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Author Topic: Devil Driver Interview By Crozzy & A_C  (Read 9797 times)
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« on: August 20, 2010, 09:49:36 pm »

Devil Driver Interview By Crozzy & A_C:

1). For Dez - I know you were originally with Coal Chamber. What made you want to start Devil Driver? Coal Chamber was becoming pretty successful when you split?

A). I have a lot of respect for what Coal Chamber did in the years we were together. We were a team, at one point we all lived in my small 1 bedroom apartment in Hollywood, and I "Had" the word "Family" with all of their names tattooed on my left forearm.Ē It was all for one and one for all."
This is the OZZFEST message board. The Osbournes and OZZFEST have done so much for Me and my musical career. If my side of the story about why I left Coal Chamber and started DEVILDRIVER should be told, it should be told here on this message board 1st.
I will try and sum up why after 10 years, I left the band I loved so much.
Hereís a history lesson, and some shit Iíve wanted to get off my chest for years!
At the time, Coal Chambers self titled had gone Gold and we had just released our 2nd record. It is well known that C.C was a touring machine, and "never" came off the road for years. We toured with Black Sabbath, Pantera, did the Ozzfest many times, recorded a song with OZZY, we were on the Move.
On top of all this, and the "primary" reason things were going so well is we had a kick ass team of people behind us.
We had the best legal representation, financial advisors, The best booking agents world wide, Our record label RoadRunner Records fully behind us, and Last but NOT least, The best Manager in the business Sharon Osbourne!
Through the years we had all changed as people, our touring "lifestyle" was killing us, and the story would be to long and drawn out, so hereís the short version. The straw that brokeÖ
before a show we were all at the hotel .I was in my room on the phone with my father and mother grieving over the fact that my mother just got diagnosed with cancer that day.
The band in another room, up for days on end, paranoid and delusional decided amongst themselves to call and fire everyone on our team, including the woman who did so much for us, our manager Sharon Osbourne.
NowÖ cut to 3 hours later, I arrive at the venue, and the band wants to meet me in the bus. There they tell me "they have fired everyone" and are now going to run Coal Chamber themselves, and ask me to sign papers, signing the name of the band "completely over to those 3.All this without consulting me or taking in consideration the feelings of the team that had been behind us for years. ďI felt betrayed, and I felt they had betrayed those who had looked after us for so long."
If I had to pin point a time when I knew it was over..."That was the moment."
In the end, the 4 things that break up a band won out over Coal Chamber.
1.Drugs... which tend to isolate member from member, especially Hard drugs.
2.Alcohol...Which leads to fights over shit you would never care about sober.
3.Ego...mixed with # 1 and # 2,can lead a person to forget who he or she was before the record deal.
4.MONEY...mixed with #s 1,2 and 3.........its a fucked up combination, where REAL life becomes distorted!
I left because I hated what "It" became...and couldnít be "part" of their lifestyle or "musical direction."
DevilDriver was born out of VENDETTA!

2). You guysí pits are fucking insane. Why do you suppose their is so much more energy for you all than for comparable bands?

A). DevilDriver inspires people to lose their mind, Iím glad we are there to give them an out let. It humbles me to know that D.D pits are bigger than any other bands out there right now. A lot of other bands are trying for the circle pit. DEVILDRIVER "is the circle pit!" Bring it!!!!!

3). This is obviously coming from the Ozzfest board and we (most of our members) would love to see you on Ozzfest again. If it was to happen, would you like to play main stage or prefer to stay on second stage where there is typically more sweat, carnage and fan participation?

A). In my past, Iíve played both main stage and second stage.
I prefer the second stage; it is where All Hell breaks loose!
Someday I would love to see DevilDriver headline the second stage. I know we would bring Blood and Thunder!

4). It has been over a year since your last release, are you all in the studio right now and what can we expect from new material if there is any?

A). We are currently slated to begin recording our 3rd record in November at sonic Ranch. Yes, the whole band has been writing and the material will be distinctively DEVILDRIVER. I would like to see a June or July release in 2007.

