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Author Topic: As I Lay Dying @ Clutch Cargos  (Read 1881 times)
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« on: November 17, 2007, 01:53:28 pm »

Through the Eyes of the Dead opened the show.  The previous 2 times I saw them I remember not liking their singer's voice at all.  Well, they sound much better now w/ their new ex-Premonitions of War vocalist.  They were heavy as hell.  They played mostly new songs off of Malice.  I'll need to buy that CD eventually.

Haste the Day was next.  They were the band I was looking forward to most b/c I'm a huge fan, but I haven't seen em live in over 4 years.  They absolutely rocked, but I wish they played a longer set.  I normally hang in the back at metal shows.  I'm getting too old to mix it up in the pit anymore, but for HTD's set I was right up front screaming my head off.  The highlight was, of course, "Blue 42."  They brought out their tour mgr. and merch guy to do the "Won't look back, chains that bound me" chant at the end.  Their setlist:

walk on
pressure the hinges
the minor prophets
blue 42
when everything falls

All That Remains were up next.  I haven't seen these guys in several years as well.  Man, they were great!  They had the crowd singing along the entire time.  Their setlist (maybe a bit off):

this calling
this darkened heart
not alone
we stand
become the catalyst
tattered on my sleeve
the weak willed
it dwells in me

As I Lay Dying closed the evening.  I swear these guys get better and better every time I see them.  Their energy never lets up from the moment they start til thy walk off stage.  I couldn't have asked for a better show.  The setlist was great!  They played a nice mix of songs from all their CDs, and the new stuff sounded great.  Their new CD is absolutely fantastic.  The crowd was singing louder than the band during the chorus of "Nothing Left."  Surprisingly they played "Forever" second instead of last.  Every other time I've seen em they've ended w/ it.  That's cool they mixed it up.  Plus, that got the crowd really into it early.  I also got to hear my 2 fave songs of theirs, "Elegy" and "The Sound of Truth," which they said they've shot a video for.  This whole tour was amazing.  I'm half tempted to make a road trip to see it again, seriously.  AILD's setlist:

through struggle
nothing left
within destruction
the darkest nights
distance is darkness
meaning in tragedy
an ocean between us
I never wanted
comfort betrays
the sound of truth
94 hours
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