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Author Topic: Let the World Cup soccer Kingdom  (Read 116 times)
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« on: July 17, 2014, 12:49:34 am »

Presentation is not finished, Argentines began to recede, and soon left the Maracana German voice. Next, the German players and fans interact time, Loew beside watching happily celebrating his disciples, he began to think about adding walk, but stopped halfway and then hugged and people around . Gold lifted after flying in the sky gold, the German player to play in the Maracana stadium for a while, even Podolski penalty and son playing game, and is responsible for aerial photography flying cats do not know what they also pick up the side of the German flag in the air, circled FIFA 14 Coins  back and forth for several laps. At this point, the Argentine fans have exit completed. And as usual this time, they will stay the same on a lot of singing a song many times.

Let the World Cup soccer Kingdom more "crazy" Bearing in mind the legendary kingdom Samba With Italian nationality referee gave the whistle Zuoli long whistle, the World Cup once every four years in the legendary Maracana Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  stadium came to a close. 4 broke four consecutive sessions of strong Germans won the World Cup has finally got his wish, "Iron chariots" With a new nickname - "four stars in Germany." 32 days, 32 teams, 64 games, fanatical football fans enough for these four years, but it turns out, many people are eagerly waiting for something that does have value worth the wait. When football returned to the home of Brazilian samba, everything becomes quite the same. Perhaps Samba country to the World Cup to create unparalleled gas field, so that people become accustomed to the elements in this World Cup more memorable value, for example, a controversial referee tragic veteran, wonderful goal, as well as a series of records.

Referee: controversial penalty ever A good Buy FIFA 14 Coins  referee, has the ability to let the game become like no referee same. They are an essential role on the pitch, but must not be the protagonist. Really decided the game, dominate the outcome, it should be the players themselves. From this perspective, the World Cup, there are several referee's performance, must not be called "a good referee" should do.  FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com
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