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Author Topic: Joplo Bartu Jersey muscles of the hip  (Read 19 times)
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« on: September 30, 2014, 04:32:09 am »

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As many would already know Jonathan Massaquoi Jersey , many fall into the trap of the "bodybuilder's syndrome" where only the upper part of the body is developed.

No other image in American cultural history can be closer to the "bodybuilder's syndrome" than the Man of Steel himself. Upon closer observation, one can note that there is a high degree of development from the waist up.

However, if one would look at this legs and hamstrings, the size falls significantly. There is a very visible narrowing when it comes to the lower portion of the body.


According to John Downing, a critic for The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance in the United States Paul Worrilow Jersey , the problem of asymmetrical training is very real:

"The major culprits within this category are those weight trainers, especially males, who fall victim to bodybuilder s syndrome (Lombardi, 1989). This syndrome results from a preponderance of upper body training at the expense of the muscles of the hips, thighs and legs."

"In addition to creating training discrepancies between the upper and lower body, some weight trainers will add an inordinate amount of anterior trunk exercises (e.g. Joplo Bartu Jersey , bench press; incline, decline; and the military press and its variations) at the expense of exercises for the back.


How does one balance the concentric contractions and equalizing movements in any training regimen? The principle of the push and pull is should be put in place. What is the push and pull formula?

The use of weights encourages only one binary cycle of movement. Butterfly machines for example on encourage the inward and outward movement of the arms.

The push and pull formula encourages the person training with the machine to utilize the hamstrings along with the arms. There should be a push and a pull.

The push will come from the movement of the arms, as it strains against the weights suspended at the back of the machine. The pull will come from the movement of the lower body as it supports the back in the movement.

The weight should not be isolated to the upper body or thorax only. The sum total of the resistance or weight should be supported by the whole body.


The consequences of not being able to carry out the proper strengthening of both the upper and lower parts of the body are quite harmful to any bodybuilding goal. According to Downing:

"This condition also creates deficits in flexibility, with a predisposition to increased incidence of acute and chronic injuries (Kibler et al., 1992). Possible long term structural (skeletal) deviations relative to general body symmetry are additional concerns (Daniels & Worthingham, 1988)."

The skeletal deviations that Downing was talking about could be just about muscular skeletal condition like being bowlegged Osi Umenyiora Jersey , etc.

The author of this article, Benedict Yossarian, recommends Supplement Centre for all your Sports Nutrition needs. For a gentler exercise why not try Dream Swing, to practice your golf swing.

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