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Author Topic: NO OZZEST?!?!?! NO FUK_KIN PROBLEM!!!!  (Read 7634 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 19, 2011, 11:58:48 am »

Right now you're lookin' to get banned shortly.
for what? I havent spammed or anything. shit, fucking middle finger gets away with way more than what I've done so far.

Get the fuck out son.
You are nothing but a troll ! Banned is right !!

Flush you turds is what we do kid.
Get a life ya pile of shit.

Metal Or GTFO!!  Get it?
I'm not really a troll, because I dont just flame people, I do give actual opinions and shit. and how are you not a troll? you're the definition of anon.

Fucking troll !
Go crawl back in your hole kid.

Some know me in person so go play in traffic MMK.
Dumb ass kid stalker is all you are .
and where are these people? I dont believe you. until 3 or more people come forward and admit to knowing you in real life, I call bullshit.

Dude i couldnt give a fucking shit what you think.
Call what you want ya poor bastard.

Want my addy?  ?  ?  ?

Want to see who Finger is and what im all about?
Pffffft,you see for one you are to fucking poor to get here im sure and like you give a shit anyhow right.(i Know you do)

You see kid,you are a Troll and are nothing to us here.You feed into M Finger like the sheep you are.
Baaaa Baaaa Baaaa!

MIDDLE_FINGER to ya always punk!
Want a nice vacation?Come on down and see us!PM ya the way if ya wish!

Get some or STFU MMK..Good Lad....sheep
Now go suck the Boss man hard kid!

holy shit that made no sense. what makes you think I care what some dumb ass like you think? I don't, scooter. no I dont want your addy, I'd rather not see some 13 year old behind a computer..or some old guy ready to sodomize me. don't like that I'm here? GET SOME widdle finger Wink

you are and will always be, a piss poor troll account.

Hahaha!You just go with that then kid MMk.
mr.sucko/socko is about lame as it gets kid.Dear god..

Young dumb fucks cant come up with anything better then a fucking sock puppet to troll with now?
Smoke that dope Pedo boy and keep that sock away from the young ones.
Go stalk at Gayhem like your Pedo friend MMk.

Shit,this freak needs a trip to the cop shop and that stupid ass sock!!

Metal or GTFO Pedo boy.
I'm not going anywhere, fail troll.

Yes you sure are kid!

Sock puppet pedo freak best stay away from the young ones!
Look out for this guy !!! Pedo alert!

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« Reply #16 on: May 19, 2011, 05:53:42 pm »

THIS        JUST      IN:        OSAMA    BEEN    LADEN    STILL    DEAD          That is all
  Yup....still dead....life is good here.....Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmm

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