »

When we go to eat and people are being loud, it pisses me and my fiance off. So we change the content of our conversations
We were eating breakfast at a pancake house near here, this group of Christian Crusading girls were sitting at the table in front of us. They were rude, loud, and fucking obnoxious.
They were talking about some Christian Camp counselor, and the comment was made "If you don't think Brad is hot, then you aren't a Christian." and that was the end of it for me. I looked at Brett, and he looked at me, and the decision was made to fuck their world up.
The conversation between the both of us went like this:
Jaz: So what'd you do with that bitch at the party last night?
Brett: The brunette or the blonde?
Jaz: The blonde, with the stupid cross around her neck.
*one of the girls looks over (there were 3)*
Brett: Oh, I fucked her good.
Jaz: Did you get balls deep in that bitch?
Brett: I was all up in them guts, you know it.
Jaz: Did you take her out to the camp grounds?
Brett: Fuck yeah I did, I raped that bitch till she screamed and hung her up in the tree.
*All 3 girls stop talking*
Brett: After that I gutted her like a fucking deer.
Jaz: I bet she fucking screamed didn't she?
Brett: Yeah, but I shoved that cross and a rag in her fucking mouth to shut the bitch up. I hate when they pray, it's so fucking annoying.
Jaz: Yeah, where's there god now? He got them raped, and gutted.

The girls literally left mid-meal and paid their bill and went home. It was epic, and Brett and I finished our meal in in peace Smiley

 "stand and deliver or the devil he may take you"
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