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Author Topic: Lordi Interview By AphroditesChild & Crozzy  (Read 10466 times)
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« on: September 06, 2010, 10:01:25 am »

Answers by Mr. Ox are stated separately, otherwise they are Mr. Lordi.

Lordi Interview By AphroditesChild & Crozzy

All questions answered by Mr. Lordi except were stated
The following questions are from Crozzy:

1. A lot of people would see you guys and say, "SHOCK ROCK," but there is a
lot more that Lordi brings to the table. It seems you guys are music first?
Are you all conscious of making the music more than the show, or is it about
finding the right mix with you guys?

-Well, if by shock rock one means the likes of KISS, Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P.
and such, we would be more than honoured to be casted in that category. But
the fact is, that the music comes first. It?s the base we build on. The
image is just the wrapping on the package, what?s inside that?s what counts.
It?s like, what would we be without our music? A group of monsters... doing
what? Just a wrapping on an empty box.
Actually, when the first demo of Lordi was done in 1992, it wasn?t until few
years when the masks first came in. So music has always come first. When we
write, rehearse and record, we definitely are not wearing the outfits. But
when the actual work, meaning the album, is done, it?s time to try to get as
many people as possible to hear and be aware of it. That?s when our civil
personas step out and the characters step in. It?s all about getting the
attention. And we definitely do get the attention, wherever we go. And the
fact is, I?ve always been a fan of bands with big shows. The bigger the
better. When we go live on stage, we want to give the people something for
their money. As I see it, why bother to go out and SEE a band, if there?s
nothing worth seeing for? In every language, it?s always about SEEING a
band. You?ll never hear anyone say, let?s go LISTEN to a band. I think
there?s not a single band that could sound better live than on cd. I know
many people often say the exact opposite of many bands, but personally I
don?t buy that. In my mind that?s just not possible. My goal is, that if
someone who does not know anything about us comes to see Lordi live, could
even walk out from the show and say he didn?t like the music we play, but it
was worth seeing for. I think the music and the visuals are two totally
different things, even though they back up each other. The looks don?t make
the music sound better or worse. If historians would suddenly find out the
shocking revelation that Mozart was wearing Gene Simmons? make-up and armour
while composing , would his music suddenly sound different?

2. I know Lordi draws a lot of influence from kiss as far as stage show is
concerned, but who do you guys draw influence from on the music side of

-Hahaha! KISS is in there too, on the list of the musical influences. You
can?t escape their influence to Lordi on any sector.  But I think the
influences are pretty obvious. KISS, Twisted Sister, Desmond Child, Alice
Cooper, Accept, Mötley Crüe, U.D.O., W.A.S.P., to name but a few. Anything
that kicks ass with a melody. I don?t care about the technicality, all I
need in music is fire, blood and BALLS. I wanna be entertained, I wanna feel
good and strong. I don?t want my favourite band to preach me about politics,
religion or saving the rain forests. I wanna rock.

3. You guys have been at it since 1992. After 14 years of slugging it out it
must have felt great to finally get the recognition you deserve by winning
the 2006 Eurovision song contest? Talk about how your lives have changed
since that award?

-Ummmm, yeah.. Of course it was really satisfying to finally get the
attention. And the fact is, that one thing leads to another, and if you?re
lucky, the next thing is always bigger than the previous one. So, without
ESC, I would not be doing this interview right now.  But our lives really
have?nt changed you know. We?ve been doing our thing for years now, and the
only thing that has really changed after getting the media exposure of ESC
is the volume in everything. The record sales, attendance on our gigs and so
on. But the actual work, and lives, remain the same. Same songs, same
monsters, same routines. And we?re still soooo far from being millionaires,
or even rich or wealthy, so financially nothing has changed either... yet.
Hahahaa! I definitely keep my fingers crossed.

4. Mr. Lordi, this has really been a vision of yours for a while. You left
your first band because they wanted to go in a different direction. I take
it after all these years all of the band now share a common vision, would
that be correct?

