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Author Topic: Shows of the summer  (Read 1413 times)
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« on: June 23, 2009, 01:46:30 pm »

So, The Mayhem festival is about to begin. I have to say, I always love to see Slayer, but the prices and arrangement of the groups seems really out of proportion. FUCK the hot topic side stage. Whitechapel sucks asshole, as for most of those breakdown-happy, B-tuning fags. I think the Jagermeister stage will be great, With good bands like A.T.R. and God Forbid. I wish Killswitch wasn't on the main stage, they should be closer to their fans, but I guess they have come a long way in 10 years. Manson is all but dead, but he always puts on a show to see, maybe not as good as Alice Cooper, but he tries. I'll be going to see God Forbid's new shit, as well as A.T.R., K.s.E. and Slayer. But seriously, have you noticed all the recent Slayer fans? When you see someone with a Slayer shirt, ask them to name more than five songs, if they can't, tear the shirt off and tell them to go join their parents in church.

Devildriver is head-lining the thrash and burn tour with the largest group of shitty bands on the face of the earth. Yet another group of breakdown happy fags, with the exception of Periphery, they seem to be alright for a mostly instrumental act. If DD doesn't play "Swinging the dead", I'm gonna smack Dez in the face for selling the song to the freddy vs. jason movie.

The summer slaughter tour REALLY sucks an asshole this year, with hardly ANY real ear-pleasers. I'll rather see DD twice than listen to a bunch of hacks, obssesed with time signatures while having a carefree attitude towards their melodic and harmonic qualities.

If you live in California, Check out SICARUS. They could use the support, and hey, they actually sound good.

I really want the sounds of the underground to come back, that first tour was badass.

Without Ozzfest, the summer just doesn't feel right. However, I'd rather have No ozzfest than the bullshit they pulled last time. How can you have a festival in one fucking place?! C'mon Ozzy, we're bordering on a depression and you decide to take away the one place where I can see painted tits, get stoned and bash my fucking teeth in?

Post more shows you will be going too, or want to go too, and your thoughts on the shows I mentioned. maybe we can burn down hot topic before it takes our souls away.


Last thing, Fuck breakdown happy, hot topic sporting bro-bands that need to grow some fucking hair and learn to play their fucking instruments.

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