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Author Topic: Walls of Jericho interview by Bunnigraves, AC, & the 2006 Ozzfest board members  (Read 4489 times)
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« on: October 29, 2010, 12:17:04 am »

Walls of Jericho interview by Bunnigraves and AC

Completed by: Mike Hasty

1. What were your major influences in the sound for the new record "With Devils Amongst Us All"?
A. Well to be honest I dont feel like we really had special influences for this record as opposed to other records. We have been playing together for long enough now that we have just sort of developed our sound. Our main influence really was just that so many bands lately are putting out really strong records and we felt like it was time to step it up a bit and put in more time and effort than we ever have on "with devils amongst us all"

2. Do you prefer touring as part of a fest (Ozzfest, Family Values) rather than headlining your own tour?
A. Each kind of tour has its benefits. The great thing about Ozzfest was that the kids were just so open to be rocked. Most of the people I'm guessing dont really have that much experience with a band like us but the fact that we are on the tour gives them the confidence to believe that we will properly rock them. haha. On a headlining tour you arent playing in front of new kids that have yet to know of you as often but the people who are there for you are very passionate and energetic. Both sides are great really, I just love being out on tour and having fun playing.
3. You are one of the few bands to feature a female lead singer, what do you think about the opinion that female-fronted bands aren't as "metal" as others?
A. Never heard anyone say that a female fronted band is less metal due to the female. All I can say is non of us are made of metal, we are all flesh and blood so there is no way a guy can be "more" metal than a girl. The style of music is available to anyone who buys the record and the influence and potential to go on and do your own similar thing is just as available.

4. Any strange rituals you go through to prep before a show?
A. Not really. I personally try to make sure im watching the other bands and getting the feel for being at the show. I hate just hangin out backstage not knowing the vibe of the room then coming on stage and expecting to rock someone. I do however go through a short stretching excercise just to make sure I dont get messed up while on stage.
5. To date, what band/s have been the most fun to share a stage with?
A. We have so many great friends in bands after all the touring we have done over the years that honestly to answer a question like that would just feel like name dropping so I dont want to do that. But i can say that I enjoy playing with bands that have a different kind of sound then we do so that the shows are varied a bit. its keeps it fresh and always brings out different kids then what might normally show up.

6. What is the most bizarre thing you have ever eaten?
A. Probably octopus out of a can. It has a rubbery texture and is real slimy. Good stuff but im not sure I can do it anymore, that was back when i was a kid.

7. Youve released a new album and toured with Ozzfest and Family Values nearly back to back, are you ready for a break, or just getting started?
A. Well both honestly. The 2 tours combined have put us on the road for over 3 months straight. It was really hard and the longest we have been out at one time so its nice to get home for a week or 2 and enjoy the time off. On the other end of that the record has just come out so we are at the beginning of our touring for this record. We have along way to go and I dont really see an end to it any time soon.

8. What keeps you energized when on the road?
A. Seeing friends all across the world is the main thing for me. I'm always very tired on tour, even if I sleep I dont really get good sleep so energy is always a problem. But, if i have a chance to see some friends and hang out a bit im always very excited about that.

9. What bands that you havent yet performed with would you like to tour with in the future?
A. Well just as a fan growing up the big metal bands would be my dream. Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax. etc. I wouldnt even care if we went over great as long as i could hang out and see them play every night.

10. In your experiences, which songs on the album have a better energy live than in the studio?
A. Thats an interesting question. Energy is a perception issue for me. If people are movin and singing along to a song I feel like it has more energy. I dont really get it from the song itself but from the crowd. So it varies from night to night. some nights a certain song will just blow me away and other nights no one will care.

Member Q's

11. mishoopork writes:  Did candice(sp?) listen to metal as a kid and want to be a singer?
A. Candace grew up more in the punk rock/ska/hardcore scene then metal. However, from being in those scenes metal is always present and of course it has a big influence on you in ways you sometimes dont even realize.

12. mishoopork writes:  Was playing Ozzfest  worth the intial cost and it did you notice any increase in fans/record sales?
A. This is hard to answer accurately, again its perception. I feel that it helped us quite a bit. Im not sure that record sales or fans have really increased. At this point we havent had the chance to really gauge it from anything, but the most important thing I feel it did for us was give us the opportunity to go out and show some people what we are made of.  We absolutely love playing live and I feel our stage performance reflects that. I've also noticed that kids feed off of that and resond accordingly so hopefully that translates into fans. we sure hope so!

13. mishoopork writes: What's different in their new album compared to the rest?
A. In our eyes only dedication. We spent alot more time writing and recording this record compared to other records. Maybe still not enough for my own tastes but to go in and have a chance to go back over songs and try new things as opposed to just getting in and recording what we wrote and leaving was very refreshing.

14. LiveDD writes:  What inspired the lyrics for "A Trigger of Promises"?
A. Its just about reminding people to not give up on love. It seems like people forget that in this day and age and we all want and need love in our lives.

AC writes the following:

15. What advice would you have for any young people trying to make it in the industry today?
A. Honestly the best thing I feel that I could tell someone is to work your ass off and really put in everything you have into your songs. Make people believe in you and also to realize that it doesnt matter how much you put into it or how much you believe in what you are doing, you are going to be judged right alongside the greatest of all time in everything you do. I dont want to discourage people so im sorry if it comes off like that. Really its just about doing it for you and not for anyone or anything else.

16. Who are some of you idols/favorite musicians either living or deceased. Please each member answer.
A. Unfortunately we are not all available to answer the questions and I apologize for that but I will do my best. For me its James Hetfield. He is my biggest influence on my playing. He is so tight and precise and perfect. Plus the things he has written over the years has really amazed me. Especially when I started trying to write myself and finding how hard it really is to come up with something truely inspiring.

17. How did all of the members of your group come together? Basically how did you form?
A. Mike and Wes (original drummer) were in a band called Earthmover and Aaron was in a band called Universal Stomp. Both bands fizzled out around the same time and we were all friends and had similar ideas of what direction we wanted to go so we started a doing this band. Candace was singing in a band called Apathemy and was kinda new at it but really getting into her own and also became available near the same time. It was a natural fit and that was the core of the band. We had a couple of guitar players for the first year, great friends of ours but people that knew they couldnt really put in the time we were wanting to dedicate to our cause. So finally we talked chris into joining and thats pretty much the lineup. We have had a couple drummer changes due to difference of vision and execution but we have remained mostly unchanged.

18. For each member, What were your favorite and/or most influential genres of music while growing up.
A. Again im on my own here, sorrry. For me, metal for the sound and hardcore for the attitude and personality.

19. Do any of you have training in the musical arts or are you self taught?
A. Candace would be the most trained i guess having spent some time in choir during school but none of us have formal training in our art. We are definately a bunch of hacks. hahaa.

20.What are some of your plans for 2007?
A. One plan, tour as much as possible and try to get as many people as we can involved in what we do.

21. Were you able to met Ozzy (chat with him) and if so, what was it like to meet such an icon of music?
A. None of us met Ozzy. He in not really in a position where he is ever approachable. I did see him a few times but nothing where everyone is just hanging out.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview and keep up the good work.

Band Members
Vocals: Candace Kucsulain
Guitar: Chris Rawson
Guitar: Mike Hasty
Drums: Dustin Schoenhofer
Bass: Aaron Ruby

Walls of Jericho Myspace:  http://www.myspace.com/wallsofjericho

Walls of Jericho Website:  http://www.wallsofjericho.tv/

Photos : Courtesy of www.returntothepit.com


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