5). Who has been your favorite band to tour with?

A). In my past before Devildriver, touring with Black Sabbath and Pantera would be the highlights. Superjoint ritual and DevilDriver was a lethal combo. Festivals are also a real good time.

6). What bands in artist do you each take inspiration from and how has their influence been infused to devil driver music, if at all?

A). The band listens to so many different kinds of music, it would be hard to nail down "any solid" influences. We all love heavy shit, and music with groove.

7. When can we expect you in the States again? I see only a few shows scheduled for Mexico and Chili currently?

A). After Mexico and Chili we head into the studio to record. We would like to be back on tour by Feb 2007

8. As far as venues are concerned, do you guys prefer outdoor or indoor venues? It seems each artist has a completely different view on this.

A). The whole, indoor-outdoor thing doesnít affect Us. As long as there is a stage, a P.A and people who want to listen DevilDriver is there!

9. What are general plans for 2007 for DevilDriver?

A). Record, tour tour tour tour tour tour tour tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Driftwood666 writes: Jon, You are the best circle-headbanger around. How long did it take you to perfect that?

A). Jon is the biggest metal head out of all of us, Iím sure he was headbanging in the crib!

11. Slayerfan4life writes: Dez, Are you happier with the heavier music direction you guys are taking than you did in your days with Coal Chamber?

A). I love what DevilDriver is doing and look back on my past music with great fondness. Other than that Iíve moved on....

12. Driftwood666 writes: Is there a chance "Bear Witness Unto" will slither into your set list for your next tour?

A). We just did that song every night in Australia. Its good live, Iím sure we will keep it in the set.

13. KillerPaul writes: Tell us which was the best pit on the come clarity tour! Was it Toronto, New York or Detroit???

A). Hard question...1st you must understand something about New York and Detroit, ďThey are brutal! " Would have to be a tie between in all honesty!

14. implodingsoul writes: I would ask how you got the sound for the vocals, what kind of affects they use for Dez's voice.

A). Different things, a little reverb, some delay, little distortion. The one thing I donít do is put to much crap on the vocal.

15. CrimsonApron writes: Dez, You have been on tours with many different bands between Coal Chamber and Devildriver, if you could tour with any band who would it be?

A). Anyone who wants to go out and have a good time.
As far as the dream tour line up, its not gonna get better than The Black Sabbath and Pantera tour I did!

16.A_C writes: What are some of your other interests and hobbies?

A). Well, being with my family, and right now, raising a 16 week old red Doberman puppy named Lord Bacchus, themís my hobbies.

17. A_C writes: tell us of some of the crazy shit that has happened to you on tour.

A). Whatís on the road, stays on the road. Until I write the book, then all of you reading this that have toured with me are FUCKED! "Insert evil laughter here!"

18. A_C writes: Is their a band or person who you admire or emulate and if so who?

A). People with longevity, Ozzy, Lemme. Danzig, Phillip... the list goes on.

19. A_C writes: I hear fans say all the time that a band has sold out or gone mainstream just because they wrote a song that went platinum even when their sound hasn't changed. How do you feel about this?

A). If you change your direction to gain airplay, you have already lost.
However, if you make your art pure with no preconception of the avenue in which you will be promoting it, and it ends up on the radio then you have Won!

20. A_C writes: For a very long time now 20 or so years. I have wanted to meet Ozzy and Sharon. Can you tell me what it is like?

A). They are down to earth, cool people. I admire them both.
Ozzy is a legend, and rightly so. Sharon is a great mother and her business skills put any man in a boardroom to shame. ďTrust me, Iíve seen it!"

Crozzy: Let me close by saying that I personally think you dudes are kickass. Thanks for the interview!!

Dez: Thank you; be seeing ya on tour for the next 20 years!!!!!!!!!

The Band:

Weblink: http://www.devildriver.com/

listen to them here: http://www.myspace.com/devildriver


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« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2010, 03:41:58 pm »

That was indeed a good interview by a very good reporter........outstanding kudos is in order

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