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Author Topic: ITM Interview by FOF and A_C  (Read 6888 times)
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« on: September 08, 2010, 01:07:21 am »

In This Moment

This interview with IN THIS MOMENT was conducted in 2 parts,..one section on the net,..and the other part in person. Additional comments and pictures will soon appear in an updated addition of the interview,...so stay tuned,..and ENJOY!!!!! I Highly recommend you catch ITM as soon as you can,...they are an intense and phenomenal live act. Perfect for the ozzfest....

From right to left are; Chris; Lead guitar, Maria Lead vocals,
Jesse Bass, Blake;Guitar, Jeff;Drums

Firstozzyfan asks the following questions;
1.So, great to have ITM here for an interview. The people of the Ozzfest website have all been eagerly awaiting your appearance at the festival and your comments to us prior to the Freefest starting. You have a great support network in our membership,..so my first question is; How do you feel about the internet and its role in truly realizing your artistic dreams?

We are flattered to be a part of Ozzfest and are happy to be doing this interview for you. We think it’s a phenomenal tool for bands and artists to use, people all over the world can hear your music sitting on their couch. It’s the fastest way to reach the most people than any other media outlet in history.  
Getting ready to decimate the unwitting audience below......

2.The In this moment myspace is well on the way to 1 million hits. It is astounding to me how many friends you have made in such a short time. How do you feel about this solid sign of popularity and what it will surely lead to?

It feels amazing! This is everything we have been working for and we can only hope to be as successful as possible.

Maria and Chris power their magic into the club with the assistance of Blake, Jesse, and Jeff....

Jeff lays in some serious thunder for the set....

Jesse pumping out that bottom line,....

Blake balances out the guitar work for killer riff attacks in flawless sychronization...

3. I’m sure you’re very excited about seeing the maddened masses at this years Freefest. How has your current tour been going with the opening support of past Ozzfest alumni?

Fabulous! We get along great with all the bands, and the crowds have been really positive and supportive. We are grateful to be apart of these tours and we are making new friends.

Maria takes it right to the BRINK!!!

4.It must be a date you`lll never forget this June at the graspop festival where you`ll play for the very first time with Ozzy over in Europe. What are your comments on that?

We are so excited. It is going to be one of the biggest crowds we have ever played in front of, and we get to play with the legendary Ozzy Osbourne. Not to mention, all the other phenomenal bands that are also playing Graspop. Chris adds he is a huge fan of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, and can sing along to all the songs from every album. Maria grew up listening to Black Sabbath with her mom, so we realize it’s an honor playing with the godfather of metal.

Chis leading the guitar assualt to he astounded masses....

Unbelieveable speed and flawless accuracy,....

5.The exposure you will recieve at the Freefest this summer will no doubt be an expolsive turning point in your already bright future. Are you truly prepared for what is about to change all of your lives?

We appreciate and are blown away that we are apart of this Ozzfest. We feel like it will be a great opportunity for our band to grow. We are prepared to deal with whatever comes our way.

6.What was your time spent at Trax East like? Working with Eric Rachel surely looks and sounds to have paid off. Will you be in the studio again soon after your tour lets up?,..and will it be with Eric?

Our experience with Eric Rachel at Trax East was very rewarding and we are happy with the results. Eric knew what he was doing and laid the smack down on us. We plan on going into the studio again when our touring cycle ends. We haven’t decided on any producers yet, but we sure love Eric.

7.The four songs on your myspace were actually very impressive. I had posted a bio a while back on ITM and it was uncannily prophetic. I am not surprised that all my predictions for you are indeed coming true. Your work speaks for itself in power, quality, and style. How do you see what you are putting out  there for us? You have worked hard I`m sure,..has it paid off emotionally?,.. financially?,..and does it fulfill what you set out to be in the business for?

It has been very fulfilling emotionally and we have achieved a lot of the goals we set for ourselves. We realize we are still a baby band but can’t wait to see how far this crazy journey takes us.

8.Maria Brink,..working mom,working a dream of many young people who seek to make it in the music business. How are you balancing the the raising of your lovely son and the incredible demands of this industry? Any of the guys have kids or family in tow or at home?

Maria: “Whenever I have to be away from my son it obviously tears at my heart, but he knows and I know that everything I do is for us and our future. He is also excited about everything, and he gets to come on the road with us whenever he wants. He also tells me that I’m teaching him to always reach for his dreams no matter how hard they seem to obtain. None of the other guys have kids, but they all respect and appreciate the fact that I do. For that I love them.”
9. How is the writing structure of ITM laid out and who does what? How do you all work with each other night after night as far as getting it all perfect? Do you do it through improvisational feel or just by knowing each other so well?
It’s a collaboration of everybody.  We won’t lie, there has been some serious WWF sessions between Maria Brink and Chris Howorth. We sometimes butt heads like rams, but the end result is what you hear on the record.
Blake in action ,..very hard to get a pic,. of.

10. Chris, Blake Jesse and Jeff, how did you all meet up? When did you realize you all had something? And ,...do you realize how F-ing lucky you are to have Maria fronting you?(both in the way she comes across in her sound and emotional  image?)

Chris: “Maria and I started the band together and I pulled Jeff out of another band I was playing in at the time, Blake and Jesse joined shortly thereafter. The band (including Maria) writes all the music together. It’s a group effort all the way along, but us four guys are all very proud to have Maria as our vocalist and front woman. She is an amazing talent.”
 Jesse: “Maria is friends with the singer of my old band and I was introduced to her and the rest of In This Moment through them. I actually joined the band on our first tour.