-Yes. Absolutely. And I?m happy to tell you, that most of the guys from that
previous band have now been collecting back their old KISS and other 70?s
and 80?s rock and metal albums. I was right all along. They are not
listening grunge anymore.

5. Will you have all the pyro and shit even though you are playing during
the day?

-I think so, at least to some extent, yes. In Finland for example, the sun
does not set at all in the summer. But that hasn?t stopped us from doing our
show at festivals. Of course, on any festival the change over times are much
shorter than what you?d have at a venue when you?re headlining your own
show. So a festival show is never quite the same than your own show.

6. Will, It Snows in Hell be included in your set?

-Hahahaha! I don?t know yet! We?ll see. Usually we kinda avoid playing the
"slower" pieces on festivals, ?cause they might bore people if they don?t
know the song. But I think we?re gonna do few different sets for Ozzfest,
otherwise we?ll be the ones getting bored, hahaha! So, on some dates you
might hear it, some dates you might not.

7. How long does it take you all to get ready for a show?

-For me, at least 5 hours. It?s at least two hours for the face alone. And
that?s when I?m hyper-fast. All the other guys are much faster. Awa needs
like 90 minutes to two hours, Kita usually is ready in 30 minutes, sometimes
in 20, even in 15! It depends on a member. And a day. And the humidity of
the air, how fast the facial glues will set. And how many times you want to
wank off before the show.

8. Are there any bands you have been looking forward to watching/hanging out
with during the fest.
-Ozzy himself of course!

9. How would you compare American fans and European fans?

-I don?t know how to do that comparing yet! We?ve only played two shows in
the US few weeks ago, and that?s the only personal knowledge I have so far
from the American audiences.

10. I understand you guys now have your own postage stamp and credit card,
how did that come to be?

-They approached us with the idea, and we said ok. Hahahaha! Actually, I did
the artwork for the stamp.

11. Has it been a little weird playing in the daytime at these Ozzfest
dates? For me, Lordi is a band best appreciated during the nighttime, but i
will take you however I can get you.

-Of course, our lighting guy will probably be a bit frustrated, hahaha! But
it won?t be weird. It?s a festival. It also might rain. If we were in
Finland it also could even snow. So, I think it?ll be fine. We just gonna
modify the show a little, since we cannot do some tricks, because we can?t
go pitch black.

12. Do you guys all play equal roles in songwriting and arrangement or do 1
or 2 of you handle the bulk of those duties?

-I write like 90% of our stuff. I write all the time, and a lot. The
arrangements are basicly done by the band as a collective. Everyone writes,
but you can only fit so many songs per album.

13. So, after Ozzfest, what is next for Lordi?

-We continue the shoots of our feature film Dark Floors, start recording the
demos for our next album and that kinda stuff.

The following questions are from board members:

14. From BritishSteel: What genre of music do you see yourselves as? Classic
Metal, Hard Rock, just good old Rock 'N' Roll? Please note: Whatever the
hell type of music you may have been going for, you rock; just curious as to
how you think of yourselves.

OX: I would say Hard Rock or Monster Rock, which also tells about the visual
side of the band.
Lordi: Heavy rock.

15. From seires: Are Mr. Lordi's wings for show or has he achieved flight?

-I do some moonlighting jobs on offdays for Finnair.

16. From xxjeffxx: Doesn't it get hot as hell in those suites in the summer?

OX: Yes, but we like it hotter than hell!

17. From Sexymanbeast: How does it feel to be representing Finland at this
year's Ozzfest?

OX: Great! It's a dream come true! We're all big fans of Ozzy.

18. From soaddivad: Does it irritate you when people say you don't take
yourselves and your music seriously? What would you like to say to those
people? Do you think they would say it to your faces?

OX: I don't want to say anything to those people. We know and the fans know
that we take our music very seriously. And that's enough. At least with the
costumes on I don't think they would say it to our faces!

