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Author Topic: Megadeth: Fairbanks, Alaska show 9-5-07  (Read 2194 times)
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« on: September 06, 2007, 06:04:37 pm »

I was excited for this show because it was my first time seeing Megadeth. I went with my sister and her boyfriend. So we waited outside for maybe 1 hour and 30 mins before they started letting people in. I wasn't able to sneak in my digital camera. However, I did sneak in a disposable camera so I'll have to get that developed soon.

Now I know that very few concerts come up here in Alaska so I guess it would explain why no one really knows how to act at one. Usually while I'm waiting in line outside, there is someone acting like a "Cheerleader" to get people pumped up for the show. There was none of that. Just people talking and stuff. Don't get me started on some of the "mosh pits" I've seen.

When we finally walk in, we buy some merch (I got a tour shirt and a Megadeth guitar pick) and then we make our way to the floor. Here's where it gets kinda Interesting. Fairbanks is a pretty small city here in Alaska and there isn't much stuff for people to do. A lot of them went to this concert because it was something to do. Even if they don't know who Megadeth is. So you could easily spot the posers from the Fans. I'd say we were pretty close to the stage but I've been closer before. We wait there for what seems like an eternity until some crappy local band starts to play.

Some crappy local band Review: Boo get off the stage! It was like they tried too hard to sound all Death Metal but they failed. Miserably. And one of their guitarists looked like Matt Damon so I just couldn't bring myself to take them serious. They also tried to do the "Wall of Death" and it seems like only 5 people participated in that.

Thank God I didn't have to deal with In This Moment or The Confession because they are on the United Abominations Tour but they don't start on it until the Seattle date. So that means next up was Megadeth.

Megadeth setlist (I'm about 100% sure this is what it was in this order)

Take No Prisoners
Wake Up Dead
Skin O' My Teeth
Gears of War
She Wolf
In My Darkest Hour
Hangar 18
Kick The Chair
Washington Is Next
A Tout Le Monde
Tornado Of Souls
Reckoning Day
Peace Sells
Symphony of Destruction
Never Walk Alone

Holy Wars (encore)

It felt like forever before Megadeth took the stage. Eventually I started hearing the intro to Sleepwalker. The pits weren't that crazy but people getting crushed kinda was. Near the end of Sleepwalker, Dave Mustaine gets pissed. Ok when people crowd surf, usually security is there by the railing to catch them so they don't fall. The security here didn't try to catch them but just stood there and let them fall. Now I can't remember exactly what Dave said word for word but I remember him saying something to the Security like "Do your fucking job Fuckhead!"

Tornado of Souls was up next and that one really got the crowd moving. It got so crazy, I don't think I could handle it but I did. Gears of War was pretty cool live as well. I was definately excited when they busted out with Hanger 18 but I wish they also would have played Return to Hangar right after it. Washington is Next is my favorite song off of their newest album so I was glad they played that song too. A Tout Le Monde is one of their slower songs so you know people were bringing out their lighters and stuff. I suppose If I want to hear the newer version of this song, I will have to go to Gigantour next year if Lacuna Coil is on it.

Other than moshing, snapping pictures, and constantly losing my sister and her boyfriend, nothing really happened. Well maybe it did but I was too occupied with the concert. That changed until a little into Symphony of Destruction. These people were moshing a little too hard and crushed this one girl, who was security. I saw her fall but I couldn't catch her because it happened so fast. I yelled for people to get back and eventually they did. When she fell, she grabbed her chest really hard. Since I was a med student before, my instincts kicked in to make sure she was alright. I started helping her to her feet and then others helped too. They carried her out of the way.

Well after Megadeth sang Never Walk Alone they went off stage. I knew it wasn't the end of the concert because the house lights didn't come back on. Soon they came back out and did Holy Wars. Around that time, I ended up in a mosh pit but this little gimp wasn't gonna get out until I had some fun of my own.

I sure hope they can come back sometime. I would definately go see them again. It's funny cause I'm usually a quite person but I go all out when it comes to concerts. I am sore in every place possible and my throat really hurts. So yes, it was definately a good night last night. And one of the coolest part was when Dave left a message on his cell phone telling people what they are missing in Fairbanks right now and ended the message with the crowd cheering.
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