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Author Topic: Scrape Records 11th Anniversary with Iced Earth and Over the Coals  (Read 2307 times)
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« on: November 29, 2008, 12:43:06 am »

Wednesday, November 19, 2007
The Commodore Ballroom HuhHuh?? Vancouver, BC.

Scrape Records sure knows how to throw a party, and it only took them eleven years to put this HuhHuh?End of the World?HuhHuh spectacle together!

You can rest assured that when our planet decides to call it quits, sputtering and coughing up its dead on the last day of our parasitic existence; the soundtrack to our annihilation is going to sound something like the night of November 19th at the Commodore Ballroom.  For Scrape Records 11th Anniversary they could have done a hell of a lot worse than inviting Over the Coals, Magnus Rising, Early Man and Indiana?HuhHuh?s own Iced Earth to celebrate.  Just as this night?HuhHuh?s Metal diversity showed, when the inevitable apocalypse comes it?HuhHuh?s going to be fucking loud!

It starts with Over the Coals, when the Earth heats up to temperatures beyond reason and the sea becomes the sky, raining down with merciless force and fury?HuhHuh just like the band!  Local boys make good on their promise to kick some supreme ass with a set of Metal/Thrash that left those in attendance screaming HuhHuh?HELL YEAH?HuhHuh at louder volumes than usual.  Definitely a force to be reckoning with on the local scene, Over the Coals set forth to entertain and that?HuhHuh?s exactly what they did.

Magnus Rising was the next step in this evening?HuhHuh?s pursuit of annihilation.  It was good to see these guys HuhHuh?rising?HuhHuh to a stage they truly deserve, pumping out the Metal like so much molten lava spewing from the innards of the Earth. Hellbent and determined, they put their hearts and souls into every song, which reverberated through the crowd and left no one untouched.  High energy and catchy songs sure don?HuhHuh?t hurt either!

At this point in the apocalypse, where we?HuhHuh?re beating on each other with sticks and rocks, the appropriate music to play will echo exactly what we?HuhHuh?ve reverted to?HuhHuh Early Man.  These HuhHuh?both coast?HuhHuh Thrash Rockers set forth to conquer the lesser of us with a bombast (or is that bomb blast?), of thick, sonic brutality.  Knuckle draggers they aren?HuhHuh?t, as their musicianship proved through their hair swinging, stick flailing, all too short set.

Finally, as the dust settles, the smoldering crust cools and those of us sturdy enough to last this long seek refuge, the night and everything around us became Iced Earth.  Formed from the ashes of Purgatory in 1984, Iced Earth are five men who set out to pave the planet with Heavy Power/Thrash Metal and, for all intents and purposes, they have done just that.  Stoically standing before the crowd before bursting forth HuhHuh?In Sacred Flames,?HuhHuh the power and might of Iced Earth came across brilliantly as they kept the crowd enthralled, letting up only long enough to allow the audience to cheer their brains out between songs!

This may have been Scrape Records 11th Anniversary bash, but the people in attendance acted like it was HuhHuh?their?HuhHuh birthday party and they weren?HuhHuh?t leaving until all the cake was eaten?HuhHuh or at least mashed into a pulp.  Great show!

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