Lordi: Some people get it, some people never will. The stupidest thing you
can do is to attack a bands image if you don?t get their musical genre. It
tells nothing about the band, but definitely it tells you the accusator?s
mental age. That?s just so childish and naive, narrow-minded way of seeing
the world. I always ask, do these people really think that their favourite
band would sound suddenly crappy if they would look like Lordi? You have to
know the genre. For example, I don?t know anything about hip hop, or death
metal, except for the fact that I don?t like to listen to them. I don?t get
it and I don?t like it. But my opinion does?nt count, since I don?t know
about these musical genres. But if I don?t get some band or musical style,
it does not mean that I would think that they are not serious about what
they?re doing. Anyone who thinks that is an idiot, or a child.

19. From bunniegraves: What is the weirdest food you all have ever eaten?

OX: For me it must be little fishes that are still alive!

The following questions are from AC:

20. Do you hope to meet or hang out with Ozzy and his band mates any? How
does it make you feel to get to meet the Prince of Darkness?

-Oh yeah, I really really do hope to meet the Ozzman. And Blasko, I?ve been
a fan of him since he was with Rob Zombie. And Zakk of course. But I don?t
get my hopes up. If we?ll manage to meet them, that?ll be a dream come true.
I?d be speechless.

21. Are your characters Demons or Monsters? Did each member design his own
and what was the inspiration of each one?

-Monsters. Actually, If you start thinking about it, at least I would say
all the demons  do fall under the category of monsters. But not necessarily
the other way around. I did the designs for every character. But of course,
everyone had their say in the developing process. All the characters of
Lordi are more or less like stereotypes and mixtures of different monsters
and creatures.

22. Do you feel that while genres help people find music that they may like
that it also hinders people from experiencing good bands that don't fit
snugly in any one genre? Basically, how do you feel about sub-classifying
Rock/Metal and why do you feel that way?

-I could not have put it better. But, also, little weird things could help.
I give u an example. Here in Europe, we have lots of fans of Slipknot that
found us because of our masks. The image lured them in to us, they checked
us out, and even though Slipknot and Lordi could not be any further apart
musically, some Slipknot fans found themselves digging our kind of music
To be honest, I personally have the narrowest musical taste in the world.
I?m stuck in the 80?s. My kings are Twisted Sister and KISS and Accept and
Alice and W.A.S.P. and and and... I bow before the melodies by Desmond
Child. I really haven?t found any good new bands or albums in the last 15
years, that would fit my personal taste. But that does not mean I haven?t
tried to check out all the different sub genres. I try to have an open mind
and open ears all the time... But I find time after time that if there?s no
strong melodies or hooks, if the technicality or aggression rolls over the
feeling and the balls, I just can?t get myself to like it, if it doesn?t
make my head nod and my feet tap the beat.
I think it is really important to understand, that in todays terms, Lordi is
definitely not to be considered as a metal band. In the 80?s, everything
from Metallica and Venom to Poison and Warrant were metal. But now the
situation is different. All these bands that I grew up with and listened and
still listen to, were called metal bands at the time. Now they are called
classic rock or whatever. To me, they will be the real and true original
metal bands forever. So, you can call our style whatever you want, you
either get it or you don?t, you either like our music or you don?t, and
that?s what should count, not the label of the genre.

23. What advice would you give young aspiring musicians trying to break into
the rock/metal scene?

-Be stubborn. Don?t take any advice from anyone, if you don?t believe that
it would suite you. No-one else could ever be better you than yourself. If
you really want to make it, just bang your head to the wall, and in time,
the wall will give in. You will get a lot of headaches, but the wall will
eventually break down, if your head is hard enough.

24. Why should I do everything possible to see you at Ozzfest this year?

-Well, for one, it?s free!!! Hahahaha! And no-one can deny the fact that on
Ozzfest this year Lordi is the only hard rock band from Finland dressed up
as monsters. And we gotta be the prettiest band on the bill, because we
spend the most time in front of a mirror.

25.  Have you already organized your set list and if so can you disclose it
to us in this interview?

-No, not yet. But I know we?ll be opening with Bringing Back The Balls To
Rock, and close with Hard Rock Hallelujah. Everything in between could
change daily. Or then not. We?ll be focusing on the material from The
Arockalypse, since it?s the only official release in the States. In Europe,
we play stuff from all of our albums pretty evenly, but on Ozzfest, there?s
really no point in doing that.

