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Author Topic: Killswitch Engage - 2/20/10 in MI  (Read 1408 times)
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« on: February 21, 2010, 02:22:32 pm »

Killswitch Engage - 2/20/10 in Royal Oak, MI

Dark Tranquillity opened the show.  I had heard of them but never heard their music before.  They were very cool, and I'd definitely check them out again.  They're very similar to In Flames.  If you are not an In Flames fan, I don't wanna know you.  Here is their setlist, courtesy of metalsetlists.com

1.Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
2.The Lesser Faith
3.At The Point Of Ignition
4.The Endless Feed
5.White Noise/Black Silence
6.Dream Oblivion
7.The Final Resistance

Next up was The Devil Wears Prada.  I had heard mixed reviews of this band before.  A lot of people say they're awesome, but I've heard just as many people say they are the worst band ever.  I was going to find out for myself last night.  I'd never heard their music before.  To be honest, I was skeptical b/c they're one of those big Hot Topic bands right now, so I figured I'm probably 12 years too old to listen to them.  Anyway, I thought they were absolutely fantastic.  They had tons of ebergy live, and they brought a lot of fans to the show.  I bought 2 of their CDs at the show.  They are definitely for fans of bands like Underoath, Still Remains, Haste The Day, and As I Lay Dying.  Once again, the setlist from metalsetlists.com

1.Hey John,Whats Your Name Again?
3.I Hate Buffering
4.Goats On A Boat
5.Ben Has A Kid
6.Gimme Half
8.HTML Roolz DooD
9.Assitant To The Regional Manager

Killswitch Engage was up next.  I was super-psyched for this show.  I hadn't seen them since the new CD came out, and also Phil from the great band All That Remains was filling in for Howard Jones.  While Howard is an amazing vocalist, I am a huge ATR fan, so I was really looking forward to this.  To be honest, though, KsE doesn't really need a vocalist because the crowd sings along so loud to every song anyway.  Last night was no exception.  That's part of what makes a KsE show so awesome is that the crowd is so into it.  Adam D. made fun of Phil's height a few times, and he also said that the song "When Darkness Falls" was a song about when Howard Jones took the training wheels off of his bicycle.  hehehe.  As for the setlist, it was pretty much perfect.  The only songs I could've possibly asked for are "Hope Is" and "To The Sons of Man," but those songs rarely get played live anymore, so I wasn't expecting them anyway.  Setlist:

Rose of Sharyn
Fixation on the Darkness
A Bid Farewell
Self Revolution
My Last Serenade
When Darkness Falls
Starting Over
Vide Infra
Temple From the Within
My Curse
Take This Oath
Life to Lifeless
The End of Heartache
Holy Diver

This tour was great.  All 3 bands were great live and brought something different to the table musically.  Phil did an awesome job on vocals for KsE.  I'm sure I'll see KsE with Howard many more times, so this was a rare treat.
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