11. We`ve heard 4 tracks from your myspace,..,Daddy`s falling angel, Prayer, Ashes ,and This moment. So from the new album pick a few more and tell us what they are about and discuss each members favorite tracks as well.
Maria: “He said Eternity and Legacy of Odio are two of my favorites. Emotionally they both are so very important to me. He said eternity is about my son and how very proud I am of him, and how my son saved my life. Legacy of Odio is about someone I love very dearly who passed away a few years ago. Every time I hear them, they still touch my heart.”
Chris: “I love Next Life, Circles, and He said eternity. Next Life is one of my favorites because it’s the first song Maria and I ever wrote together as In This Moment. I like Circles because I had fun playing the solo in it. He said eternity is just a very emotional song. I cried the first few times I heard the finished version.”

12.We love to hear wild stories from the road. Tell us one or two....

One time, we broke down in the middle of the desert and we were huddled together under a sleeping bag for three hours in the freezing cold. Blake lost a testicle and Chris lost two toes due to frostbite. (Ha)
Another time, we pulled off to get lunch at a small town café in Northern California, and some crazy drunk guys tried to beat us up.
We have also won a total of five stuffed animals out of claw machines at various Denny’s and truck stops around the US.
As we pondered this question for 45 minutes, we realized how boring we really are, the next tour we are going to have to raise the bar and come up with some more exciting stories.
13. When I did the bio on In This Moment I had some blank spots on there,..namely on Blake and Chris. Fill in those blanks fellas,we want to know a few things about you. You can even make them up if you`re shy.....

Blake is a Cancer, he plays guitar, and is male. He loves long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and hot air balloon rides. He will remain mysterious.
Chris is a Sagittarius, single, and he thinks it’s hilarious you called Jesse, “Jebbidiah.”  He was born in Topeka, KS.

14.Where do you see the ITM effort going after Freefest concludes? Does the show go on as far as touring goes? Or will you go back to the ITM factory....??
We have been touring all year and we are going to continue touring until our next album.
Here are several questions from our board members and my distingushed fellow mod,..A_C,.( he is your biggest supporter,no doubt) Aphrodites Child
15. A_C asks; in your C.D. release you mention your grandfather as your hero. Mine was also,..but can you tell us why you hold him in hero status?
Maria: “My grandfather was a WWII veteran who was one of 15 soldiers out of 250 in his company who survived storming the beach in Iwo Jima. My grandfather is an honorable, respected man, who has been like a father to my sister, my son, and I. He is the rock of my entire family.”
 16 .A_C goes on to ask: A lot of your lyrics have religious overtones. Are any of the members religious?

Maria: “I am definitely a spiritual person and the song Prayers, for me, is written about going through very hard times and knowing no matter how bad things get there is a light. To me that light is God.”
Chris: “All of the members are spiritual.”
17.A_C ; I noticed you have been busy as of late. Has mercenary management been instrumental in this and how is it working with such an awesome team?
Mercenary Management has been very instrumental in everything that is happening for us right now. It’s great working with such an experienced and down to earth management team.

18. And A_C concludes his scathing inquiry with; If you could give only 1 piece of info to a new band starting out...what would it be?

Try to focus on songwriting, and you should have a willingness to do whatever it takes to make it.
19.Metalist asks; What are some of your major influences?

Blake= Pink Floyd
Chris= Pantera
Jeff= Iron Maiden
Jesse= Failure
Maria= Everything from Sarah McLaughlin to Deftones  

20.Kickass2k3 asks; What possesed Maria to move from NY to Cali?

Maria: “Music. I felt in my heart it was time to move away and go find my dream.”
21.Raiderman asks; What makes ITM different from other bands?

Every band is its own individual thing. We feel we collaborated as a group and come up with a unique blend of all the different members styles.
22.Heedcase and sexymanbeast ask: How does it feel to be a part in the continuing line of bands fronted by female vocalists and their ever increasing popularity?
Maria: “I’m proud to be a part of a good band.”

23. Chuckwagon253 asks;.How is it going to be for you playing larger crowds as opposed to clubs?
The more people that can hear us, the better.

24. Heavenshallburnfan asks; Are you excited for this opportunity?
Yes, we are very excited.

25.Crimson apron asks; What bands are you looking forward to seeing at the Freefest?

Ozzy of course, but we are really excited to see all the bands.

She gives much more than all,...she gives her heart and soul ,..reaching right into the hearts and being of each person listening to her cry`s with intent and awe,....you will be profoundly effected by her sonic assualt.

Chills and thrills were felt by the amazzed and frantic show goers,...they got a real treat and this band will kick ass+ at the ozzfest. They are a perfect match for the Freefest this year, They are currently on a world tour but will be joining us all this summer at the freefset. Cool

Firstozzyfan would like to take a moment to thank Maria Brink and her bandmates Chris , Blake, Jeff and Jesse...also this would not have been possible with out the assistance of 2 special people,..Jenny Douglas Road manager,..and The Yak,..I sincerely thank you all for this amazing opportunity. You will severly kick ass at the freefest ITM,...see you there!!!!

Firstozzyfan                ( ALL photos by Firstozzyfan.....) Except the one's below!!


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« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2010, 01:16:55 am »


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« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2010, 02:22:22 am »

Amazing backstage shots man!!!! I was gonna add some but those are WAY killer dude. I love that picture of Jenny Douglas and her tatts! Great times AC, Great times.......I say let the good times keep rollin man.
You lucky soul...got to meet Blasko aye? Cool

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