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Author Topic: Underoath / ETID / Poison the Well in Detroit  (Read 1895 times)
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« on: October 21, 2007, 10:13:58 am »

I have been really excited for this tour for a long time b/c I'm a fan of all 4 bands. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster opened the show. I'd never seen em before, but I was vaguely familiar w/ their sound. They are almost a cross b/w Clutch & Down. WOW! They were absolutely amazing! They're great musicians. They also had tons of energy, and they were having a BLAST on stage. Kieth from ETID called them the most acrobatic band on the tour. For sure. If I had the cash on me, then I would've definitely bought their 2 CDs. That's definitely on my "to do" list now. The last time I saw Dallas was when he was in Underoath in 2002. Back then he had bleach blonde hair and looked 18 yrs.-old. Now he's put on some lbs, has brown hair and a Grizly Adams beard. He reminds me of Jim Morrison circa 1970. hahaha. Anyway, Maylene were awesome. They pretty much stole the show.

Poison the Well were up next. They're 1 of my absolute favorite bands. During Underoath's set, Spencer was giving props to the other bands on the tour. He identified PTW as the band that paved the way for so many bands like them. Damn right! I'm glad someone else recognizes that. PTW's 1st album was so groundbreaking for that melodic hardcore (or whatever you wanna call it) genre. Similarly, I think their new CD Versions may start a trend in fusing heavy music w/ country. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go pick up their new CD, and you'll see. It's great. On w/ the show review. Yet again, PTW did not disappoint. They played "Parks and What You Meant to Me" for the 1st time I've seen since the Tear From The Red tours. That was awesome. The pit wasn't really moving for a few songs in the middle of their set, but then immediately after the 1st note of "Nerdy" was played, possibly the biggest pit of the night erupted. Perhaps that song has replaced "Artists Rendering of Me" as their signature tune now. The crowd really liked their new songs, especially "Letter Thing," which was good to see. I'll say it again, their new record is awesome. PTW's setlist:

1. Crystal Lake
2. Prematurito El Baby
3. Artists Rendering of Me
4. Nagiana
5. Zombies are Good for Your Health
6. Parks and What You Meant to Me
7. Naive Monarch
8. Nerdy
9. Letter Thing
10. Botchla

Every Time I Die was next. I hadn't seen them since SOTU 2005. These guys are an incredible live band. They have a tone of energy and also a cool sense of humor. They had the crowd going nuts for them. The setlist was heavy on stuff from their new CD The Big Dirty, including my favorite song on the CD "Cities and Years.". BTW, if you don't have that record yet, then why are you still reading this? Go buy it right now! It's great. They did the cliche "Let me see a circle pit" thing during "Bored Stiff," but they actually got a really good pit going. Their setlist (may be a bit off or out of order):

1. No Son of Mine
2. The New Black
3. Cities and Years
4. Floater
5. Pigs is Pigs
6. (either "Rebel Without Applause" or "Inrihab," or maybe they played both. I don't remember.)
7. Leatherneck
8. Bored Stiff
9. We'rewolf
10. Kill the Music
11. Imitation is the Sincerest form of Battery

Underoath closed the evening. This was actually my 1st time seeing them as a headliner. They were very good, but in my opinion the 3 openers upstaged them (not by much). What can I say, this was a great bill. They picked some great bands to take out w/ them and challenge them for supremacy every night. The setlist was heavy on material from Define the Great Line, which I think is their best album. I do have a bone to pick w/ them, though. They didn't play anything from The Changing of Times, and therefore did not bring out Dallas (current Maylene / ex-Underoath vocalist) to do a song w/ them. That was such a disappointment. I was so excited for that, and it didn't happen. boo! The highlight of their set for me was "To Whom it May Concern" when the crowd all had their hands up together. That was cool. Their setlist:

1. Returning Empty Handed
2. In Regards to Myself
3. It's Dangerous Business Walking out Your Front Door
4. You're Ever So Inviting
5. To Whom it May Concern
6. A Moment Suspended in Time
7. Young & Aspiring
8. Writing on the Walls
9. Everyone Looks so Good From Here
10. Moving for the Sake of Motion
11. A Boy Brushed Red... Living in Black & White

This tour was awesome! All 4 bands were great.
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« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2007, 12:42:32 pm »


Underoath.They were very good.

those 2 dont go together

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« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2007, 05:24:53 pm »

Cool stuff.

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