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Author Topic: Blasko Interview by A_C  (Read 4290 times)
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« on: September 09, 2010, 11:00:43 pm »

Blasko Interview by A_C

1. How did you end up with the Ozzy gig? I mean, was it offered or did you put your name in the hat?
 - It was offered, when Newstead left the band.

2. Are you excited about his first CD release and world tour with the Prince of Darkness?
 - I think the obvious answer to this would be an enthusiastic YES!

3. What took so long for us to get the new album? (Not that I'm complaining, just asking.)
 - Not really sure. I mean when we actually started to work on the record it actually came together pretty quick.

Member questions:

4. CsHeIvMeArIeRdA writes: You were formerly with rob zombie, what made you leave and how did you get the hook up with Ozzy?
 - I had a great run with RZ. He is a rad guy, and I learned a lot about this business from him. I was involved in great some records and tours. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave, but it was the right one for me.

5. jimbob232 writes: Do you have any input on the live set lists?† What Ozzy songs that you haven't been able to play live would you like to?
 - Oh man, there are so many. Probably Over The Mountain.

6. LoweDown Dirty 1 writes: What's your favorite song to play live?
 - Into The Void.

7. satyriking writes: Do you feel like you are truly part of Ozzy's band?
 - Yes.

8. xxjeffxx writes: What is is like to play with the god of rock, Ozzy?
 - The best gig ever. I am very honored to have this great opportunity.

9. Leader1 writes: Ozzy and Rob play very intense shows, but 2 different shows (Rob with a very theatrical type show and Ozzy with a non stop hard driving kind of show). What do you like best about each show?
 - RZ has scaled back the theatrics quite a bit over the last few years. They are really two different animals, but each is equally as challenging.

10. zakkfingwylde writes: What the hell is Riggs (For those who don’t know, Zombie's guitarist when Blasko was† with Zombie) been up to lately?
 - Don’t know. I think he has his own band, and they are putting a new record out soon.

11. Bobcatha writes: I have long admired Sharon for her drive, leadership, and business savvy and have wanted to meet her for just as long. Can you please tell me what it is like working with the First Lady of Heavy Metal?
 - It is great. There is not really much I can elaborate on here. I am very fortunate to work with some really great people.

Following questions by AphroditesChild:

12. In an interview I did with Mr. Lordi, his answer†† to my question about if he would like to hang out with Ozzy and band, he stated and I quote:† “Oh yeah, I really really do hope to meet the Ozzman. And Blasko, I’ve been a fan of him since he was with Rob Zombie”. How does it make you feel to be admired by other great musicians?
 - Is Mr. Lordi the singer of Lordi? If so you can tell him that I will see him in catering on Ozzfest this summer.

13. Do you ever see yourself doing another tour with Rob Zombie? And if Rob Zombie were to do another Ozzfest† would you consider playing for both bands on the tour, similar to what Zakk did when BLS did the fest?
 - Playing 2 sets for Ozzy and RZ would really be quite demanding. I think I would rather just do 1 set with Ozzy.

14. I understand that besides Bass, you are also gifted with the ability to play several other instruments and sing. Do you have any plans on doing a side project, doing your non touring season. And if so could we expect to hear you sing?
 - It is a myth that I can sing. I have a side project with some friends called The Death Riders that I play bass in. It is just a studio project, we do not play live.

15. Some artists prefer doing studio works (writing and recording new material)† as opposed to doing tours. Do you prefer one over the other?
 - I enjoy the whole process.

16. I noticed on the Thursday Night† Smackdown (wrestling) performance that both you and Zakk had Crosses on your jackets and that underneath the cross on yours was the word WorldWide. Please explain. BTW† Awesome performance.
 - Above the cross it says Ozzy Osbourne. Worldwide meaning we tour all over the world.

17. Many people think that because artist do shows like Rob Zombies and Ozzys that there is no way that they can be Christian or any other religion that doesn’t involve the devil. What are your thoughts on this?
 - I have no thoughts on this.

18. Given that you are knowledgeable in several instruments, what made you decide to make the Bass Guitar your instrument of choice and tell us of it’s important in heavy metal and hard rock music.
 - I was most drawn to bass because all of my heroes play bass.

19. Are there any unusual experiences you could share with us while touring either with Rob or Ozzy?
 - Not really, no. Nothing that can be divulged here.

20. Anything you would like to share with us that has not been asked?
 - Feel free to hit me up at www.myspace.com/blasko666

 A_C Wtites:    This is a Blasko side project. Pretty damned good. Check them out.
The Death Riders Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/thedeathriders

Blasko Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/blasko666

The Man Himself               

photos  by Ash Newell Photography

Ozzfest 2006


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« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2010, 11:16:00 pm »

Right on A_C. Blasko is an awesome bass guitarist. Just love him with this new lineup, he just really comes to life. Shine on~*

I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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