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Author Topic: Premier League - Dzeko two TDP A KUN accomplishment ball away to Manchester City  (Read 87 times)
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« on: September 28, 2014, 01:24:10 am »

Manchester City guest Kingston Communications Stadium confront Hull City in the Premier League six of the war. The first half, Sergio Aguero and Dzeko has broke, and send point with Houmanjiala Oolong, Hull City Lianban two goals. The second half, FIFA 15 Coins  Dzeko received Silva left foot low shot assists meritorious deeds, Lampard final stage of icing on the cake, the final victory over Manchester City away 4-2 Hull City.

First, the Manchester City side, wear handsome Toure put the first episode, Frank Lampard sitting on the bench, Nasri injury, Milner replaced, double striker Sergio Aguero and Dzeko still. Hull City, the Croatian striker Jelavic top in the front, by the defense led by former Tottenham captain Dawson. The opening 40 seconds, Sergio Aguero completed the whole first shot, Buy FIFA 15 Coins  burst shot inside the restricted area of ??the Argentine was denied McGregor on both sides. The first six minutes, Livermore biography, no one guarding the restricted area Jelavic did not reach the ball. The first seven minutes, Manchester City the lead! Milner pass siege opponent, Pablo Zabaleta and Livermore Zhengding, the ball just off the Aguero side, KUN turned and shot hit the far corner succeeded, Manchester City 1-0 Hull City!

4 minutes later, Manchester City to expand the lead! Silva pass, the ball becomes the dominant right foot shot, the ball dart away the top right corner of the goal, although McGregor made ??fighting action but helpless, Manchester City 2-0 Hull City. Cheap FIFA 15 Coins The first 21 minutes, Hull City pulled one back! Ai Ermai Hammadi pass, after a breakthrough winger Neil Prather, Manchester City defender headed the rescue Mangala actually forming oolong, Hull City 1-2 Manchester City. After 1 minute, Aguero shot just wide in the penalty area.

The first 31 minutes, Hull City get a penalty!  cross restricted, Mangala high heels in defense and kicked Hernandez, the referee ordered a penalty kick, Hernandez surgeon hit, Manchester City 2-2 Hull City. 4 minutes later, Sergio Aguero cross, Toure closed top position shot fly. The first half, the two sides 2-2 draw. The second half, both sides Easy side battles. The first 48 minutes, David Stone Caballero perimeter shot was saved. 2 minutes later, Toure's long-range just hit the post, shot with  reached the restricted area was blocked after the opponent. The first 57 minutes, Robertson shot missed the left side of the penalty area. 2 minutes later, David Stone volley hit fly.

The first 65 minutes, Robertson left touchline lob pass in the middle of Jelavic header top fly. The first 68 minutes, Manchester City ahead again! Kompany Fanqiang successfully passed after Silva got the ball extraordinary plug Dzeko, the Bosnian striker broke his left foot shot hit the far corner, Manchester City 3 to 2 Hull City. The first 71 minutes, Silva return, Toure curling right foot shot blocked, then Lampard Substitution Sergio Aguero. The first 78 minutes, Pablo Zabaleta inverted triangle pass in the middle of the Milner left foot shot flying. The first 86 minutes, David Stone Kompany left foot shot was blocked to form a broken line, the ball eventually higher goal. After 1 minute, Manchester City gain another victory! Zhisai Toure, Pablo Zabaleta pass under the bottom inverted triangle, Lampard easily Tuishe Road, Manchester City 4-2 Hull City. Four minutes of stoppage time, the two sides had no contribution, and ultimately Hull City Manchester City 4-2 away victory. http://www.fifa1314.com
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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2014, 03:13:34 am »

Manchester City. Number One
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