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Author Topic: Scar Symmetry Interview By Crozzy and A_C  (Read 3354 times)
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« on: October 29, 2010, 12:07:09 am »

Scar Symmetry Interview  By Crozzy and A_C

1).  How did you meet each other for the first time and decide to start this band

It all started in early 2004 when Jonas got the urge to form a melodic death metal band. I was recording in his studio with a band called Altered Aeon at the time and Jonas asked me one day during the recordings if I was interested in joining this new band he was forming. I accepted and told Jonas that using Altered Aeon`s rhythm/solo guitarist Per as a second guitarist would be a good idea, and he was all for it. Then Jonas recruited a friend of his, Kenneth, on bass.  The last guy to join the line-up was Christian who had recorded in Jonas? studio before with other bands, Jonas called him and asked him if he wanted the vocal spot. When everyone agreed to participate in this band we met each other for the first time and took some photos, so the band existed for a couple months before all of us actually met in real life!

2.) Which bands would you say have influenced you the most?

That`s hard to answer because we all have different influences. I would say we`re influenced by the metal scene as a whole and we`re also trying to bring in other elements in our music, like progressive stuff and some mainstream ideas that makes our musical concept pretty unlimited.

3.) How do you guys come up with such strong and meaningful song lyrics?

I am honoured that you think my lyrics are strong and meaningful, thanks! I write about things that interest me and I try to be as original and awe-inspiring as possible when writing my lyrics, so that others can feed off my passion for the subjects I write about. I`ve been writing lyrics for every band I`ve played with since 1990 and it`s a skill I`ve tried to perfect to the best of my abilities through the years. How do I come up with these lyrics? I read books about subjects that interest me and add that information with the Akasha-library in my head, through that synergy my lyrics are born.

4.) What is your take on the current death metal scene?

It`s pretty healthy, I think. Death metal has become such a wide form of music now and you can see a large following on every front. Both the ultra-brutal side and the more melodic side of death metal is doing very well, in my opinion. The underground demo-movement from the early 90`s is still going strong, it`s just that everything has moved to the Internet and that`s just a logical step in the evolution of the scene.

5.) How does Christian Älvestam transcend from the beautiful vocals to the thundering death growls ?

He pulls that mental switch in his head, going from the emotional, meditative side of his personality to his more animalistic, destructive persona. Not an easy thing to do, but his vocal chords were built to go through that metamorphosis and he can vocalize that transformation in a very convincing way.

6.) What is the main difference with your new album Pitch Black Progress compared to your 1st album?

This album has all the key ingredients from the first album but we took it all one step further. Some experimental elements can be heard on “Pitch Black Progress”, stuff that we didn`t do to the same extent on the first album. We fooled around with song structures on some songs and we also experimented a lot with the clean vocals. I think we managed to get a good variety from song to song, everything from really mellow stuff to all-out death metal mayhem. The first album had a more linear musical concept, in my opinion.

7.) When are you coming to the U.S.?

It will happen sooner or later and I think it`s likely to happen during the first half of 2007.

8.) Who would you guys love to tour with?

I think everyone in the band has different answers to that question, I would probably say KISS. That was the first band I really liked and they inspired me to play music, touring with them would be unreal. In a positive way.

9.)Do you guys work anywhere besides the band?

Yeah, we all have “day-jobs”, because we`re not making any money out of Scar Symmetry at this point. I work at a steel factory, producing steel-wire. Kenneth is both a gardener and a music-teacher. Per takes care of elderly people and he is teaching guitar from time to time too. Jonas has his studio and he is also a music teacher! Christian is working as a nurse.

10.) Is there any side projects any of the band members have been working on?

Yeah, we have lots of other bands! I`m in a band called Altered Aeon as I mentioned earlier, and I play with Per in yet another band called Paradigm Shift. Per is also active with a Zappa-cover band called The Homozappians. Christian has a bunch of bands, Incapacity, Torchbearer, Quest of Aidance, Miseration and Unmoored among other projects. Kenneth plays in a band called  Soul Royal. Jonas has his doom-band World Below and a new band called Savagebeast. He also plays in Quest Of Aidance now. And these are just the bands we`re active with right now, we have played in so many bands through the years that we can barely remember them all anymore…

11.) If you knew you have influenced a young persons life, what would you think/say?

It depends in what way I would have influenced him/her. If it was in a positive way I would consider it to be a positive thing, thinking/speaking positively about it. If it was in a negative way I would consider it negative, thus thinking/speaking about it in negative terms.

12.) Since you are going to play both ProgPower Europe and ProgPower UK in the next few months, do they want to play ProgPowerUSA

I don`t know, we were approached by both of those Progpower fests separately so I guess each fest work individually when they arrange their events.

13.) Is there anything else you would like to add to the interview?

Thanks to all the American fans, we have been overwhelmed by the number of Americans that are into Scar Symmetry! Keep checking our website for the latest news and take care out there!

Playing at Ozzfest would be very cool indeed!

This interview was taken care of by Henrik Ohlsson (drums).

Here their music at:  http://www.myspace.com/scarsymmetry

Web-page :  http://www.scarsymmetry.com/

The Band

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