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Author Topic: Interview of Paradise Lost by A_C & Wizard  (Read 4459 times)
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« on: September 12, 2010, 12:40:36 am »

Interview of  Paradise Lost by A_C & Wizard & Various members of the 2006 Ozzfest message boards!!
1. Do any of you ever post in or read the pages of "weeping words"your official website?
A).  Yes we all read and post on our message board regularly!  we see every post, and no stone is left unturned..

2.Have you decided on a name as of yet for the upcoming album to be released the spring of 2007?
A).  No names yet, as usual we cannot agree on a title, but we are working on it.

3.How has the self titled album Paradise Lost done in worldwide sales and where are they the strongest?
A).  If the general show attendance is anything to go by, Its done well, but how many of those folk have downloaded it is anyone's guess...

4. As your global fanbase grows,where do you see yourselves headed as far as new markets.
 A). There's a great big chunk of the planet which rarely gets explored by bands, If they have an airport and electricity,   -then we are there..

5.Do the spouses come with...on tours?
A). No, what's the point?  I don't sit next to my wife, and drink all her beer when she's working!...

6.After being together for 17 years,do you feel more married to your spouses, or each other?
A). No, we all live pretty far apart now due to spouses, and never meet up unless we are playing. Even then, its more like an extended guys night out.

7.After playing with Ozzy in the past,do you have plans to do so again,perhaps at an ozzfest?
A). If an offer came through,of course, who wouldn't want to be on the biggest heavy metal event on the planet?

8.How do you feel about re-releasing some of your C.D.`s and does it pay off better the second time around?
A). If it exposes us to newer  fans who missed us the first time round, then why not! From our perspective its about getting our name out there.

9.Signing with Century Media records must have been a big step for you all,how do you feel about it?
A). Great! CM is a great force in metal music, particularly the states, We are under no illusions about how tough it is to achieve ANY success in the states, but to have a label behind us
is a good starting point, something we have always been unlucky with in the past

10.What is Rhys Fulber bringing to the table in the way of helping the new project come to a fruitful completion?
A). Rhys wants to do an ultimate PL album, Its something you always aim for personally - , but Rhys looks at it from a fan perspective, which I think helps us to really breathe fresh air into the whole recording scenario

11.Why the choice to record in three different locations for this album?

A). Everything is worked around productivity and budget, Its just happened this way worked out the best for both,

12.Self-identify your genre as you see it, for any of those not clear on it.

A). Our genre I "guess" is  "Gothic metal"  but we have very little in common with 90% of the other bands seemingly labelled that!.. we aren't about image, for us its all about music!
of course, I've got a wedding dress to wear on stage for the next tour.. (Disclaimer:  this is a joke.)

13.What is the best part of touring for each member?
A). Playing places of interest, we would be unlikely to visit otherwise -  is always great!

14.Have any of you ever tried to kill one another just for fun,or because you`ve simply had enough?(on a light notnote)

A). A few times, nothing too serious, If you take yourself too seriously, ,  life in a band would be pretty short I think...  Ironically ,our sense of humour has kept us together this long, I have no doubts about that.


15.What can you tell the members of the Ozzfest messageboard that will forever change their lives?
A). In 15 years or less they will probably be under 100 metres of sea water... I dare say that will have a reasonable impact on one or two folk...

16. A band from Halifax that are friends of mine are talking  about going on  tour. What advice can you give them on how to make the jump out of Halifax?

A). Hire a van , get a big mattress , lay the gear under the mattress and all sleep on top ! .save all the gig fees, and buy nice Stereo gear when u get home...


17.Will the new album have any covers on it?
A). At this point I don't think so, but who knows, we may cover a song..too early to tell

18.Whats the most important thing to know about the music biz.?
A). Easy to be cynical! but its exactly like any other business! - things may seem sugar coated, but the bottom line is money!

19.Any U.S.A. dates scheduled or pondered for the summer/fall of 2007?
A). I certainly hope so, fingers crossed! the tour we did with Opeth was way back, but still very current in our minds,  It will be fun to "get back to the states "soon.

20.How do you continually change for the better ,as you`ve been around for so long?
A). Thanks for that! could have gone the other way! We still genuinely care about the music we make, and don't presume our fans will just "accept" anything we do, basically if we think something is bullshit , how can we expect anyone else to swallow it?

Thanks for the time you`ve spent with us....it`s very much appreciated.
Paridise Lost:  Thank you! Look out for our new album and a US tour in 2007 ...

Lastest CD:
Hear them at  Myspace :  http://www.myspace.com/paradiselostuk

Website:  : http://www.paradiselost.co.uk/

The Band:

The Members
Nicholas Holmes( Vocals)
Gregory Mackintosh (LeadGuitar)
Aaron  Aedy (RythmGuitars)
Stephen Edmondson (Bass Guitar)
Jeff Singer ((Drums) Professional Session)

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