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Author Topic: Everyone Laugh at my friend  (Read 14066 times)
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« Reply #15 on: August 03, 2010, 07:08:53 am »

So I figured out What your a moron.  Do they really allow people in their 100's to work for Pepsi ? No wonder that stuff tastes like so bad. Is it true that  the employees piss in the vats? I see that you are figuring out who everyone really is. Get a c.l.u.e.
Just so you go away with an empty brain, it's because you drink and work for Pepsi (so full of chemicals the only natural thing you will get out of it are health problems and death). Thanks for the chit chat. Our little conversation has given me a good laugh. I had forgotten how talking to idiots made me smile! Remember to breath. OK! Bye-Bye
User 'A_C' has blocked your new personal message.
not quite 100. i am however 60! as listed on my MAIN profile! and that there is no joke! i say 112 in my sinature because thats how old our founder would be if he was still alive to this very day! i unlike you have learned to respect my elders. not for their lack of education. but for their experiance in the REAL fields of battle! of that which you will NEVER know or possibly ever see thanks to their sacrifice and bravery!
Spam much?
only the BEST for you dear gayboi. EAT ME MUCH? no. then EAT MY SHORTS or at least KISS MY GRITS?


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