Thanks from the Ozzfest.com message board and the 1,000's of people
attending Ozzfest who will read this.

Also I would like to Thank You, Katja, for making this interview happen. You
are a very important  part of the music industry, that rarely gets
recognition. If you would like any info on you, your management team, or
anything else that could help your company, please let me know so that I may
add it at the end of our posted interview.

The Band

My name is Mr. Lordi. I also go by: The On-Treader, The Unholy Overload of Tremors, The Hulk From Hell, The Bastard Son of a Thousand Megalomaniacs, The Biochemical Man, The one Dressed in Symbiotic Armour, The Cyberundertaker, and The Most Fearsome Clan of All.
My attack  of choice is: The Unholy Wail of Death (Vocals)

My name is Ox, AKA The BullTaurus, The HellBull, The HornHead, The HornSkull, The SmashSquatch, Operation 10, and The Powerhouse on Hoofs.
I wield the Grand Axe (Bass)

I go by Amen-Ra! I have also been called: The Ancient Assassin, The Mummified One, The Severed One, The Ruler of the Anubis Dynasty, The Buried Living Dead, and The Unstoppable Avenger.
I will rip your Heart out with my 2 Edged Axe (Guitar)

My name is Kita. I am also known as: The Extra Terrestrial Man-Beast, The Jaws of Terror, The Intergalactic Alien and The Solder Serpent.
My weapon of choice is the War Sticks (Drums)

And I am Lady Awa de Paysant, But you may call me: The Possessed Sorceress, The She Devil, The Restless Soul, The Vampire Countess, The Psyghost, The Ghost Witch, Miss Madness, The Queen of Insanity, or The Origin of “Beware”
Listen closely,  for I possess the Keys to the Afterlife!! (Keyboards)

Lordi Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thelordi

Lordi Website: http://www.lordi.fi/

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« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2010, 11:14:52 pm »

ALL Arguing Aside, You Have CERTAINLY Proven That The Biker Dude IS YOU
By This AMAZING Interview That I Missed Wayyy Back In 2006...Mad Kudos!
But This Changes Only A Small Amount Of My Feelings Torwards You Dude!
(Still...You w/Mr. Lordi/Tommi Is Quite An Impressive Sight To Say The Very Least!)

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what's with the bald patch in that one photo, A_C? you dont have a patch in your other pics ha ha
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what's with the bald patch in that one photo, A_C? you dont have a patch in your other pics ha ha
All the medication I take added to all the X-Rays I've had  caused my hair to start coming out on the very top of my head. It can mostly be seen  when I hold my head at  a certain angle.

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what's with the bald patch in that one photo, A_C? you dont have a patch in your other pics ha ha
All the medication I take added to all the X-Rays I've had  caused my hair to start coming out on the very top of my head. It can mostly be seen  when I hold my head at  a certain angle.
brutal dude, my hats off to you man.
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« Reply #5 on: September 07, 2010, 04:28:37 am »

ALL Arguing Aside, You Have CERTAINLY Proven That The Biker Dude IS YOU
By This AMAZING Interview That I Missed Wayyy Back In 2006...Mad Kudos!
But This Changes Only A Small Amount Of My Feelings Torwards You Dude!
(Still...You w/Mr. Lordi/Tommi Is Quite An Impressive Sight To Say The Very Least!)

Tomi is quite the character and one hell of a decent person. It was really awesome to have him remember that you are the one he was talking to during the interview and having him  say " A_C, (Yes all the bands I interviewed only knew me as A_C) nice to put a picture to the name" as though he excited as well. It's like, WOW you remember me?? You see I did the interview a couple months before I met him in person. His demeanor made you feel like what you did was important. However, the real kudos go out to all the members of Ozzfest 2997 that submitted some great questions and especially Crozzy for his help in putting it all together. Without all their help, the interview would not have been so easy.

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