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Author Topic: The Haunted interview by Sampson & A_C  (Read 3248 times)
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« on: October 29, 2010, 12:08:45 am »

The Haunted interview  by Sampson

 1. How is the band feeling now that you have another album under your belt?

Good. Thrilled. Fat. Ugly? Slightly buzzed definitely. No really even though it's a clichè we feel it's the album we feel most proud of so far, and yes – I hear myself sounding like a thousand rockers in a thousand interviews. But I'm kinda happy it's not like... “Oh shit, we really messed up this time! Oh no I'm going to kill myselff, boooohoooo....“

2. A majority of the members in The Haunted have roots in the influential Death Metal band At The Gates. What aspects of At The Gates did you want to incorporate into The Haunted, and what aspects did you want to leave behind?

Um... wow, tough question. We felt somehow after One Kill Wonder and rEVOLOVLEr that we missed some of the melodic stuff we'd been elaborating on in ATG, MaryBeatsJane and even early The Haunted stuff and I think that was a major concern for us in writing The Dead Eye. Except for that, well in all previous bands we've worked in I think one of the things that have always tipped things over and turned things sour has been an inability to communicate and find respect for eachother. So I think in The Haunted it's some we hold for important and really try keep as a constant reminder since this band has come to mean so much for us.

3. The Haunted are reminiscent of Metal bands of yore. What is your take on Metal music as it is today?

Ouch! Fuck, here's one of those questions were I come off sounding like an arrogant prick if I don't tread carefully... Really – to us, metal is music. Not a patch or a haircut, music that expresses and somehow captures the way we feel about so many aspects of life. I can't say much about metal music today because it's not mine to say – I really have no clue as to what motivates who. For us it's somehow a mixture of what has become our calling or job somehow and a deep sense of belonging. We have fans in every country of the world, we get mail from kids in fucking Iraq, Chile, New Haven, Guadalajara, Ipswich and Hamburg. Everywhere we see people who are not much different from ourselves with many of the similiar thoughts and questions, passions and dreams so to make music, to tour and to record has become something so important to us it's hard to have any kind of level headed relation to really. We live it and that's that.

4. The Haunted are largely regarded as the innovators of a new sound in Metal, one that incorporated melodic aspects with thrash aspects, and some of the heaviest riffs to ever grace the metal world. Although they seem quite different, The Haunted merged them perfectly. What is your writing process like in order to do this so well?

Hahaha, well Anders put this beautifully a couple of months ago when we were in rehearsals. He said „ Fuck it, this is what popmusic is supposed to sound like!“ And I think somehow that's how we look at ourselves, as a popband. Hehehe, I know a lot of people might not agree or find that kind of statement disrespectful I'm sure, but think about it... We want to make heavy music, music WE like, music we can play for an audience and enjoy over and over again. Music for a large group of people about OUR LIFE. I know it sound fucking cheesy, but there you have it.

5. Most bands with melodic aspects incorporate a keyboard into their music. How does The Haunted keep a melodic tone without the use of a keyboard?
Through the use of guitars drums and vocals;) Hey, Sabbath could do it, The Beatles could do it, Morbid Angel could do it, Maiden, Judas, Metallica, Pantera, etc. etc. We love the rock the rock loves us. How hard can it be?

6. After a lengthy separation with vocalist Peter Dolving, he is back and The Haunted is heavier than ever! What aspects of The Haunted has Peter brought back to the band?

A wider vocal range and a sense of sex and mystery?... Hey, you're asking me...?
I have no real idea. I'm a loose cannon creatively and I don't think within any type framework I guess... To me music is music is music... And I looooooooooooove to sing with the mutherfucking Haunted. I'm one of the dudes in the pit, half geek half freak, half of my mind is way down in the gutter, the other half is trying actually keep out of it. Mainly, I'm just a fan with the privilige and opportunity to express myself. And I get kisses from the girls...

7. Has the band made a distinct effort to create a heavier sound in their music or has that just been an effect of artistic development?

I think this has come naturally. Having played so much and having had the privilige to experiment within our own little world of expression without too much interference has really given us the possibilty to constantly evolve and go further in trying out different ways to do this. So really it's just something that's come as we've kept doing what we do.

8. Your new album, The Dead Eye, is finished and ready for release in October. What can fans of The Haunted expect from the new album?

A classic The Haunted album. Intense. Dark. A bit more dynamic and varied than the previous 4 records but I think if you know the previous records you'll hear the natural line of evolution of things. All in all a stack of great fucking songs.

To quote Devin Townsend „ A very heavy thing“...

9. What statement(s) are you trying to make with the release of The Dead Eye, if any?

Um – Strawberries anyone? Wanna make out? No really, we are not trying to make a statements we're trying to make music. Our music has always dealt with the darker sides of the human condition and I think this one does as well, though lyrically it's more about consequence and cause on a deeper note. Hey, it's our Dark Side Of The Moon Wink

10. Can we expect a tour in support of this new album?

Not in support of, no. But as an effect we will indeed tour like crazy, starting november 2006 and we are guessing for the next two years we won't be home more than two weeks at the time, tops... Weird feeling.

11. Your live show is, by far, one of the most energetic in the business. How the hell do you rock so hard, especially times like 9am on Ozzfest in Detroit? You definitely had me on my feet jumping around, right in the front row.

How? Hahahaha, that's kinda like asking a lion why it eats other animals or a fish why it swims...

12. What advice do you have for any aspiring musicians who are fans of The Haunted?

Play music, listen to music, be honest, be disciplined, be true to yourself and learn to listen and to express yourself to the people you work with. More than anything - try to be humble.
Accept that that you can only do what comes naturally and if you stick to it you'll be fine, whether you sell 15 or 15 million records.

Board Member Questions:

13. How does Peter get his voice to sound so intense? (Driftwood666)

It's just the way it sounds. I do a lot of warm-up before shows and recording. I run, stretch, do some yoga/tai chi exercises and then vocal warm ups. It's all very gay;) But it keeps me from losing my voice. The discipline is something I`ve learned through Judo and Jutsu.

14. How do you guys get such a tight guitar sound on songs such as "All Against All"? (Driftwood666)

Sound is based in skill, if you dedicate yourself to your instrument and your craft you will constantly improve. It's a fact. Even if you're a moron like me.

15. What contributed to the evolution of the band on the album from rEVOLVEr? (Jimbob232)

250 shows further down the line. Meeting thousands of fans, other bands, having waaaaaay to much time on our hands, listening to music we love and music we don't love. Going through the death of my mom and one of my best friends, understanding to the full extent that I am addict and all the things that has come with it in recovery. Losing friends, gaining friends, I guess being us. Being the five dudes who make up what is The Haunted...

Peace! / Pete

Thanks Pete from all your fans on the Ozzfest message board!!

Hear them at  Myspace : http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=37246637&MyToken=9550bbac-1f29-4ee9-a1d5-3148263c487a

Web link :  http://www.the-haunted.com


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