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Author Topic: Family Values Tour - 7/22/07 in Chicago  (Read 2890 times)
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« on: July 23, 2007, 09:38:16 am »

We got there a bit late, so Trivium was the 1st band we saw.  They were OK... played 3 songs from THE CRUSADE then a bit of "Master of Puppets," and ended w/ "A Gunshot..." & "Pull Harder..."

Hellyeah was next.  They were alright.  Vinnie's drum kit was massive.  They did a cover of "Stone Cold Crazy" by Queen, but changed the words to "Stone Cold Wasted."  Their setlist:

Matter of Time
God Damn
Stone Cold Wasted
Alcohaulin' Ass
You Wouldn't Know

Then we went to the 2nd stage to see Invitro, and they had already finished.  The schedule they had posted was incorrect.  We saw Five Finger Death Punch.  They were good, but nothing too special.  By the time we made it back to the main stage after their set, Flyleaf was already finished.

Atreyu was next.  The sound quality during their set was absolutely horrible.  Seriously, you could barely hear anything.  That took away from their set for me.  Their setlist:

bleeding mascara
becoming the bull (new song)
the crimson
clove ? (new song)
ex's & oh's
you give love a bad name (Bon Jovi cover)
new song
right side of the bed
lip gloss & black

Evanescence was next.  I was not expecting much from them.  To be honest, they were pretty good.  They had a cool stage show and really got the crowd going.  In keeping w/ the covers theme at this show, they did the Doors' "People are Strange."

KoRn was last.  Clint Lowery (ex-Sevendust) and Joey from Slipknot are filling in on this tour on guitar & drums.  KoRn's members keep leaving.  Pretty soon it's gonna be just J. Davis.  I wasn't expecting much because of this, but they were  absolutely awesome.  They basically played all the hits you'd expect, except "Shoots & Ladders."  However, instead of playing all those crappy songs from SYOTOS, they did a bunch of old deep cuts (Faget, Good God, Fake, Ass Itch, Dead Bodies Everywhere).  That was awesome to hear.  I didn't expect that at all.  They also had a GREAT light show.  And their cover was... the Pink Floyd cover from their greatest hits album.  It was cool.  They also played 3 or 4 new songs.

This tour was OK, but nothing amazing.  It was kind of a bummer to see Trivium & Hellyeah so early in the day and miss Invitro and have Atreyu's sound be so crappy.  KoRn and Evanescence both but on really solid shows (I didn't expect to be saying that), so that alone is worth the $10 ticket.
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